Dad’s Army Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Catherine Zeta Jones, Toby Jones Comedy HD

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A cinema remake of the classic sitcom Dad’s Army (1968). The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon deal with a visiting female journalist and a German spy as World War II draws to its conclusion.




  2. i hope the doctor will come and help them

  3. 2nd

  4. good movie

  5. good movie

  6. 3rd.. ;-)

  7. happy they’ve made a film, sad they left it so late.

  8. This looks brilliant but I doubt it will be better than the series!

  9. Nice comedy Movie ahah watch trailer 2 here enjoyy

  10. Dont tell him pike

  11. British tea n crumpets m8, god save the queen m8. fish n chips

  12. The Curse of Dad’s Army (all the original cast members have died) will kick
    in soon.

  13. this actually looks really good lol. I’m usually hate cheesy comedies but I
    was really intrigued with this one

  14. damn Catherine Zeta Jones has still got it

  15. That will do well here as there’s a lot of patriotic none sense, if you
    really knew history then you wouldn’t stand outside Buckingham palace
    trying to get a selfie with her golden gates while you have to stand in
    horse shit paying taxes and making her even more rich but hey people find
    all kinds of weird things to blindly follow “god save the queen” there’s
    two crazy things to follow in one sentence

  16. This looks like the original cast time traveled to be in this movie.

  17. 2016 is gonna be a good start for movies not as much as this year tho :p

  18. Great looks really good I could never get into it for some reason i can’t
    get into old shows love the new Doctor who but not the old ones same goes
    for almost anything Tv/movies well except star wars oldies are way better,
    so can’t wait to watch this finally jump on the bus after god knows how
    many years

  19. Walrus is in the Matrix

    Just to point out, at least four actors from this trailer were in Doctor
    Who. :)

  20. shut up Neil

  21. She’s the spy, Zeta Jones is the spy. T

  22. Anyone else not looking forward to this movie I mean don’t get me wrong I
    love dads army but it just doesn’t look like the sitcom. Plus manwaring
    said “dear” does that mean Mrs manwaring?! She’s supposed to be an unseen

  23. please dont ruin dads army

  24. Sad that most of the original cast has past away but im hoping it will be a
    good tribute

  25. More guilt for the white goys.

  26. This gave me ‘The Fuzzy Wuzzy’s’

  27. so funny haha

  28. Have you brush your teeth, my angel?

  29. the womans the spy

  30. That’s the guy from Your Highness

  31. And ven ve get back to Germany. Ve shall examine ze list.

    I freaking love that old show. Seeing this trailer made my day. I didn’t
    even know they were doing a movie.

  32. british humor is usually the best, this could be good if this is actually
    produced by brits

  33. 2016’s Mortdecai.

  34. Hail Hydra!

  35. Absolutely love British comedy, better than our American comedy where its
    literally all about sex jokes, partying, and race jokes.

  36. Catherine looks like a delightful vision

  37. Too many dad movies!!

  38. The spy is Huey!

  39. What the soundtrack ?

  40. Dumbledore is a soldier

  41. Anyone who would want to see this film is already dead.

  42. reminds me of monty python

  43. Zeta Jones: *”Sir I have a job proposal for you. Tell me have you heard
    about Red Skull.”*

  44. one guess who the spy is her name starts with c

  45. its got a good cast pike is still a stupid boy

  46. another stupid sionist movie = -1

  47. Su-Mari Diedericks

    Lol. You just slipped her a sausage. lol.

  48. got the characterizations right at least.

  49. This looks awesome a shame most of the original cast has passed away. :(

  50. 2:04 – Hilarious.

  51. Why are all comedy trailers shit? Regardless whether the thing itself is
    good or bad.

  52. Out of all these terrific actors, you chose Catherina Zeta-Jones for the

  53. Mycroft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Mycroft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Wow Zeta has really aged hard. She looks like the bottom of my sack.

  56. catherine zeta jones- fan

    Cant wait to see it! Catherine is still super sexy… I think this is going
    to be a good one.

  57. MARK GATISS !!!!!! The best

  58. “You slipped her a sausage didn’t you?” – ROFLMAO.

  59. there’s no magic without the original cast. should have separated this
    movie from the TV show. different title??

  60. wtf is this? for whom ? who gives money on that?

  61. Wilson will always remain Scottish

  62. Kat “Queenoftherealm” P

    So Dumbledore,Mycroft, and Davy Jones decide to play soldier? I dig it.

  63. what a shity british movie. Better to watch french movies lol

  64. We already know from the trailer that they are trying to kill a evil
    buffalo.Finally!My favorite plot

  65. jews make fun of fallen brittish soldiers …

  66. Old English style! Lol!

  67. haha I`m loving it :-)

  68. Who do you think, you are kidding Mr Hitler? If you think old England done!

  69. Who do you think you are kidding…where’s the theme song?????

  70. Victor Talking Machine

    Dad predicts a BOMB.

  71. Matt, King of the North

    Apart from them completely missing the point of Mainwaring’s character, the
    other actors seem as if they can do a decent job in the parts, it’s such a
    shame that the film’s been marketed so wrongly though, because although
    there seems to be potential there, it does look quite shit.

  72. Stupid boyo ..

  73. This will be either terrible or brilliant :D

  74. I really hope this turns out well because you just never know with reboots

  75. This looks awesome!!!

  76. dumbledore walking ’round thinking he’s a soldier.

  77. Frederik sørensen (pictures)

    It looks like an old danish movie ive watched

  78. I loved this show!!!!

  79. This was a television show in the UK, right? It just looks damn funny. If
    it’s released in the US it’ll be a one of those movies that will slowly
    become a hit.

  80. the amount of Britishness in this video….

  81. aha, RED in British English?

  82. So this is basically Expendables 4 England edition

  83. If it was only a little more dignified…

  84. i have to watch this. they are so adorable!!


  86. Stupid boy.

  87. i do love British humor! ohhh i cant wait!!!

  88. Runawayto Sam'sTown

    Dumbledore, Dobby, Scrimgeour and Mycroft Holmes, what a team.

  89. 5.6..3..…..

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