CAPTURE KILL RELEASE Trailer (Horror Movie, 2017)

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A young married couple documents their descent down the rabbit hole as they seek to fulfill one of their darkest desires: kill a stranger and film it for posterity. Strain and second thoughts pull at their devotion to each other as they carefully plot out a heinous crime for the sake of curiosity. While they may have carefully thought out every small step and detail of getting away with murder, nothing can prepare them with the guilt and the weight of moving on in the aftermath. Shot in a documentary style from the perspective of the couple’s camera, the film follows unflinching as they document their moral decay for the sake of “art”.

A Movie directed by Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart
Cast : Jennifer Fraser, Farhang Ghajar, Jon Gates
Release Date : March 7, 2017 (VOD)
Genre : Horror, Found footage
© 2017 – Midnight Releasing


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  2. That thumbnail promises something completely different.

  3. Utter rubbish

  4. thumbnail was a pov bj

  5. the thumbnail looks like a porn scene for about 5:37 that you skip by looking for some bbw porn.

  6. Oh man I can’t wait to NOT watch this…

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