CHARLIE’S ANGELS Trailer (2019)

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  1. Heloo pubg mobile

  2. First one here

  3. This remake seems so intense

  4. Not the move coach👎

  5. We all know in real life all these white women would be calling the police.

  6. Idk….its like childs play….shouldn’t be messed with…..

  7. Wow! It would be more cool if kristen back for being a girl image👌👌👌. Another standing ovation movie. It will be a best fight scene for mtv movie awards👍👍👍. Im so excited😁😁😁

  8. nice movie

  9. I swear in my news feed it said this was Charlie’s Angles (heh heh). The movie looks decent and okay but forgettable. At least forgettable is better than awful.

  10. Kiya Lee Levy Runaya


    There’s so many movies or franchises or books or games or manga or real life events that absolutely deserve reboots/adaptations.

    And all we keep getting is this kind of shit.

    Well, at least I’m finally getting that Golden Compass reboot in form of a tv series.

  11. I barely hear Lana del Rey in the soundtrack and I’m disappointed…I need the full soundtrack NOW.

  12. Oh wow. Another remake/ reboot/ reimagining that no one asked for. However, the action choreography looks solid and the CGI is obviously ‘high budget’ as it gives Kristen Stewart the appearance of emoting. 👏 This might warrant a watch on Digital later, but not a Theater “Must See”.

  13. I liked the first angel’s 😎😎😎

  14. i prefer charlie angels with drew barrymore,cameron diaz,lucy lu they were the best

  15. BUT WHERE’S THE OLD ANGEL’S THO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I feel 10x more woke after watching this!

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