Deadpool Ultimate Comic Book Trailer (2016) – Ryan Reynolds Movie HD

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The merc with the mouth suits up for a brand new ultimate comic book trailer.

Music Credits:

“Boyz Klub” by Kully B., Angus Gunn Clark.
“Here to Help” by Bobby Tahouri
“Night Terrors” by Aron Mardo, Robert Mardo
“Yoshi’s Island” by Nicholas Patrick Kingsley
“Coolio Daddy” by Harald Gebhard

Courtesy of Extreme Music.


  1. First 24 seconds

  2. Omg second comment??

  3. Wow www I’m early

  4. yoyoyoyoyoyoyoo hehe

  5. Here b4 it blows up

  6. that was cool, can’t wait to see movie

  7. Early!!!!

  8. hallway fight scene better than daredevil hahahaha…epic

  9. lol

  10. deadpool

  11. Nice!

  12. Best hall way fight scene since daredevil..??

  13. cannot wait for this movie

  14. Saw it yesterday, it’s so good ??????????

  15. Rip dc

  16. So what

  17. Comment for #TeamCap or Like for #TeamIronMan

  18. ????

  19. will be going to see it tonight

  20. they were gonna get Ronda rousey but she wasn’t kicking it

  21. Now that’s why u rate comic book movies R

  22. I don’t like over wise cracking dark heroes, because BATMAN is serious.

  23. Nice. Can’t wait till 7pm today.

  24. Seeing this in 3 days and so excited

  25. LOL at 1:56 “Best hallway fightscene since Daredevil” XD


  27. This is dead pool why is there not much comics

  28. too early to see comments??

  29. “best hall fight scene since daredevil” xD im dying

  30. meh, like the other ones better

  31. Sh*t that was awesome

  32. In the words of Deadpool I am so turned on right now!

  33. Did the beat go off?

    I came irl (;

  34. watched it yestersay best movie ever so hyped for deadpool 2

  35. best sarcasm movie!!!

  36. I wish I was 16 so I could see it??

  37. the movie is coming tomorrow right ?

  38. Just a matter of time before they make an epic Deadpool game !

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