Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. Movie HD

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An incident leads to the Avengers developing a schism over how to deal with situations, which escalates into an open fight between allies Iron Man and Captain America.


  1. 1:55 The punisher?

  2. When Spiderman said “hey everyone” it lowkey sounded like a 13 year old
    talking in a $20 headset entering a Call of Duty match on Xbox Live

  3. What did iron man say before spiderman showed up?

  4. What the hell is that in the background inside that tube kind of thing ?

  5. What does stark say before Spider-Man jumps in ??

  6. Toby mguire is behind that suit

  7. what does tony say right before spidey shows up? underuse?

  8. That Spider-Man costume looks horrible

  9. Who is that at the back at 1 56

  10. lavender spit (nekochan)

    Who is spiderman this time? He sounds he hasn’t reached purberty yet , but
    I bet he’s like 23 ?

  11. Great. Spider-Man in is in Civil War:-((


  13. Black panther

  14. Ima Edit That Out

    my head just got fucked…

  15. by the end of this day this video will hit a million i guarantee it

  16. leave Spidey alone if you don’t like it don’t watch it

  17. oh final trailer of superman v batman is awesome… marvel brings the only
    thing civil war was going to look good. SPIDERMAN

  18. Save your negative after you see the movie then you can judge just be happy
    they put Spider-Man in civil war

  19. Spider-Man sounds like a kid because he’s a kid. As he should be.

  20. Spoodey, at last



  23. Rakeem Beckett-Scott

    From Spider Man appearing to speaking. I never had my hype go so high and
    then back to normal again so quickly in my life.

    I don’t know how he is going to be, but to be honest, those two words
    didn’t give me a good first impression.

  24. 1:48 Black Panther looked like ‘is someone shooting at me?’

  25. The suit looks really bad.Still super excited for the movie,though.


  27. Goosebumps for days!


  29. GameOrDeath OrLive

    So, they finally brought out another movie about Captain America well great
    job putting spiderman in after everybody was complaining about how he wasnt
    now he only has one scene and one line 🙁 🙁 🙁 heh guess that is how it is

  30. Let me guess. Spider-man is only gonna be in the movie for a total of five
    minutes. Just watch. ?

  31. Spider man jerking off at 2:15

  32. Is anyone else crying happily?????!

  33. I just came a little…

  34. verry angry that spidey is on iron mans side

  35. spidermans eyes are mechanical just like a camera shouter open and close.
    you can hear a sound when the eyes close abit after “hey everyone” and i
    think tony stark help with it

  36. Okay who invited the Virgin?

  37. Daredevil vs Punisher
    Batman vs Superman
    Captain America vs Iron Man

    2016 will be awesome

  38. I think now with Spider-Man in this, he will be in the next avengers

  39. Jordan the Banana Kid

    I literally jumped for joy when I saw Spider-Man

  40. Finally Spider-Man

  41. so is the spider man suit made by Tony? when he squints you hear a little
    noise. p.s this looks absolutely amazing

  42. batman v who?

  43. Is this a real or fan made trailer?

  44. omg my mind just blew but wats up with that spidey costume…!!


  46. That costume looks more like the original suit…NOT BADASS but super

  47. Well I’m on Tony’s side for sure

  48. AWWWW SNAPPPPP!!!!!!

  49. spiiiiiiiiiideeerrrrrmaaaaannnnnnn

  50. these Casual Fans who don’t know jack shit about Comics and only get
    knowledge from the movies make me sick
    this Spiderman is pretty accurate tbh yet they complain if you don’t like
    it don’t watch it


  52. Kevin Romero Oviedo

    the only bad thing is the horrible custom of Spiderman :v

  53. 2:18

  54. I’m so excited!!!

  55. Hmm I see they finally added Spider-Man since everybody was complaint about

  56. now we just need the old marvel transformers , not the michael explosion

  57. Is it just me, or does the CGI seem a little off? It’ll probably look
    better in the movie, but still I can’t enjoy the trailer that much xd

  58. woooooowhhh

  59. Yesss comes out right when I get my license momma your outta here

  60. TheDoggyFromSpace

    I… I just cant wait, RELEASE IT, NAO.

  61. Hey everyone

  62. can’t wait ,so wet right now

  63. anthony Rodriguez

    Spider-man look fake asf

  64. i did know…which brings me back to my point Hollywood is making money on
    the same idea….

  65. OMG SPIDER MAN yes let’s get it

  66. Where the hell spider man comes from

  67. Александр Михайлов

    can someone pls explain how the fck is it even possible for Cap to fight
    Iron Man. in fckin iron robotic power armor. how he can do any damage at
    all to Iron Man?

  68. Rahul Routh (Raul McTavish)

    thats the trailer we waiting for…..yeahhhhh…woohoo..?? so excited for
    this movie☺??

  69. deadlyzion deadpool

    yes mama seta

  70. 1:40 – Tony going skrull lol


  72. Spider-Man’s eyes are pretty sick

  73. Why does Spiderman’s suit look so bad?

  74. Is this a Captain America movie or Avengers 2.5

  75. Pretty fuckin excited! Keeps getting better as I watch it again.

  76. Like everything in this trailer apart from one thing… Spidey’s eyes

  77. Newt Montgomery Copperplate (The Newt)

    Welp…. that’s nerdgasm for ya…

  78. rip batman vs superman

  79. gabriel israel saenz dueñas

    oh … god mori me by the emosion. I’m dying to see the movie.
    congratulations marvel this time if you spend you stripe the incredible.

  80. I can’t wait til Jeremy’s video on this….

  81. SPIDER-MAN!!!!!

  82. Why does that spiderman costume look covered in cgi

  83. Abhishek Sai Moturu

    did i just see captain america, iron man, winter soldier, vision, black
    widow, hawkeye, falcon, black panther, war machine, scarlet witch, antman,
    spiderman, crossbones in one trailer… cuz i think i did

  84. Sure spidey is in the trailer, but am I the only one that saw black widow
    standing next to cap at the end?


    I think she might be a double agent

  85. Took me a few times to make it out but RDJ’s “Underoos!” is funny as hell!

  86. spiderman looks great he looks like a mix of steve ditkos and tasm suit


  88. The costume isn’t that bad plus I think the reason it looks cgi is because
    of 1 the scene and 2 they wanted to make it look like he was actually
    talking kinda like in deadpool

  89. Let’s be honest guys when Iron Man deployed villians you all camed to caps

  90. the spider troll

  91. Bucky is out of control! He actually tries to shoot Iron Man in the head
    and he shoots down Rhodey

  92. at 1:21 it sounds like #TeamCap is saying that to bucky or tony

  93. Damn, even CGI MAN is here, best superheroes in one movie

  94. I think it is safe to say that if you were didn’t grow up here in the
    States back in the 70’s and 80’s you will probably NOT get Tony’s
    “UNDEROOS” statement to bring on Spiderman. LOL!!! And it is my
    understanding, Underoos are still being made today.

  95. They need a black panather movie now

  96. Jean Karel Cordova Maldonado

    I hope Spiderman Tobey Maguire is another épic serious player would not be
    the same

  97. I’m so sick and tired of these stupid capeshit movies. They are nothing but
    boring, loud, and sexist CGI drivel for morons like you. Like everything
    Marvel or in a cape, this looks so idiotic. Can’t wait for Ghostbusters.

  98. Thank god Spider-Man is on ironman’s side

  99. Conor McGregor “He Tapped For Our Sins” Let Nate Diaz Win

    Bonesaw is reeeeeeady!

  100. spiderman will do guest appereance so nthng exited

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