CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer # 2 (Marvel, 2019) NEW

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  1. Let’s go!!!

  2. Let’s rock

  3. gotta love the mohawk.

  4. That grandma gave me the chills like god damn


  6. Male Captain Marvel what was needed..

  7. One like please…..

  8. Denny Sttark Oliver

    Super girl is the best!

  9. Thanos your fisting is coming!!

  10. Will be watching on my birthday

  11. Awesome

  12. Scarily enough 2 trailers in and still don’t give a rat’s @$$ about this character. They spent YEARS developing backstories and characters PRIOR to Avengers 1. Now they release a pivotal character film a month (or so) BEFORE the Avengers Finale. WTH! Hope it doesn’t suck. Since when did the MCU become the freakin’ DCEU? 🤔

  13. random prediction: that cat is a skrull or something like it. i’m probably way off.

  14. All 3 marvel trailers will drop before dec 9th…
    Marvel/avengers/spider man a little x mas gift from marvel.

  15. Still doesn’t look interesting in any way.

  16. She is Super sajan.

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