Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Action HD

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A story of lost love, young love, a legendary sword and one last opportunity at redemption.


  1. Yas, Yas, Yas, THE HYPE IS REAL, how many potatoes do I need to sacrifice
    for this movie to come out sooner!

  2. looks good but the music sounds like shit

  3. It will never beat the original. Also no Zhang Ziyi.

  4. what is the name of the song used in it ? pretty awsome

  5. it’s just gonna be like 300:rise of an empire
    and we all know how that turned out

  6. Good trailer

  7. That CGI in the tower scene… But the rest is cool

  8. No Zhang Ziyi no go. looks really cool. super action.

  9. Bad song choice.

  10. If you didn’t masterbate to this you support jihad.

  11. my oh my oh my,,,,,cant wait for this

  12. Sweet a return to a classic kung fu movie with the a new face the west
    barely sees donnie yen.

  13. Nope, this is just gonna be another kung fu action movie

  14. I do hope some of them scenes were just unfinished CGI. Also I hope they
    filmed and acted in Cantonese/mandarin so i can feel knowledge with my
    subtitles. I miss Ang Lee, Chow yun Fat & Ziyi Zhange but then again
    Michelle Yhoue bossed the last movie so…

    Either way, I wish i could go to the cinema to watch this but what can you

  15. This hurts so much…the original was so damn awesome

  16. Tiago de Angelis Silva

    Thank you Netflix! =D

  17. Is this a sequel? ‘Cause I saw a similar movie the night before watching
    this trailer.

  18. Bad music choice.

  19. Man, everybody hates this song do much. I think it’s kind of bad ass, and I
    loved the original too. oh well, guys I’m alone on that. who does this


  21. The “I am the bomb” Bling

    taaah why can’t you all movie producers think of somethin original, this is
    like another Golden stick movie

  22. What Feb 26 2016…can’t wait that long. This sucks. ..

  23. the music felt out of place with this franchise

  24. i heard this was in the works good to finally see it

  25. Yes.

  26. omg! is that rama????

  27. daft punk? ?

  28. i loved the first film. but please resurrect the chow yun fat somehow :o

  29. First ever movie to come out in cinemas and on Netflix same day, that being
    said this looks horrendous.

  30. Only the Chinese have an excuse to fly like that while in combat.
    Cannot wait to see this!

  31. Joachim Lothe-Rikenberg


  32. I love anything that Donnie Yen is in but still hoping it’s not in English.

  33. KAVINSKY – Bad Moon Rising

  34. Why is it in English?! So disappointing. I love Netflix but I would have
    liked to see this in my local theater or a Drafthouse. I like IMAX but this
    movie kind of looks bad. So much CGI.

    Action fight scenes were not the best part of Crouching Tiger. It was the
    melancholy story of two different couples that could never be together. It
    was betrayal and heart ache. It was drama. This looks like any action
    schlock. I’m really disappointed.

  35. It looks a little far fetched. The fighting is really unrealistic.

  36. Fuck’s sake.
    I can see CGI.

  37. Zhang ziyi was overrated, but it seems this one will flop because the
    choreography and cinematography seems lacking.

  38. Ang Lee ain’t directing it… that’s sad. This sequel might not be good

  39. Is that Michelle Yeoh? Damn.

  40. Artistic_but_Random

    I hope they won’t all be speaking English though…cuz that’ll really kill
    it for me


  42. damn love the fact that this is coming out on Netflix the same day it comes
    out in theater

  43. HORRIBLE song choice for the trailer. But I’m looking forward to it

  44. Netflix vs movie theaters. everyone, buy a ticket or prepare your accounts.

    war has begun

  45. UnbelievabIeMontages

    looks good, but won’t be as good as ang lee’s original cause ang lee’s
    original used a lot of practical effects, the last shot, looks very CGI,
    but looks very awesome

  46. Good trailer, terrible music.

  47. A little worried that Ang Lee, Zhang Ziyi and Chow Yun Fat isn’t returning.
    Also this trailer music is horrible and seems they’re speaking english,
    which I hope there’s mandarin with eng subs.

    On the plus side, Donnie Yen is in it.

  48. I swear every chinese/japanese film/series has either tiger or dragon in
    it. Where are the Crouching Potato and Shining hammer of Destiny titles?

  49. I can’t believe they made a sequel!!

  50. I’m excited as hell for this.

  51. this looks amazing!

  52. Ummmmmm I think it looks pretty terrible but the action looks good

  53. Doesnt look half as good as the original masterpiece, but it still looks
    like it could be a fun watch.

  54. Netflix is life

  55. Wait isn’t it suppose to be Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II: The Green

  56. i smell too much cgi and cashgrabbing on the title

  57. Ip Man is on it!

  58. Netflex and CHELLLLL!!

  59. Why are they speaking English??? Hopefully its just for trailer. I guess
    that is why jason scott lee is in it.

  60. Did they just remix Bad Moon Rising by Creedence? The song is awesome but
    this remix is not good. Movie looks good though.

  61. I want that sword

  62. All we need is Donnie Yen.

  63. Bad music choise for this trailer.

  64. Nice move

  65. Is that Iko Uwais I see?

  66. I dunno why but Netflix movies have this cheap aura.

  67. Donnie Yen =D

  68. Whhaattt? the original (one of the best movies of all time) deserved MUCH
    better than this… this is shit! the photography sucks and the cg is awful

    how come they convinced michelle yeoh to be part of this catastrophe..????

    Is this a movie made from America? or some bollywood shitty-esh studio?

  69. Wow good stuff

  70. The new director Woo-Ping Yuen of this sequel is a very good director and
    have directed some of the great Chinese movies like Iron monkey , Drunken
    Master , Taichi Master and many more . I hope this sequel could be as good
    as the previous one

  71. Seems like really shitty sequel to an Artistic film

  72. How does no one like this version of Bad Moon Rising?

  73. amazing sword dance

  74. Why would they ever do this.

  75. Don’t know if I’m the only one, but I have not liked a single thing Netflix
    has produced, so I don’t know how to feel about this…

  76. Looks shit like

  77. This movie doesn’t need a sequel, this is gonna be several leagues below
    the last one

  78. everything’s great except music and strangely unsaturated colors!

  79. Masterz Tecnorockerz

    wtf? music?

  80. Netflix just killed a classic. Some movies don’t need a sequel

  81. okay the last movie had beautiful music why couldn’t you put in something
    of similar beauty instead of this ear sore of techno that ruins the audio

  82. CGI. Not necessary

  83. Mischelle Yeon atill got it ?

  84. Decent trailer with a bit too much CGI. I liked the practical effects and
    wire work from the first movie better.

    Also whoever thought it was a good idea to pair this trailer with a CCR
    song should be fired.

  85. I hated those CGI effects… Doesn’t give the authantisity of the first
    movie :(

  86. Terrible song choice. The original song sucks, and this remix sucks. The
    only version I’ve ever heard of this song is the cover by the band Mourning

  87. Straight to Netflix

  88. The music is trash but the film looks good

  89. horrible trailer music, too much cgi, especially in the tower scene.

  90. that is the worst movie tittle I have ever seen.

  91. Never thought a sequel to crouching tiger would be a Netflix movie.

  92. Poor choice of background music for the trailer (Bad Moon Rising remix).

  93. the cgi is awful, geez

  94. I understand the Chinese hidden dragon bullshit but. WHEN I SEE DRAGON IN
    THE TITLE PUT A DRAGON IN MOVIE at least a transformation-_-

  95. Great soundtrack but fucked up the recording part. ;)

  96. “Bad moon rising”
    though I don’t know who did this one…

  97. F CGI. F that song.

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