Demolition Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts Movie HD

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A successful investment banker struggles after losing his wife in a tragic car crash.


  1. FINALLY! I can’t wait to wrap my gay asshole around the DVD when it comes
    out. The only problem is they won’t release the VHS.

  2. please be a demolition man prequel

  3. 144p……..seriously?

  4. We already predict the outcome of this; The guy and the boy falls for each
    other in the end.

  5. Jake is as good as Leo

  6. you know I like Jake Gyllenhaal. Guy’s a great actor. I never have to check
    the reviews for the movies he’s in. the dude always delivers

  7. Why does it say 2015 when the movies comes out on 2016? This is for all
    those people watching this in 2017?

  8. This seems normal…

  9. the story seems forced and stupid.

  10. After Leo gets his Oscar, I want Jake to have the next one. *That is if
    fate doesn’t troll Leo again.

  11. I’m now going to Walmart anybody want anything?

  12. This looks interesting! Kind of a Nightcrawler feel to it.

  13. xavier perrin-lett

    one of my favorite actor of this century!

  14. I can be gay for Jake Gyllenhaal

  15. The hype is REAL PEOPLE!

  16. This is a movie bradley cooper would be in not jake

  17. ” Hey jake! Following your huge previous success in ‘SouthPaw’, we believe
    you would be perfect in this role of a guy whose wife died ten minutes ago
    and decided to complain about M&m’s *beep*

    Hello! Jake, you there? “

  18. what dose 2015 mean like the movie came out on 2015 or the trailer only ?
    because I can’t find the movie

  19. anything with Jake Gyllenhaal, count me in

  20. Caffeinated Nation

    Gyllenhaal sure likes taking the
    “hubby-loses-wife-and-goes-through-life-crisis” roles in films lately.

  21. definitely an improvment from the first trailer

  22. Looks all over the place.

  23. Well i’ll watch once they put it in netflix.

  24. year 2015 did somebody noticed that or I’m acting like a freak.

  25. Tf didn’t this movie come out already

  26. what is this music?

  27. I have absolutely no problem with Ben Affleck but Jake Gyllenhaal would
    have been the perfect Batman/Bruce Wayne!!

  28. If it has Jake, I will watch it

  29. 2015?!!

  30. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    Jake doesn’t get a break his wife is always dying.

  31. jake has been making hell a lot of movies lately

  32. looks batshit crazy I like it

  33. Never watched a bad movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. Great actor!

  34. Jake was robbed of an Oscar for Nighcrawler, incredible actor

  35. Looks great!!

  36. this guy will win an oscar someday ..!
    mark my words even though i guess i am not the first one to prophesy it !!

  37. Vegas “Vaggos” McSwagger


  38. actually looks pretty great. jake’s movies are pretty much always great so
    count me in

  39. The revenant murders almost any movie that attempts to mimic Leo’s
    performance. That shit was stellar.

  40. When I wrote to the Champion Vending Company all I got back was a headed A4
    with a cock and balls drawn on it. :'(

  41. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    I liked it until it let me know it’s another romantic movie. sad Jake’s in

  42. Has this movie come out yet?

  43. ummm.. trailer spoiled the movie.. right?????..

  44. the first trailer is so much better…..

  45. Daenerys Stormborn

    a movie about depression. Why would anyone pay to see this? Life never
    works out the way it did in this ttailer. Hollywood needs to do better.

    ps. no person of colour in the trailer??

  46. only Jake’s name is enough ,I will watch the whole movie.

  47. This looks awesome.

  48. I think he’s the shelden of his universe

  49. anyone got the name of the song?

  50. This looks like an Incredibly fun and unique
    movie,why ruin the entire plot in one trailer?, why?

  51. Finally a movie about vending machines grinding my gears.

  52. I thought this was Demolition Man 2. It was actually Trailer 2 for
    Demolition. so underwhelming.

  53. Looks good…really liking the trend Gyllenhaal has been on: Prisoners,
    Southpaw, Nightcrawler, End of Watch, and Enemy were all really solid/great
    movies and he was great in all of them.

  54. srsly O_o, wtf is this shit

  55. He needs to mourn.

  56. I saw the title and thought, “someone should really reboot Demolition Man”.
    Regardless, I wasn’t intrigued at first but by the end of the trailer my
    mind was changed.

  57. Aleksandar Kospenda

    Don’t turn it on. Take it apart. – David L. Jones

  58. was a good preview until he met the kid.

  59. Looks boring ain’t gonna watch it even if is Gyllenhaal

  60. Love the music.

  61. Looks interesting

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