Central Intelligence Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) – Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart Movie HD

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After he reunites with an old pal through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.


  1. lol Kevin Hart is in every movie I swear

  2. this gonna suck.

  3. Fat Dwayne Johnson. I’ll never get that image out of my head.

  4. Oh look! Kevin Hart playing Kevin Hart!

  5. Wow, A Kevin Hart The Rock team up. Boy, can’t wait for that *Vin Diesel* *Adam
    Sandler* team up!

  6. fat robbie looks so fake

  7. Another shit movie from Hart, please god just stick to stand up!

  8. i demand to see a fat robbie movie

  9. Ride Along Copy and Paste.

  10. “Takes a little hart and a big Johnson”
    Who ever wrote that go get your self a cookie

  11. Fat Robbie has scarred me for life…

  12. #pray4fatrobbie

  13. Kevin hart is just making as many movies as he can and get as much fame and
    money whilst he’s still famous and well known

  14. The sad moment when people consider him as Dwayne Johnson and not the Rock

  15. Who see the trailer because the rock in it ?

  16. Walrus is in the Matrix

    I’m stuck between a Rock and a Hart place.

  17. So this is like Ride Along 3 basically

  18. I guess Fat Robbie started workout out and got Rock Hart muscles… No?..

  19. Kevin Hart has become the black Adam Sandler; regurgitating the same shitty
    lazy formula

  20. wtf did i just see in the end

  21. This looks very similar to Ride Along, they just replaced Ice Cube with The

  22. Is that a actual song during the fat robbie part?

  23. CIA fired Ice Cube.

  24. Aww man i’m actually disappionted the movie isn’t going to be him as Fat
    Robbie :(

  25. A movie with the rock
    And shaq’s dick
    Seems cool hahahaha

  26. Fast Robbie the movie. Now that’s a movie I’d go see

  27. How is Kevin Hart able to make so many movies? This is like his 9th in 3
    years right?

  28. Nicolas Alexander Otto

    Damn, I’m still waiting for Johnson to make a good movie except Gridiron
    Gang. Why can’t he do some serious projects instead of dumb goof ball
    nonsense. He has so much potential.

  29. UGH

  30. 1:37 Wow guys, great special effects! We definitely can’t see where you
    place the Rocks face on that fat kid.

  31. At 1.34, the Rock turns into THE BLOB. lol

  32. Ha ha FAT ROBBY

  33. 01:34 that’s scares me…

  34. fat Robb was f up


  36. Someone already said this but, this looks like “Ride along” but since ice
    cube is making barber shop 3 they got “The Rock” instead. Love both Dwayne
    and hart, but the Kevin hart train has one speed and hes always the same
    person in every role in every movie!

  37. Training Day with Johnson and Hart? Ayyyy

  38. 2018: The Rock comes out with an Oscar worthy performance that leads to
    global disarmament. I called it right here, right now!

  39. rush hour meets, ride along meets the good guys, meets 21/22 jump
    street….i dont care, still gonna see this lol

  40. Jackie chan and Kevin Hart should make a movie.

  41. I find Kevin Hart to be extremely overrated. He acts the same in every role
    he’s in!

  42. This trailer’s side effect: prkmoted adam sandler’s name .

  43. 1:05
    I was like..

    “..And a big Johnson..”
    and when that sentence pop out
    I screamed

  44. pick up the gun, shoot yourself in the head because fat robbie is there

  45. Thank god john cena isn’t making any movies again… wannabe wrestler
    Fucked up the wwe

  46. Be Content and silent the mind

    i can never unseen fat Robbie…FML!!

  47. Dwayne johnson start looking a little older!

  48. whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaha that last part tho!!!!

  49. The rock would be an amazing in a avengers movie

  50. deejahbellnevertoooldforplushies 89

    I hope Dwayne can carry this film with his humor, and that Hart doesn’t
    bring him down with typecast acting.

  51. fat, rock fat…that make eye cancer

  52. omg fat Robbie……………I am not gonna be able to sleep tonight

  53. a lot of hating ass people on here piss beacause your not in movies Kevin
    hart make some stupid movie he got to st

  54. aim for the bushes dwayne

  55. Nice remix on Ride Along. Should be good and funny.

  56. I’m never gonna get it.

  57. Kevin hart makes alot of money for playing himself. As usual

  58. Like and reply if your going to see this movie for fat robbie

  59. Fat Robbie!!!!

  60. So excited. Big fan of the Rock. Fat Robbie… xD

  61. I can’t get the last few seconds off my head

  62. What song is this?

  63. Hi, what’s up? Great Dedication. clam questionable What’s your opinion
    about this !!

  64. I really really REALLY wish I didn’t see FAT ROBBIE. This shit is gonna
    haunt my nightmares.

  65. waiting on this one

  66. If you look very closely, you can see the bronze chubster at the end isn’t
    actually The Rock…

  67. that end wtf

  68. Hahaha fat robbie

  69. we could be a team..we can make money. ..

  70. The Rock was actually fat back in the day and Hart was never popular back
    in the day… My home boy Google told me.

  71. Looks corny and typical

  72. It Seems. It’s really astounding simple injure What’s happening, guys.

  73. That ending though…. I can never UNSEE that….@_@

  74. I think this could have better as Hart as the bad ass CIA agent and Johnson
    as the weedy guy just to change the typical stereotypes for once

  75. We need a movie on fat robbie

  76. i was not ready for fat rock

  77. LMAO Fat Robbie

  78. I don’t know if I should love this or hate this.


  80. omg fat robbie lol

  81. Dwayne Johnson's Poop

    I think this movie will be great. Kevin hart kind of looks like poop.

  82. I actually got to talk with *The Rock* yesterday.. didn’t expect that to
    happen! xD


  84. 1:32 What.. The.. F-ck?

  85. the rock and Kevin hart, nuff said.

  86. so i think we can all agree the highlight of this trailer was in fact fat

  87. At the end, I gonna have nightmares!!!

  88. Roronoa Zoro (Anik)

    So no heroine in this film ?

  89. this movie looks so amazing

  90. the rock is low key hilarious

  91. very good love CIA movies awesome this looks fun and full of action

  92. The little hart big Johnson pun is the funniest thing about this

  93. Ride Along but with a wrestler instead of a rapper?

  94. Kevin Hart just stop acting. Please. Soon you will reach Adam Sandler level
    of bad if you keep this up…

  95. a little hart…and a big johnson, lol

  96. RIDEALONG rebranded..shit movie

  97. Ride along 3 resurrection

  98. the hell did i just see?? a fat dwayne johnson singing in the shower! thats
    6 seconds i would like to undo (ctrl + z & sips coffee)

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