DEADPOOL 2 Final Trailer (2018)

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  1. First

  2. Annie music LOVER


  3. deadpool say thanos?

  4. Dead pool should enter avengers

  5. first

  6. Did i just hear DC Universe?

  7. Eznovain Vendetta

    Ur powers i don’t have one, made the cut lol

  8. you are in😂😂😂😂😂

  9. BRO WHEN HE SAID “You sure you’re not from DC?” I blew it! Marvel will always triumph

  10. Damn funny

  11. First trailer in years to actually make me laugh! Your in… and I’m gonna be in that theatre seat!

  12. Didn’t think I could love this anymore 😍😍😍

  13. ChickenMcNuggetRS

    i r8 8/8 m8

  14. so i guess even marvel accepts that most of their movies are made for light hearted assholes

  15. 燒開水的寵物或許是貓

    “My name is Peter, I don’t have super powers.”
    “You’re in!”

  16. Reptilius Maximus

    “One-eyed Willy” hehe. Peter has ultimate scene at end. I need to grow moustache.

  17. Peter’s my favourite now

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