Criminal Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot Movie HD

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The memories & skills of a deceased CIA agent are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous convict.


  1. Omg! A marvel and Dc crossover!!

  2. Deadpool trying to steal Superman’s woman? This won’t end well.

  3. This is sort of like Self/Less… And by sort of I mean almost exactly.

  4. Deadpool and Wonder Woman in one movie: Marvel and DC crossover!

  5. Hollywood Tre (ThatBlackDude)

    I thought its funny how the movie is about Kevin Costner as the main
    character but they put Ryan Reynolds as the thumbnail and his name just
    because he’s in the movie obviously its about Costner

  6. So Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Two face, Commissioner Gordon and clerks dad are
    all in a movie together?


  8. king pedro barcelona-gano

    this movie looks like an instant bomb at the box office with its sabotage

  9. Pa Kent, James Gordon, Wonder Woman and….. Deadpool? :3

  10. Wtf so why put Ryan Reynolds in the tiltle if he’s not even in it that

  11. something is seriously WRONG with the video title on actors…. and BOYKA,

  12. Deadpool vs Wonderwoman: Dawn of Sexiness

  13. That epic song made the trailer 90% better :P

  14. I knew I’d see Deadpool & Wonder Woman comments ahaha

  15. Why is Ryan Reynolds in the title, subtle click-bait?

  16. What’s Deadpool, Wonder Woman and James Gordon doing in this movie?

  17. I saw this and I wanted to drop a funny comment about Ryan aka Pool,
    Dead… Now I read all these comments mentioning Deadpool here so I’m kinda
    disappointed err’body is doing the same thing…so Ima just refrain :(

  18. Ryan Reynolds’s name but I see mostly Kevin Costner

  19. “they do to me!” -Murica

  20. Looks like the actor from taken wasn’t available to play Kevin kostner
    character. Yawn

  21. movie has Commissioner Gordon, Pa Kent, Harvey Dent, Wonder Woman AND
    Deadpool holy shit

  22. Deadpool, Two-Face, Wonder Woman and Commissioner Gordon. This is the
    ultimate DC/Marvel crossover.

  23. you all forgetting ryan reynolds was green lantern before deadpool. ;)

  24. so the plot of the movie is pretty much clear…. ‘Selfless’ vice versa…

  25. That didn’t take long

  26. Ican’t wait for


  27. theoneguynamedjesus

    What is the other movie where the guy switches body with Ryan. It’s some
    about some rich guy who wants to be young so they have some kind of machine
    that does that

  28. Looks great!!

  29. Deadpool dies leaves Wonder Woman and his daughter behind but Jim Gordon
    manages to put Deadpool’s mind inside of Jonathan Kent brain and makes him
    a badss pretty much.

  30. deadpool 2

  31. Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Pa Kent and Jim Gordon in the same movie? Sign me

  32. is this the new wonder woman trailer

  33. So you put Ryan Reynolds’ name in the title who is barely in the movie but
    not Gary Oldman’s or Kevin Costner’s?? ASSHOLES!!

  34. Yacine Fouad MEHIRIS

    boyka !!!

  35. where does ryan reynolds come in?

  36. so part 2 of Self/less?

  37. Billed as a Reynolds & Godot movie when it seems like Reynolds is in less
    than 30% of the thing…

  38. 1:57 Jordi Molla!!!

  39. Wade wilsons in this?

  40. I saw this before, didn’t I? I saw it. I’m sure I did. Didn’t we see this
    already? This has been done before. On a lower budget, but it was most
    definitely done before. Ohhhhhh, that’s right.

    This is Self/less.

  41. All star cast! Can’t wait to see it

  42. Looks like a decent flick with great actors

  43. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    Don’t call this comment section “comment section”. call it Deadpool.

    seriously ctfo

  44. Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Officer Gordon, Two Face…. ummm tell me more.

  45. Anyone know the song that starts at 1:11? Thanks.

  46. Christian Guerassio

    Selfless?? No oh okay I guess Ryan reynolds is typecast now..

  47. Deadpool’s day life

  48. This plot doesn’t look half bad

  49. Deadpool, wonderwoman, agent k, james gordon ))) nice cast

  50. GAL GADOT ? im in

  51. Why is Ryan Reynolds on the thumbnail and listed after the title. The movie
    obviously does not star him. Shity clickbait.

  52. “EVERYONE” is there also

  53. Well dam, great cast they got in this movie plus it looks great!

  54. Deadpools mind is now inside Mr. Kents, Superman’s dad. He has some
    information that Commissioner Jim Gordon, who now works alongside Two Face,
    is trying to extract. Wonderwoman, who was married to Deadpool is going to
    help Superman’s dad get this information. Hopefully it will lead them to
    the infinity stones.

  55. deadpool+wonder woman +black ops campaign =criminal

  56. Macht Lust auf mehr :-)

  57. Deadpool breaking the universes with Wonder woman!

  58. So many good actors, but it sill looks its gonna suck in the end

  59. Apparently Ryan Reynolds can’t stay in his body. Or can’t keep his body. Or

  60. More like Kevin Costner movie with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in it as
    minor characters.

  61. Pa Kent, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Commissioner Gordon all in the
    same movie? Wow!

  62. Ramon Eduardo Usuga Monsalve

    Scott Adkins!!!!

  63. Wait a min … Shouldn’t this be branded as a Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner

  64. rahmatiah nurul aini rasyidah

    Lets meet Proffesor X// Mccavoy or Stewart? ?

  65. What’s Deadpool and Wonder Woman doing here?

  66. another bad reynolds movie? hahahahha

  67. Selfless 2?

  68. last song?

  69. Holy shit, wonder woman and deadpool teamin up!

  70. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    So Ryan’s mind was put in an old guys body and in “Self/less” his body was
    used by an oldmans mind.


  71. 1:35 R.I.P King Air

  72. WTF??! ???

  73. Oh come on! Ryan Reynolds has stuck his consciousness in three different
    people now, The Change-up
    Self less…& now this? wth??

  74. why do i feel like only amber heard is missing from this movie?

  75. Bourne: Retirement

  76. wow so original

  77. robin jonker (LePotatoh)

    Nobody can look at this without thinking about Deadpool, bad timing
    producers xD

  78. Uh….yes, please.

  79. Wassup Green Lantern !

  80. 1:43 Scott Adkins

  81. This cast is amazing and Kevin is back!

  82. look at so many people trying to be funny….

    great cast and interesting tone for the trailer. I was expecting it to go
    another direction.

  83. Exactly like Self/Less!

  84. I was going to make a Deadpool and Womder Woman Joke, but someone already
    made it…

  85. this looks like a bourne movie

  86. ryan is getting a load of cashhh! good for him

  87. why is Kevin Costner trying to sound like Liam Neesom why couldn’t the
    director just hire Liam if he wanted that was he too expensive for this
    movie or something

  88. Pa Kent, Wonder Woman, Jim Gordon, Deadpool, Colonel Phillips, Faora-Ul.
    DC/Marvel crossover?. xD

  89. A movie with Deadpool, Wonder Woman, 2-Face, Superman’s dad, AND
    Commissioner Gordon? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  90. Looks good, but they should have at least out Ryan’s name on it ?

  91. Dont read this comment

  92. Wonder Woman vs Deadpool

  93. anybody getting some deadpool vibes? 0:17 – 0:21

  94. So it’s kind of a Brainscan Jason Bourne, is that it? I think they did the
    same thing with Spock’s brain on a Star Trek episode.

  95. I’m honestly going to see this for Scott Adkins

  96. ‫احمد نويجي‬‎

    hhhh almby

  97. Another movie with Ryan Reynolds memory swapping with an old guy.

  98. Drew-Kiercey Whittaker

    Still waiting for Ryan Reynolds… Oh, wait there he is… for like a total
    Of 4 freakin seconds!

  99. This movie is stacked with star actors yet you single out Gal Gadot in the
    title lol

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