DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Tease (2018) Ryan Reynolds, Superhero Movie

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DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Tease
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  1. rockella agreste

    likeeee for deadpool

  2. 1 like = good money
    1 sub = good grades
    1 comment = your amazing
    Guys plz sub to me if your cool and can we hit 500 subs together this week ?!! Let’s see

  3. Gunners&foxes Gunners&foxes

    2:00 you can see a theater playing logan

  4. that last part is so damn wrong but at the same time too damn funny like or sube if you agree lol:)

  5. What the fuck i just watched deadpool and watched till the end and he was talking about deadpool 2 joking about it like we dont have the budget and now this like no jk 5 min after im done with the movie lmao destiny

  6. NO WAY!!!!

  7. this is the same i thought it was going to be different

  8. “Nathan Summers coming soon” Jaja

  9. Sometimes I like to curl up in a corner and pretend I am a potato

  10. Ooohhh yeah, ’90 melody:)))) Deadpool=another Awesome movie

  11. 0.57 LOGAN in cinema easteregg

  12. … @1:40 … what did he say? The subtitles does not seem to be accurate.

  13. Daniel García Jaquez

    am i the only one who got hyped after seeing stan Lee again?

  14. I’m calling it! Deadpool 2 is gonna be better than Justice League!!

  15. superman phone booth rip off
    stan lee
    logan poseters
    to meta for me

  16. Christian Tracey

    0:48 Love that Superman reference

  17. I have two words for this video …

    Read more

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