Diablo Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Scott Eastwood, Camilla Belle Movie HD

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  1. first?

  2. Following in his dad’s footsteps I see

  3. why danny glover in all these cheap d rated movies

    • This movie was filmed by Dean Cundey one of the best cinematographers in the world and crewed by some of the best in North America.Not to mention the actors are amazing. A “D”movie doesn’t care abut stuff like that. Likely this is a passion project for Scott Eastwood and he’s coming out all guns blazing

  4. Connor notyerbidness

    This looks nothing like the video game…..

  5. Stay awhile and…damn is that Danny glover?

  6. It was never going to be THAT Diablo.
    Though it could be Pewdiepie’s Last of Us “EL DIABLO!”

  7. So Django Unchained only with white people?

  8. he will never be his father

  9. Eastwood? As in clint Eastwood son?

  10. Looked good until I saw Danny Glover was in it. mmmm no thanks

  11. Got to love social media….
    It brings it all the low lifes who think they are important and only desire
    some attention. Its tragic.

  12. Scott Eastwood attempting a Clint Eastwood impression

  13. Ayy its the tranny off of Sons of Anarchy.

  14. i dont know whos more attractive, scott eastwook or camille belle?

  15. Looks like a direct to TV movie.

  16. Someone fucked up the wrong gamer… the title… Blizzard is coming!

  17. Not gonna lie…
    This movie looks like shit. Clint Eastwood’s kid can’t act , and the fact
    that Glover didn’t say “I’m getting too old for this shit” in this trailer
    upsets me. Tis all.

  18. Pah he can’t pull off Clint’s top lip twitch.

  19. The damsel in distress plot device. How original!

  20. everyone sounds good but the main actor omfg his awful total shit

  21. Kinda looks like “The good the bad and the ugly” had a kid named Diablo

  22. so happy to see him following his fathers footsteps. I hope it will be a
    great film

  23. Кунг-Фу Падла

    Son of Clint Eastwood :D

  24. Warcraft AND Diablo , damn Blizzard taking over Hollywood :^)

  25. Ill be his Wife!!! Come save me! lol Gosh he is sooo perfect!

  26. No, is not the game.

  27. Isn’t this kinda like the white django unchained in a way?

  28. This guy is feeling lucky

  29. i’ll give it a shot.

  30. The Title should be:

    Barack: Origins

  31. So is this a horror movie?

  32. Man, he looks a ton like Hugh Jackson too. Are we sure we know who Hugh’s
    father is, and if Clint ever made a trip to Australia?…

  33. Diablo 4 ??? woat ?

  34. I hate to say it but this actually looks good, I don’t know anything about
    the video game but as a movie it looks watchable

  35. IL give it this much of a chance I I

  36. Just another typical cowboy film. :(

  37. mannnn clints eastwood son is on hell of handsome mtf

  38. can’t take him seriously after Wildest Dreams

  39. Jon Youtube Comments

    dude looks like Clint

  40. Diablo? So where are Tyrael Imperius and the others?

  41. book-nerd franscella

    aahhhh. He’s following in daddy’s footsteps.

  42. So, Scott Eastwood finally do the same Thing as his Father once. Good
    decision imo.

    “Oblivion”, “San Andreas”, “Diablo”… c’mon Hollywood!

  44. I don’t even like the game

  45. Looks exactly like his dad but can he act?

  46. You’ve got to pay the troll toll to get into that boys hole

  47. that is not the Diablo i was expecting i am disappointed

  48. ‫عيشان محمدع ب‬‎

    روعه جدا

  49. Yeaaa You won a cookie!

    this has more of the diablo game feel to it…

  50. rich boy gets his hands dusty

  51. This is false advertising. Has nothing to do with Diablo. Just another
    crappy western nobody will watch.

  52. Please stop trying to make the next Clint Eastwood happen……

  53. Her getting taken reminded me of 10,000 BC, lol

  54. VelvetCheshire the fancat

    SO dissapointed this isn’t a movie of the videogame :(

  55. 1:13 most failed realistic gun shot i have ever seen, this just shows the
    movie is gonna be a fail

  56. It reminds me of Red Dead Redemption.

  57. Danny Glover stays getting too old for this shit!

  58. I can’t not see the tranny from Sons Of Anarchy


  60. Whose the guy from Django Unchained and Hateful Eight who is also in this?

  61. Is Scott Eastwood doing his own version of Unforgiven

  62. Can we have a “They took my husband storyline”. I’m tired of these “They
    took my wife/daughter” movies. My protest is neither political not is it
    socialist, it’s as a fan of movies. We’ve seen this plot so many times. I’m
    tired of it, switch it up a little.

  63. Walton Goggins Shane is back!!

  64. That kid can have a great career, but that movie doesn’t look so good.

  65. Shooting Blanks and Riding Horses starring Clint Eastwood imposters and
    that black guy that’s from a movie I can’t remember

  66. Clint Eastwood grandson?

  67. Walton Goggins as..cowboy bad guy guy.

  68. we need Sergio Leone Jr. now :)

  69. Accept Jesus as your lord and savior, he loves you all and wants you to go
    to heaven with him.

  70. Well, like father like son. hope it’s good!!

  71. But where is the epic lewt?

  72. Do you feel lucky, punk?

  73. It was just a matter of time before someone offered him a Western…

  74. I still believe that Clint Eastwood could have done the role of Solid Snake
    for a Metal Gear Solid movie. I remember him in the movie Firefox, he
    looked just like him. Man he could have even done It as Old Snake. Scott
    can do that. More into newer movies. I still have hopes for a good MGS
    flick. Konami should hire Scott, he has the right age and looks for Snake.

  75. who else thought it was a video game movie of Diablo?

  76. they should change it to Westwood

  77. He looks just like his pop

  78. is the based of the diablo game series?

  79. Taken:Cowboy Edition

  80. Me huele a Viejo CHAVISTA!!! #Venezuela

  81. The H8tful …bunch a dudes.

  82. kid has to work on his acting if he wants to keep doing that last name any
    good, he seems so out of place in this movie, everyone is giving a
    believe-able performance but he seems like an alien from the future.

  83. FishingTheBackwoods

    Awesome cant wait to see this

  84. Alejandra Abril Medina

    Scott ? ? ??

  85. I hope it’s better than Diablo 3.

  86. being the son of Clint Eastwood doesn’t make you a good actor.

  87. yessss walton goggins finally getting his feature film due.

  88. looks good. I will admit. My phone loads thumbnails a bit slow so I saw the
    title and thought. “Oh a diablo movie (video game) kick ass.”

  89. How fuckin pathetic. Dude needs to go and do his own thing.

  90. Taken old western style

  91. Too much horses, 3/0 – IGN

  92. Oh, that Diablo..

  93. no game? sighs…

  94. That moment you wish for an actual Diablo movie where Clint Eastwood fights
    the Prime Evils.

    “Get off my Sanctuary!”

    DAMN IT….


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