Creed Ultimate Rocky Legacy Trailer (2015) HD

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Rocky Balboa

The former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed.

Music Credit:

“Deliverance” by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix
“Walking With Angels” by Tony Lee Stafford Jr and Michael Dennis Smith
“Snares and Traps” by Stix Randolph and Bart K. Hendrickson
“Letting Go” by Jasha Alain Klebe, Bruce Fingers, and Billie Ray Fingers.
“Lift Off Swell” by Dirty Dick, Carrie Harry, Bart K Hendrickson
“Choir Swell in E” by Dirty Dick, Carrie Harry, Bart K Hendrickson
“Timpani Roll Swell” by Dirty Dick, Carrie Harry, Bart K Hendrickson

Courtesy of Extreme Music


  1. hopefully its good

  2. 3# place

  3. You know what I like more than this film. Knowledge

  4. It’s getting Great Reviews guys. Go see it

  5. Wallace and Avon in one movie together? I’m sold.

  6. So basically Rocky I except with Apollo’ son?

  7. Putin will be having Turkey for Christmas.

  8. He was awful in fantastic four

  9. Nice.I love rocky especially the music in the originals but I don’t get why
    people just make a new popular one of rocky cause the old Rocky’s are just
    always going to be better

  10. The awesome sauce channel

    I agree Shannon cause all the other Rocky’s will be better thats why I HATE
    when people just make a new popular one of a movie

  11. i have to say that im so tired of watching this movie add on tv lol and on
    hbo boxing :/ is a very predictable movie…he will win the fight at the
    end hahahaah

  12. All he needs is this:

    100 press-ups
    100 sit-ups
    100 squats
    10km run


  13. I heard if you don’t shed at least one tear after watching this movie,
    you’ll go to hell for being heartless. Yeah that’s how good I heard this
    movie was. Can’t wait!

  14. That “it’s your turn” part gave me chills

  15. IMDB 8.9 ? ? ?

  16. anybody knows this song?

  17. Great Job i done this myself over 3 weeks ago, check it out guys

  18. Perfect casting.

  19. one the best mashup for true boxing lovers..

  20. Great, another southpaw

  21. I saw this movie last night. I did not think I was going to like it. But I
    was wrong, this movie was great.

  22. I hope the fight scenes won’t suck like in every other boxing movie

  23. ❤Shrek_Is_Love_❤

    Eh, I don’t care for boxing or rocky but I’ll watch it a year later or so
    when I’m bored. it seems like a good movie.

  24. OO MY GOD!!!did sly also wrote that?!?

  25. You know how the films ‘Rocky’ were based off Rocky Balboa’s first name,
    they should have called this film ‘Apollo’ after Apollo Creed Jr’s first

  26. I’ve never seen a star wars movie

  27. So far 34 dislikes came from Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, Tommy Gunn, Mason
    Dixon, Thunderlips & George Washington Duke!

  28. This is what Rocky 5 was supposed to be at least in terms of plot but it
    twisted things all over the place and there wasnt any good plot in there.

  29. What about Drago’s kid?

  30. its a good movie

  31. This Should Have Been The Main Trailer.

  32. This trailer came one day too late. Cinemasins ruined Rocky for me
    yesterday. Bastards. :-/

  33. Nathaniel JCollection

    looks dope

  34. First name lastname

    Sylvester Stallone doesn’t actually look annoying in a movie for once

  35. i just got an erection

  36. You are your fathers son……genious

  37. No more giant Russian villains ?

  38. southpaw 1!?

  39. Thanks, you make me want to watch all the Rocky xd

  40. Hot

  41. Paulie ?

  42. I think I start boxing after this movie.

  43. motivation here

  44. i really hope this isnt a flop

  45. Man i wanna see this movie. I loved rocky when i was a kid

  46. I had high expectations after the first trailer. The movie exceeded them.
    Hot damn, fantastic job!

  47. so glad this movie is awesome, great reviews

  48. Everyone WATCH THIS MOVIE! It’s amazing and I want more of them

  49. Daniel Dave Yonatan


  50. watch this shit y’all, damn this movie was a banger ??

  51. Captain America: Civil War

  52. That guy was in the worst movie of al time, And he is the main character?

  53. Junkyard Awesomeness

    best movie of this year

  54. This film was outstanding

  55. I’m so seeing this movie…..

  56. itu sangat jelek sekali

  57. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! But I don’t think we needed the romance in the movie. We
    have a nicely packed package without it. But Whatever.

  58. Bullshit movie. Enough with the rocky movies already.

  59. Whats the track at 2:31 ?

  60. Alraceli15595175972 Villalobos. Kareli


  61. This movie is a must see

  62. Shit! southpaw better this is just a cheap version

  63. Great damn movie man- the ending got me hype as hell! i sounded like mickey
    did screamin in Rock’s camp ” C’MON YA LAZY BUM!” i did wish to see more
    flashbacks of Apollo from Rocky’s end only in key moments to add real
    levity to the situation!

  64. Me and my family saw it and we loved it. Reminded me of the old Rocky

  65. They killed off Pauly! ?

  66. I just saw it today

  67. Movie also made me want to cop some Nike tech fleece, lol. That Kobe jacket
    was on fleek too…

  68. Lemme guess , this is one of those “look at all those scenes that you loved
    in the Original” movie !?
    Yeah, it’s common theme in Hollywood nowadays .

  69. Let’s go Rocky and Apolo son

  70. Awesome, can’t wait to see it.

  71. does Rocky die

  72. i can really feel apollo’s spirit.

  73. FiggyFilms Corporation

    I was crying so hard at this movie, like when creed yelled at rocky and
    when rocky was at pauly and adrians grave

  74. Saw this movie today. Amazing movie:)

  75. whats t he song

  76. Heat!

  77. Fuck I love Rocky!

  78. THey should get Michael B Jordan to play Michael Jordan

  79. Thank you rocky for everything you saved my life many times hero

  80. Man i cannot wait to see this movie for a 2nd time !!

  81. You know whats sad and epic at the same time, I think Sly will end his
    acting career with a last Rocky movie of some kind, maybe having the same
    fate of his trainer and have some dramatic end to the story.

  82. How many rocky movies they gotta make?

  83. Saw the movie. It’s ok. Nothing special. I grew up on the Rocky movies and
    the only thing in this one that makes it ok is Creeds son. It’s a typical
    boxing movie. Wait for video…Or go see Star Wars 2 times.

  84. fantastic Trailer


  86. Joaquin “Shinji Ikari” Marchesi

    That Paulli sopiler men, comon!

  87. i can see rocky fighting a robot soon or or some clone of hes self ha ha
    better still a fight to tie hes shoe lace up then agane prob wears straps

  88. Gabi rosado gets beaten yet again. Poor fella?

  89. will this ever release outside the US?

  90. Rocky 1,2,3,4
    Creed 1,2,3,4

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