Carol Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett Romance Movie HD

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Set in 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.


  1. норм

  2. frist

  3. Alright–more gun violence =(

  4. Oscar bait

  5. ooooo lesbians cool

  6. carrrrooool!! carrrrro!!
    Stop it dad !!

  7. NYGMAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Galadriel Wtf ?

  10. Dante Gamaliel Barboza

    Whaks, o don’t like this movie

  11. small loan of a million dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  12. 0:15
    Reviewer: Rolling Stone
    Quote: “it’s one of the year’s very best films”
    Given rating(by same review): 4 star
    Conclusion: either this years films have been shite or this quote is taken
    out of the context it was intended

  13. thank you movieclips for your great work!!!

  14. Wow. This trailer is amazing. It tells me absolutely nothing about the
    movie. Totally love trailers like this.

  15. Music far too intense for a lesbian love story

  16. I love Rooney Mara!

  17. Here come all the comments praising the trailer for not spoiling anything
    and then the other group of comments hating the trailer because they have
    no idea what the story is about.

  18. Not sure if I should see this, not that I hate homosexuals. With all the
    acclaim it’s getting…

  19. Uuh… 23rd?

  20. I’ll watch this only to see sexy milf Cate sexing girls, about time she
    went nude too.

  21. cant believe we’ve come to this last day’s folks last days homosexual and
    lesbian movies can’t support this

  22. perfectly advertized the book..

  23. Coral?

  24. Title of the music in the background anyone…? :)

  25. Can’t wait to see this!!!!

  26. hey did anyone notice that the Riddler from Gotham is in this movie

  27. Love u Rooney!!!

  28. song please??

  29. anyone know the song?

  30. is this a lesbian movie?

  31. Two lesbians in the 40’s…. I guess anything is a movie now.

  32. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

  33. Next year oscar winner for best supporting actress miss Rooney Mara

  34. The song in the background for anyone that wanted to know is: The Time To
    Run by Dexter Britain.

  35. Should I see this or Black Mass this weekend?

  36. aaaaaand… im hard

  37. I know the movie is more than this but i would totally see this movie just
    for those to making out and making sexy time

  38. Who dislikes a movie about 2 hot lesbians?

  39. Some shots feels like a TV movie but in a beautiful way.

  40. More Hollywood trash.

  41. If you used to write then you’ll understand 90% of the story eventhough
    there’ll be plot twist

  42. I’m tired of all the gay movies!

  43. Saw it at an advanced screening. Performances were good but everything else
    was awful. Dull and slow, it show every city from a hotel room.

  44. pervert alert!

  45. oh dear god please have sex

  46. if you’ve read the book, you’ll understand the trailer. It seems to be
    doing it justice… except there’s no lines. Still, I liked it.

  47. this sounds exactly like the price of salt. which is a good book, in case
    you were wondering. can’t wait for this movie.

  48. Cate Blanchett is love Cate Blanchett is life.

  49. ???

  50. is this the piano cat song?

  51. cate blanchett do you mean perfection

  52. Oh wow, what a surprise!
    Another edgy, oscarbait, tearjerk movie about lesbians and their awful
    first world problems.

  53. enough with gay lesbian transexual etc, its been over and done

  54. lindo

  55. Lady Galadrials Big Lesbian Adventure

  56. That’s what trailers should be about: show only the idea from the movie,
    not showing every scene from it spoiling everything. Great trailer though.

  57. Oh great another movie about a lesbian couple like that has ever been

  58. Louie Mark Jake Barcellano

    ROONEY MARA!!!!!

  59. 😀 Lesbian……Rocks!!!

  60. DRIVECLUB-is-timeless

    Danish Girl and now this, lol wtf this year is full of surprises

  61. Loved the movie!

  62. Hello There, It looks attractive. delightful versed What’s your opinion
    about this

  63. Me can’t wait…….

  64. Cate blanchett a lesbian?

  65. Brilliant movie. Dont miss it…(It’s a love story)

  66. lesbian?the movie is about lesbian?

  67. Victor Talking Machine

    Mara is certainly much more lovely than she was in her Oscar nominated role
    “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Should be another Oscar nomination for
    her…and for Blanchett, too.

  68. omg! is this out yet?

  69. Love positive ending.

  70. Marvelous! dream flood 1!

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