Central Intelligence Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson Comedy HD

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After he reunites with an old pal through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.


  1. Hey like this comment it’s the first one

  2. The Rock looks so weird with that CGI lmap

  3. Before it blows up subscribe

  4. Hell yeah

  5. Enrique DE LA torre

    this is ride along but with a taller and handsome and lighter ice cube. is
    like watching Get Smart 2 but with a less talented Steve Carrell .

  6. i was here early

  7. Lets do the flip
    That was so close

  8. Looks like fun

  9. Haha looks like a Kevin Hart movie that will actually be funny!

  10. Is it weird if I think Kevin hart can’t act for shitttt

  11. Ride along maybe?

  12. Kevin Hart the best comedian ever

  13. Sub For Awesome Homemade Trailerrss ?

  14. So, I love Kevin Heart. But at the same time, he’s just becoming an actor
    that plays a naive character that gets involved with police, crime, etc.
    and saves the day at the end. His roles feel the same and every movie is
    like a remake. Ride Along, Ride Along 2, Get Hard, and now this. His roles
    in action movies should branch of I believe.

  15. I want to see it!?

  16. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    Pass, a Big pass


  18. Looks great ! :D

  19. izlemeye deyer 1 film

  20. izlemeye deyer 1 film

  21. oh :))

  22. snapchat face swap looks more realistic than that rock face

  23. Switch Ice Cube to The Rock. New movie.

  24. Kevin Hart plays the exact same character in every movie! He’s annoying!

  25. Like-wake up in heaven
    reply-Good luck for a day
    Like my video-any wish come true
    ignore-get a brain disorder

  26. Kevin Hart really showcasing his range in this fish-out-of-water comedy.

  27. hey guys subscribe to trademark boys great fun ahead

  28. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    Save the world. By saving the US’s spy satellite program. Well…

  29. +trademark boys

  30. Lets do the flip
    That was so close

  31. hell yeah dwayne sent me here xD

  32. Super cool movie

  33. Ride along 2.5?

  34. Ice cube wasn’t available for the third one?

  35. hopefully better than ride along 2

  36. Looks sick


  38. i cant unsee what i just saw in the beginning of this trailer, wish i could

  39. The Rock is so great he will make you like Kevin Hart!

  40. Their agents must love them.

  41. This actually looks like its going to be a good film

  42. Lets do the flip
    That was so close

  43. Looks good

  44. Giovanni Stracciari (Kaz)

    It actually looks good!

  45. Omg Fat Rock

  46. Lol, that guy looks exactly like The Rock!

  47. Cant wait! Its gonna be an awesome movie. Gonna be super hit.

  48. worst cgi rock I’ve ever seen

  49. I Love Dwayne The Rock Johnson :P

  50. please please please please please please, do not let this movie suck!

  51. wow ice cube really got in shape for ride along 3

  52. This would be totally badass if it ties into the Fast And Furious universe!
    lol. Best origin story for that character, ever.

  53. Looks like already watched this.

  54. High School Kevin hart couldve been playd by the lead actor from Dope

  55. Fat Dwayne Johnson made my day.

  56. Lets do the flip
    That was so close

  57. Thank #you :D

  58. Simen Arnesen Sigvartsen

    Keep this at an even amount of likes

  59. the beginning looks like the mummy 2 all over ahain2

  60. Kevin plays the same idiot in every movie.

  61. FORCeGordon Fitzpatrick

    Agent Hobbs The Movie: Where is my Baby Oil

  62. Super cool ? love Rock????

  63. This movie will suck because Kevin Hart sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. It’s basically Ride Along with Dwayne Johnson’s character from Fast &

  65. JP Fragoso (Johnice227)

    Ever thought what a fat high school version of The Rock would look like?
    Than this movie is for you…

  66. Lets do the flip
    That was so close

  67. Hello Duane

  68. RIP Ice Cube

  69. Why are they making the ride along 3 when we just got the ride along 2?

  70. Awesome!!

  71. YAAAZZZ Demi Lovato – Confident ❤?

  72. Is That One Punch Man begin?

  73. It should be ride along: the rock edtion

  74. Awesome film

  75. lmaooooo

  76. HUEHUE This is funny !!!

  77. Lets do the flip
    That was so close

  78. With this trailer, I don’t look forward to the movie anymore.

  79. The Rock is the most damn likable guy

  80. Kevin Hart is the new Martin Lawrence.

  81. This doesn’t look good

  82. i thought i forgot about the fat dwayne part

  83. Ice cube looks different.

  84. I like Kevin Hart and i think he’s a good actor but i really don’t think he
    is as funny as everyone makes him out to be though

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