Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Action Movie HD

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A story of lost love, young love, a legendary sword and one last opportunity at redemption.


  1. that one comment with first

  2. Bryant Torres (BryantProductions)


  3. 3rd offical

  4. Man she doesn’t age at all. Netflix is killing it. Just Killing it.

  5. Sit down scrub I’m third

  6. F “15wintergreen” W

    Such a generic movie name

  7. MortalKombatFan4Life

    Cool. Now give us another Big Trouble in Little China movie.

  8. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck.

  9. Watched the first one in English aha

  10. CGI will ruin it

  11. netflix goes china

  12. So learning martial arts means you can defy gravity?

  13. Wasnt she in that Jackie Chan movie? The one where she pretended to be his
    sister or some shit & there was train fight sequence which was pretty dope.
    What was that movie called again? “The Good Cop” or something like that

  14. sh!t looks like blade and soul game

  15. so much CG in this one

  16. jason scott lee going all shang tsung

  17. Star Wars in ancient China?

  18. I m not sure how I feel about this. I should be happy but im scared.

  19. Legend has it that Bruce Lee is polishing his sword as we speak.


  21. OMG she can still kick some ass..

  22. It would be better in mandarin like the first one….but well i hope it
    doesn’t suck

  23. if this movie had a funny black guy i would definitely watch it

  24. The love story between Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh in the original movie
    was such a major part of what made the film awesome that I don’t see how
    they can do a sequel with that element missing. I’m intrigued, but I’m also

  25. vais a joder una película muy buena con una estúpida e innecesaria secuela
    con todos los clichés americanos. es doblemente ofensiva. ojalá fracaséis
    con este proyecto.

  26. This actually doesn’t look like it will suck. I rate this trailer 10 out of
    10 potatoes!

  27. “Only on netflix” ……WHAT!?!? why not have a cinema release so people
    can have a proper movie experience? 

  28. “Only on netflix” ……WHAT!?!? why not have a cinema release so people
    can have a proper movie experience? 

  29. Ice breaker IP MAN !!!

  30. Looks good, but the trailer told waaaaaaay to much

  31. She look exactly like when I saw the first movie 10 year ago, but no Chow
    Fat :(

  32. The action looks pretty spot on. I’m a huge fight scene fanatic, sometimes
    I think them up just because I’m bored, and the kick done at 1:42 just
    makes me ooze amazingness from my eyeballs. As far as the plot, it seems
    cliched personally. Magical sword, rightful owner to said sword has to find
    a way to retrieve it because an all powerful asshole has it, badass martial
    artist that’s seen as sloppy by the master wizard is taken in to train, and
    is made to look like a complete idiot even though he/she was a complete
    badass without the master wizard’s training, it’s just stuff like that that
    irks me. Also, that spin twirl at 1:38 just annoys me. I’ll completely
    ignore the fact that he’s defying gravity and just say “Wow, isn’t it
    convenient everyone was lined up perfectly for that attack”. And no “He
    adjusted the attack to ensure his blade hid every soldier.” because he
    didn’t change twirl speeds or movement speed at all, which implies that
    everyone was just lined up for the attack. Not to mention the sword goes
    straight through them, you’d think it’d get stuck (Unless it’s a magic
    sword that just doesn’t get stuck, in which case there should at least be a
    mess of a former soldier’s former head). I think I just really dont like it
    when a character is launched into midair in a way that defies gravity and
    they’re not doing anything, sort of how that one girl is at 1:45. She just
    kinda gently floats to her target. I mean they’re jumping like a normal
    human jumps and no normal human goes flying into the air. Not to mention
    the mid air sword catch at 2:00 could’ve looked a lot cooler if 1) The dude
    who caught the sword did something with it instead of looking at it
    (Probably dwelling on how badass he thinks he looks) and 2) If the sword
    didn’t look like a complete prop. Now that all that’s been said I’m
    probably biased considering the only Asian martial arts film I actually
    enjoy has been the Ip Man series since it’s always been grounded in
    reality. (Let’s hope that doesn’t change with the new movie coming out).

    I dont know why I decided to give a full on trailer review, I originally
    wanted to write this comment to say I loved that one kick but whatever,
    tell me what you think if you read through this all because I can tell from
    other comments that it’s some sort of sequel which means fans which means I
    probably offended someone.

  33. Why are they speaking english

  34. she and that boy,,, they are connected somehow… crouching tiger xxx

  35. Made for an American audience. Stiill seems pretty cool !

  36. If Donnie Yen is in it i’m watching Lol! Wow Michelle in another action
    movie she is also a great martial artist. I hope the story doesn’t suck.
    Why CGI? But tbh i’m gonna watch it just for the action Wuxia-ness. They
    showed alot in this trailer.

  37. I wish it was in Chinese though. I’m English but I still wish it was in

  38. Half the trailer are close ups of swords

  39. Is this on British Netflix as well

  40. Lit ???

  41. Breathtaking & Magnificent!

  42. The cinematography looks gorgeous. It reminds me of Samurai Champloo, very
    nice coloring.

  43. “Netflix Original Film” that’s bullshit because the original came out in
    theatre’s not on Netflix…….How sway!

  44. is this dub?

  45. Crouching Tiger Hidden Cameltoe

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