Comedy Stars Talk Star Wars – Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher (2015) – Seeso Comedy HD

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  1. 1k de subs sin video. Sera posible?


  2. First 1

  3. The lesbians from buzzfeed!!


  5. one more for a trib trilogy

  6. i thought that was Kevin Bacon on the left in the thumbnail, swear to god..

  7. Can I have my 51 seconds back….?


  9. Nobody’s talk about star wars..

  10. Faminazis

  11. Why post this if no one thinks its worth their time to answer?

  12. these dudes have never seen star wars I bet. .

  13. I guess “Comedy” and “Stars” are two words that are just thrown around a
    lot these days

  14. This is some shit buzzfeed would post

  15. Almost screamed when I saw Cameron and Rhea! Love them!

  16. i tought it was a fuckn was swap in the thumbnail??

  17. I thought the thumbnail was a face swap lmfao

  18. Isn’t that chandler from friends on the right?

  19. Tina Fey and Ellen DeGeneres really let themselves go

  20. wtf was that.

  21. nesecitos ayudar}

  22. What are these feminine dudes are talking about ?

  23. Ew

  24. Fallout random face generator got extra freaky.

  25. What is the score playing in the background?

  26. Oh well perhaps it’s my mistake but I thought that I’ve read Comedy on the
    title, still trying to find the humour in this.

  27. Transgender Kevin Bacon

  28. can’t tell if they’re trannies or really masculine lesbians.

  29. what are these things female or male

  30. Sam Stahly (Miadaskate)

    Wait, that’s not Kevin Bacon with an emo ass side haircut?

  31. Not funny. Are they both women? Did one used to be a man? Im more confused
    than their sexual identities right now.

  32. Total waste of time. Just because they are so not funny.

  33. Total waste of time. Just because they are so not funny.

  34. Why does the girl look like a guy and the girl whos obliviously a guy lol
    look like a girl?!

  35. I honestly can’t tell, is the person on the right a guy or girl?

  36. Love and miss ya Cameron!……..Patty&Tim

  37. I’m seeing Lucas Grabeel…

  38. ew dykes

  39. wow I forgot how unfunny women are

  40. Hey, yo! Very Courageous. influence swift What’s your opinion about that,
    guys !!

  41. Damn the lesbian alarm is blowing the hell up…

  42. (logic) dress like a man and date Someone that looks like a man… umm…

  43. One looks like Kevin Bacon, the other looks like Robert Patrick(the T1000)

  44. what happened to her hair ?

  45. So when do the comedy stars appear?

  46. Comment section = people are bigoted assholes.

  47. a gay dude and a lesbian girl … goood jooooob…

  48. Lesbians…. They always look for a girl that totally looks like a creepy

  49. Everyone in the comment section is unbelievably dumb that it’s kind of
    heart wrenching.

  50. Why are these two skinny European men doing on this channel?

  51. why so many dislikes… wtf

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