Colonia Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl Movie HD

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A young woman’s desperate search for her abducted boyfriend that draws her into the infamous Colonia Dignidad, a sect nobody ever escaped from.


  1. Emma Watson…the reason I clicked

  2. wow i can’t believe im actually the first one to see this preview lol

  3. Maybe Emma Watson will squeeze some Feminism into the movie

  4. Just another day in Texas

  5. Emma Watson either needs to lose her clothes or grab a wand for me to watch

  6. This looks like the kind of movie where you end up hating everyone save for
    the main character, Wynona Rider “Crucible” style.

  7. I came for Emma, I stayed for the interesting looking movie… That I’ll
    possibly watch.

  8. Emma Watson is truly beautiful… and what a lovely accent <3.

  9. This looks F’d up but then again it looks soo good.

  10. Spoiler Alert

    Emma Watson’s character lies the entire time

    oops wrong movie

  11. Emma Watson makes me feel so ugly…….and I’m a guy

  12. i hope this is good

  13. Harry Potter and the Colonia

  14. I love Emma Watson! Amazing actor

  15. Andrew Walker (awalk)

    She needs to quit acting already, and get into porn.

  16. Only reason I clicked was because of Emma Watson,Emma is love, Emma is
    life, Emma is……my celeb crush Lel

  17. this movie is going to piss me off so much

  18. Lol it’s made with bruh

  19. I’ll watch it because of Emma

  20. Beauty And The Beast

    Emma Watson is Beautiful

  21. WHAT A TWIST!!!

  22. That is one hell of a trailer.

  23. Honestly, even though he was kinda a douche-bag, pinochet is probably the
    only reason that Chile isnt like isnt a shithole like a lot of other south
    american countries are.

  24. this is some bullshit

  25. looks like hermione didnt give back the time turner?

  26. no me engañan vinieron por Emma Watson xDD

  27. I’ll see anything Emma’s in.

  28. TheUselessInfoSquad

    Oscar worthy? Perhaps…

  29. the the twist is

    you’re a wizard harry

  30. Mateo “DeadPoolMancia” Rojas Pérez

    This is based on something that happened in mi country (Chile)… and I
    just realize, that I didn’t know that before I red about this movie… I
    feel stupid :c

  31. I LOVE HER

  32. daniel bruhl speak spanish?


  34. Emma Watson has come so far!!!!!


  36. Season 2 of the 100

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  38. This is why Christianity should die out

  39. 予告編ですね?

  40. 映画COloniaの予告編ですね?

  41. 映画ColoniaのOfficial の予告編ですね?

  42. Cool a prequel to “unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”.

  43. emma Watson was my favourite from my childhood, she was crash! but the
    movies she is doing that is not good for her Carrier, she should look for
    the movie that innocents she act’s in harry potter series! she can take
    movies of action and kids related to it. don’t look for mature movies
    kisses and all stuff! people love your innocent character maintain that

  44. Wasn’t Emma Watson going to volunteer at a refugee camp in Calais to show
    solidarity with them?

  45. Nicolas Galleguillos

    banderas chilenas?

  46. Emma Watson should do porn

  47. Wait should the year be 2016 not 2015

  48. “Te quiero”

  49. Abuse: the story

  50. Still waiting for her sex scene

  51. Great another movie trying its best to paint Christians into evil bad-guys.
    Yet another Hollywood cliche

  52. Why doesn’t Hermione take out her wand and fight back

  53. Rainha da porra toda!! MARAVILHOSA! ♥️

  54. It looks like a nightmare.


  56. came for emma

  57. come here for emma

  58. I see that face and think of that Nazi asshole from Inglorious Bastards.

  59. This looks interesting and Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl are great actors
    and lovely to watch on screen.

  60. WOW, I’ve never seen a movie that captures in such a realistic way what
    religion is like.

  61. Isso vai da uma merda no Chile….

  62. Reminds me so much of Asylum from American Horror Story

  63. Prepare for the Super Religious people hate and Atheist love

  64. Prepare for the Super Religious people hate and Atheist love

  65. Hermione and Baron Zemo… noice.

  66. another attack against christianity… great

  67. the guy said” te quiero”? is he spanish? Does this movie happens in Spain?

  68. Just show us some tits already

  69. I’m only going to see this movie because, I want to be sure that Emma
    Watson survives… I mean her character.

  70. Luis Angel Cruz Varela

    someone said “te quiero”? i love you in spanish

  71. Religious folk.

  72. Jim Jones in Germany?

  73. An opinion on the internet

    It’s rare that you get such an engaging and interesting trailer nowadays.

  74. Looks very good. Looking forward to it.

  75. Better than the other trailer. “When they took her man…” Please.

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