DUNDEE Trailer EXTENDED ✩ Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie (2018)

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DUNDEE Trailer EXTENDED ✩ Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie (2018)
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  1. First to like first to comment.

  2. Great trailer love you .

  3. Hugh Jackman for prime Minister

  4. Hugh Jackman Hell Yes!!!!

  5. #AWESOMEAussies

  6. Das ist gut

  7. Shame it’s a fake movie.

  8. Not an acceptable Dundee, if real then I predict a flop

  9. That’s a lot of big stars in one frame. This is gonna be epic

  10. All aussie actors!

  11. this is so bad , am sure it will get super bad reviews this year .

  12. Is this not a joke

  13. All my favorite Aussie actors!! LetsssGoo!!🙌🏽💕💯🔥

  14. solemnly shaking my head…

  15. all my aussies are in here

  16. Evelina Racevičiūtė

    To have this cast and make movie like this seriuosly?

  17. Austrailia has some amazing actors y does this look like another ‘Movie 43’ it looks so bad lol

  18. Too bad the movie is fake lol

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