Deadpool Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Ryan Reynolds Movie HD

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Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

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  2. Yeeeeees deadpool

  3. Can’t wait for it to come out

  4. Not sure if good or trying too hard…

  5. Thank you for this person who is named deadpool, also I was very drunk when
    I made this comment

  6. Ryan by god you beautiful man!

  7. Nice

  8. I’ve never clicked on a thing faster

  9. wooow cant wait ;D


  11. WooHoo!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  12. K’m touching myself tonight

  13. Looks dope!

  14. wow…..cant wait…..:)

  15. How many Hype?

  16. DEADPOOL! cant wait

  17. Happy Hanukkah everyone.

  18. Deadpools way of saying Christmas

  19. The nailed it, they finally nailed it!!
    ITS ABOUT TIME MARVEL!!!!!! sjeeezzzsss

  20. Make sure to call your mummy.
    Tell her to call me.
    She got my number.

  21. Sooooo hawt

  22. So they changed less angry rosey o doland to less something..whatever idk

  23. so excited for this movie

  24. hell yeah I’m more pumped up

  25. The trailer-only talk seems funnier than the movie itself. Not sure if
    that’s a good sign but at least they’re trying. And it’s 100% Deadpool.

  26. Timewise, im early. View wise, not so much.

  27. Ryan Renolds as Deadpool is the best casting decision since Robert Downey
    as Iron Man.

  28. So ready for this

  29. you upload so late

  30. Can’t wait for long

  31. Gema do Ovo - Animações


  32. “I don’t have time for your X-men bull Colossus”- Deadpool

  33. nasr abdalim (NasNasNas)

    I love you

  34. Ooooouuuuhhhhhh

  35. This will be the best marvel since Winter Soldier.

  36. can’t wait

  37. I told my mom

  38. Now this is the Deadpool that I know and love. Yes I’m one of the only
    nerds who have actually read the comics. If you told me 10 years ago that
    we’d get a true Deadpool that isn’t watered down or censored I would’ve
    laughed in your face. This is a character that embodies arguably all the
    worst aspects of society. This is a guy that objectives women, kills people
    for money, has no remorse for his actions, and spews out profanities left
    and right.

    And yet he’s a beloved pop culture icon. Why? Because this is a character
    that lives left to the fullest, he’s insanely funny, and has complete
    confidence in himself despite being horribly disfigured. It’s weird that he
    has that line, “unfuckable” in the trailer. He gets women all the time just
    because of his confidence alone. But it’ll probably make more sense within
    the context of the movie. I’ve loved every thing they’ve shown us so far
    and I don’t feel like I’ve already seen the entire movie.

    See Batman V Superman? This is how you do a long second trailer. Just show
    us more of the same scenes with a few new ones sprinkled in. I wouldn’t
    call anything in this trailer a spoiler. We have a basic understanding of
    what the movie is about and we got a solid amount of new footage without
    “ruining” the movie. Personally I’ve never even cared about spoilers. They
    don’t effect my enjoyment of the movie whatsoever. Having said that, I hate
    listening to everyone complain and wine about them so I’m glad there
    weren’t any.

  39. This couldn’t be any better

  40. what happened to the Rosie O line?

  41. that’s a good present for Christmas

  42. too many trailer is just a spoiler??

  43. veri gud brs

  44. Can’t wait!

  45. Ray Box Tixz Gaymers


  46. dude. Red spandex is super. Not hero. But super. ?

  47. Hey its Lee from Gotham

  48. looks better than BvS

  49. WP Marvel

  50. Here before the millions

    Great feeling

  51. Ryan Reynolds perfect Deadpool.


  53. those dislikes are DC fans

  54. “Make sure you tell your mummy and ask her to call me she got my number”

  55. This is a real mother f*cker super hero ???

  56. Ryan Reynolds <3 Perfect for this role!!

  57. 1:18

    everytime when I see my bae…

  58. feb 12…waitin…..

  59. Isn’t deadpool’s face supposed to look worse than that?

  60. Ryan Reynolds?? Good job!

  61. More punchline than ever

  62. not even the real Deadpool has so much swag than Ryan Reynolds !!!

  63. Ryan is absolutely brilliant

  64. Red band trailer is so much better

  65. To be honest i like these kind of movies, super hero, comic book ones on
    the more serious tone, dark tone … this would probably going to end up
    entertaining, but not something i would like to watch again, or remember it
    very soon.

  66. That ending though epic 

  67. this is gonna be so sick!

  68. please don’t spoil it
    please don’t spoil it
    please don’t spoil it
    thanks i guess??

  69. Did I leave the stove on?

  70. Why does DeadPoo’s lines sound like something out The Mask? Or is it just

    I like to think that somewhere along the lines these two would make a great

  71. Deadpools way of saying merry Christmas

  72. Now thats how you add butt Shots in a superhero movie, Mr. Schumacher

  73. First Robert Downey… Now Ryan Reynolds… Marvel is playing their A game..
    Meanwhile Ben Affleck is doing a Batman Sound test

  74. this movie will rock, i damn sure about it.

  75. Lol I so pitty the guy who pressures her in prom sex ????????

  76. If you think were making you a superhero no were making you a super saiyan
    LOL best line

  77. Enough with American pop culture stereotypes ……….. that is nothing
    like indian accent … stop it already…

  78. DAMN…

  79. didn’t know that deadpool had cancer before being deadpool


  81. i’m touching myself tonight

  82. LOL

  83. So… The Wolverine stuff didn’t happen?

  84. “She’s got the number.”

  85. Glenn from the Ringer is on there!! Yass!

  86. I think the jose canseco line works better.

  87. It’s comming out on my 17th birthday!!! :-)

  88. can not wait for it

  89. What’s the name of the song in the trailer??

  90. At first when I saw Deadpool on a vid fighting with batman (it was like a
    role played vid on yt) I thought he was a villain but now that I have seen
    this trailer, I see that he isn’t a villain at all, which I’m glad off cuz
    I found him quite funny and cool ?

  91. Hi ( sorry for my bad english)

  92. Hmm, in some ways, the film sounds better without the constant swearing.
    Deadpool is sassy but not a pot mouth.

  93. Can’t wait to watch it :D

  94. soy primero que Andrés Navy en ver el trailer 2 de deadpool, xD, digan yo
    los que tambien lo ven pri mero

  95. He is like the amazing spiderman 🙂 isn’t he ?

  96. jim gordon’s fiance is with wilson now?

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