Comedy Stars Talk Star Wars – Thomas Lennon, Kulap Vilaysack & Robert Ben Garant (2015) Seeso Comedy

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  1. FIRST!

  2. goddamn youtube squatters

  3. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    I’m like Mace Windu, I don’t trust nobody

  4. Mr Aukerman’s former girlfriend. The widow Kulap!!

  5. Nobody’s talk about star wars….

  6. how do you guys get trailers ?

  7. I’d say I’m like a jawa I just kinda hangout and do my job until someone
    comes and kills me

  8. Okay, that was humorous

  9. Does anybody know the name of the score playing in the background?

  10. I’m associate myself with Luke Skywalkers right hand

  11. pig :dddddd

  12. just did a starwars quiz. apparently im like the emperor. dam!!

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