Dirty Grandpa Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Zac Efron, Robert De Niro Comedy HD

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Right before his wedding, an uptight guy is tricked into driving his grandfather, a perverted former Army general, to Florida for spring break.


  1. Robert De Niro is a legend.

  2. A small loan of a million dollars$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Small lone of a million dollars

  4. this looks like shit

  5. No one’s granpa is like this, right?

  6. Robert De Niro spending his last years of the career making awful movies…

  7. Script is pretty weak, but it should do well. We need more anti=PC movies
    like this
    The trailer is a little profane. That seems to be a new thing.

  8. Remember when De Niro died 20 years ago and his shitty twin brother started
    making movies?

  9. DeNiro make us one more mafia classic before you hang up the gloves

  10. Am I the only one that actually thinks this looks funny?

  11. Probably showed all the jokes in this traile. Why they do this and ruin
    every movie?

  12. Daniel Bartchouk Films

    “Dirty” Grandpa because Bad Grandpa was taken.

  13. This looks like one of the worst movies ever made and I can’t believe
    anyone would spend hard earn money to see this.

  14. Robert De Niro has a free pass, he can be in as much shitty movies as he

  15. This was looking alright until they had to play Macarena at the end. o_O

  16. That slutty girl is gonna be the funniest part of the movie

  17. Thanks Collider!

  18. Movie looks like shit but, I JUST SMOKED CRACK!

  19. Trailer Not as bad as I thought.. ILL SEE THIS 1!

  20. De Niro is a legend. He deserves to be making shitty comedy movies for lots

  21. What happened to De Niro, happened to God. They just don’t give a shit

  22. *Content Warning* DeNiro?
    Automatic thumbs up.

  23. Macarena IS BACK BABY YEAH!@

  24. Aubrey Plaza looks hot as fuxx!!!

  25. Luis Angel Cruz Varela

    awevo la macarena!!!

  26. This looks terrible

  27. They have a combined height of 10 feet

  28. Why did Deniro become a shitty actor? He used to be a badass in gangsta
    movies and now this lame shit

  29. Funstar Habbo (YoutubeCritic)

    why are people butthurt. Its the actors choices if they wanna do a film,
    shitty or not. And this is still better then alotta other films.

  30. MovieclipTrailer Tube

    Okay the ending was funny not gonna lie?

  31. Remember when De Niro made a good movies?

  32. De Niro deserved better.

  33. Yaaaaaaas my two baeeeeeees

  34. Party til’ you’re pregnant!!!!!!!!!

  35. Isolated Queen's Pawn

    Robert De Niro, you used to be our hero, what happened? :-(

  36. I hope I’ll be as cool grampa as DeNiro is in this movie

  37. DrNiro have immunitet

  38. this looks like that shitty Adam Sandler flick “That’s my Boy” but done

  39. What is this? I now want to kill myself

  40. The hashtag is #YouDontKnowDick haha

  41. not zac…get some one nerdy

  42. hope scorcese can put some sense into de niro and get IRISHMAN made .. :(:(

  43. I still think of zac Efron as high school musical star ?

  44. Straight to the DVD sale bin for you!


  46. I’m sad for Robert De Niro

  47. First Al Pacino in Jack and Jill and now Robert DeNiro in this, life after
    mafia must be tough

  48. I really only want to see this because of Aubrey Plaza.

  49. Somebody please bring back Leslie Nielsen…

  50. carl kenneth bagwandeen

    they need to have this meets mrs browns boys lol

  51. People judging this movie already. I remember people judging ‘The Intern’
    this year but it ended up getting good reviews.

  52. I want to go watch this but I don’t want my wife get to see Zac Effron
    nearly naked.

  53. ¡Shitty Movie!

  54. Even as a filthy mouthed and perverted old man De Niro is a pretty
    convincing actor.

  55. Well… even De Niro must pay his bills…

  56. Macarena!

  57. mitsos ta panta ola

    Can someone pls tell me what sunglasses Zac Efron is wearing in the pink
    car and at the golf course

  58. What has happened to de niro

  59. I’ll probably – if not likely – just watch this because Aubrey Plaza.

  60. How is 0:47 funny at all? Who stills says balls or vagina, even when going
    for a blatant line like that

  61. wat was the song they lastly played?

  62. +Megan Raimondo…?

  63. April Ludgate!!!! Aubrey is so funny haha


  65. may God have mercy on all the butthurt fans of Robert De Niro as he finally
    gets to play the fun loving guy and not the serious “I’m going to kill you
    for spitting in my spaghetti”

  66. ❤Shrek_Is_Love_❤

    Zac Efron is a god. no, wait. he’s more than a god, he’s super god.

  67. Okay, now I want a grandpa like that one!

  68. I like it

  69. <----- would rather watch angry grandpa .

  70. Zac Efron is gonna be the next forgotten once overhyped “movie star”…

  71. a great starring that can do no wrong

  72. Aubrey plaza is my queen.

  73. This trailer alone completed my life. LOL

  74. what did I just watch ???

  75. godfather to dirty grandpa..!!

  76. who’s the guy that says “this is crack

  77. super

  78. I’m only watching this because Aubrey Plaza will be in it.

  79. It’s not cool to be a bad influence.

  80. The slutty girl is gonna be the funniest part of this movie. “Maybe you can
    use it to hit your balls right into my vagina”. That had me dying ??

  81. This trailer just revealed the entire story ,and half of its jokes i bet,
    in just 2 minutes.

  82. Maximilian Wolfsberg

    De Niro can do whatever he wants to do! He brought to us greatest cineastic
    history and one of a kind entertainment! be thankful for that fact! Even if
    he will be spongebob or elmo…i will respect his art! De Niro rules!!!!

  83. So did the pink car come with tampons

  84. Say “I like cops” without your lips touching each other…

  85. looks like a good movie, definitely will watch!

  86. Bad grandpa is already better

  87. I really, REALLY hope that this movie is as funny as it appears to be in
    this trailer.

  88. Robert de niro ! just stay out of this shit and leave us your lengendary
    image !

  89. 1:45 song ????

  90. Aubrey Plaza is too hot in this.

  91. this movie actually looks hilarious

  92. April from Parks and Recreaction <3 _ <3

  93. Sock Puppet Superstar

    This movie is so shitty even Nicolas Cage turned it down.

  94. Milky Butterwhopper

    I can’t wait to buy this at Wal-Mart for $5 in June!

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