Concussion Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Will Smith Drama Movie HD

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Will Smith stars in the incredible true David vs. Goliath story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE, a football-related brain trauma, in a pro player.


  1. first


  3. 4th

  4. dat accent do

  5. Murican football. Yup.

  6. I’m not a big fan that Will Smith have an accent in this movie

  7. The accent Might kill it

  8. Tell the truth!” Will Smith is goooood

  9. This is looking so bad…

  10. Gonna see this

  11. With this and Suicide Squad…. he might just make a comeback.

  12. first dislike I didn’t rlly like the plot of it nor didbi like the accent
    that will smith had

  13. Tell the truth DAMN IT!

  14. The negative side of these comments are only because we know/grew up with
    will lol, and It throws you off as it does me… but don’t knock it till
    you watch it.

  15. This looks dope

  16. People complaining about accents don’t say anything about the foreigners
    that act in hollywood. The australians, the swedes, the french, the
    spanish, not a word. But will smith does character acting once and everyone
    loses their minds!

  17. The early reveiws for this movie have already been released
    aaaaaaaaaand….. it’s not looking too good..

  18. Take this oscar Will….you take it now you sob!

  19. still not buying the voice, sounds forced

  20. Oooh this looks good, good bunch of actors, controversial true story, oh
    yes. Looks like a really interesting story too.

  21. Love it x

  22. What is the song that plays in this trailer?

  23. OK, now I got to see that

  24. i think its a good movie

  25. Bruh i can’t watch this trailer without dying of laughter at his accent
    every time he speaks looool

  26. Look interesting. Long trailer though

  27. damnnnnnnnn Will got old

  28. that accent i cant deal with

  29. “Your going to be an American hero”

    ” I’m not even American”

    “That’s even better ”


  30. Are you sure this is not a comedy? I think the accent is part of the appeal

  31. Gone are the days where I like Will Smith movies…

  32. best trailer of this movie yet

  33. Can not take the movie seriously with that accent, the “my god” had me

  34. Well seems like he’s going to be the real african

  35. His acting looks good it’s just his accent

  36. He risked pulling that different accent.. gotta respect that

  37. one of those trailers where you can tell what the ending is going to be
    already lol, still looks like it might be good

  38. why is he talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

  39. In all honesty, I think “African” accents are often considered humorous. I
    don’t know why, but every time a person who has an “African” accent speaks,
    there’s just something funny about it and I know a lot of people laugh at
    it more than any other accent out there, so I feel even if this wasn’t Will
    Smith, I think any other actor with that accent would get the same

  40. Looks like Willie might make a comeback

  41. Wow. Will Smith is so old now

  42. name of the song?

  43. ok one tv spot one Japanese trailer more to go

  44. Plz pray for my friend is non verbal gonna take a hammer to get in that

  45. That’s Marlin from Nemo

  46. American from Philly (Will) plays an African doctor, and British man of
    Nigerian decent (Adewale) plays an American football player. Cool!

  47. will smith’s charisma really unique

  48. Music Inspires Everyone

    iZombie ;)

  49. I love Will Smith and his movies but…DOES HE HV TO ALWAYS BE THE

  50. Anyone thinks Will Smith stopped even trying after The Pursuit of Happines
    ? All next movies are just bad

  51. Remember when Concussion’s about a bored lesbian housewife?

  52. Will smith, my favourite actor!

  53. Does anybody know the song at 1:22 ?

  54. That accent!! ✌✌ damn he is such a good actor!!

  55. Billionaire Barbaros

    whats the song in the trailer

  56. … did it really have to be Will Smith???

  57. Trevor Noah?

  58. Can someone say to me the song Name at 1:22 ?
    Shazam doesn t help xD

  59. even though Will Smith is black, its very irritating watching him do a
    stereotypical African and he even looks like it when he talks.

  60. what’s up with the accent? why change?

  61. JUST DO IT!

  62. Now this is how you make trailers!

  63. This has soooo much potential to be epic.

  64. Did he just say he thinks about white people dying?

  65. Worst accent haha

  66. Where is Jaden Smith and his inspiring quotes, he could have saved Will
    Smith from his mood swings?

  67. looks like really a good movie-

  68. What happened? Will Smith aged a year? :P

  69. looks good

  70. Will Smith’s african accent is as good as Idris Elba’s.

  71. Oh so is this the guy that basically made the NFL put those sensors in
    Football Helmets to show coaches how many blows they can take before it is
    permanent damage?

  72. I was just actually watching on discovery channel about this unknown

  73. flawless accent

  74. Will Smith is an amazing actor!!!
    cnt wait to see this movie

  75. burt hummel an jack donaghy..0_o

  76. this is going a good one

  77. Please enlighten me are people hating the accent Cuz it’s poorly executed
    or because it’s not “white AMERICAN” enough?

  78. God I Will Smith!!!!

  79. What accent is this??
    Dammit America you never learn!


  81. People need to shut the hell up about will and his accent. He’s an actor ok
    so of course he’s gonna sound like his character. U wanna complain?
    Complain about white people acting in roman and Greek movies with British

  82. Smith sounds like Mr.Eko

  83. Will Smith really going for that oscar this time, huh?

  84. Mostly I love Will Smith (and he and Jada were so nice when I interviewed
    them at the Vanity Fair Oscar party one year) but I’m not sure about this
    movie. The concept is great and I appreciate true story movies, but the
    accent may turn out to be more of a distraction than not. We’ll see…

  85. he talks like a chigga.

  86. Can’t beat a good accent splice :/

  87. Change the world? Pretty sure America is the only place people take
    football that seriously

  88. I need watch this film

  89. oh gosh this trailer gave me a concussion…I won’t remember this.

  90. This looks pretty good, and its based off a true story

  91. i wish he would of made a sequel to Enemy of The State

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