CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer (2018)

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CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer (2018)
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  2. It’s time to fight Thanos!!

  3. It will flop!

  4. Get rekt Thanos

  5. Third..LOL

  6. I’m skipping class to sit in the locker room to watch this come out

  7. One of te first people to watch this trailer 😏

  8. This looks extremely meh

  9. When u arrive late to the party…

  10. Shazzam who?

  11. Meh…..I didn’t like it. Feels like so serious considering that that it was in the 90s and not during the Infinity War. It looks more like it happened in the timeline of Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern.

  12. Before 500 views…..

  13. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. Basically She is the Kree Winter Soldier recruited from Earth?

  15. Thanos where you at, send me location – Khabib Marvel

  16. *I Came* 😮

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