Eddie the Eagle Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman Movie HD

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The story of Great Britain’s first ski jumper to enter the Winter Olympics.


  1. with I’m actually first I think

  2. woah I’m actually first I think

  3. Totally recognized his voice from just watching Kingsman

  4. wanna see this

  5. He keeps playing a failure that turns coach

  6. he was the worst jumper during the olympics

  7. Yay an underdog feel good movie…


  8. Anyone getting Forest Gump references to certain parts of this trailer?

  9. I seen Christopher Walken at one point in this trailer, enough said. I will

  10. eggsy jokes inbound

  11. eggsy jokes inbound

  12. Cool runnings!

  13. looks interesting, definitely watching this

  14. Minus the racial part, this gives me the feeling of “Cool Runnings.” …
    Which isn’t really BAD in and of itself.

  15. was that the music from cloud atlas? at the last part?

  16. It will be a nice movie

  17. annnnd thank you for watching the movie

  18. Very excited for this film for some reason

  19. Looks alright, just wish this trailer hadn’t of just told me the whole

  20. Shakira kills Kylo Ren

  21. i just saw the entire movie in that trailer…that saved me a few
    bucks…thanks hollywood and your feel good movies

  22. Is that the same meeting room they used to shoot Kingsman?

  23. Thanks for the movie. Ate a popcorn.

  24. I haven’t watched a single Star Wars movie, but ima tell you that there are
    spoilers below

  25. looks alright

  26. yes yes yes my kind of movie ?????

  27. I understand Canada Olympic Park (where the ski jumping takes place at the
    Calgary Olympics) isn’t the best for shooting a movie but I do hope they
    shoot the movie in certain parts of Calgary.

  28. This movie will really bomb. Nobody cares about ski jumping or this whole

  29. Mr. Bodymassagemachine

    Again, showed way too much of the movie.

  30. Wachtraum Animation

    What an emotional roller coaster!

  31. Did I Just Watch The Whole Movie Lmaooo

  32. It’s cool runnings it’s pretty much the same story almost

  33. Isn’t this a spoiler ? Looks like I watched the whole Movie …. why isn’t
    anyone bitching about this? Eh?

  34. Awesome! Now I don’t even need to see the movie!
    So nice of them to put the whole thing online.

  35. Ohh Ohh the guy from kingsman !

  36. But this guy is a joke. He`s considered to be the worst ski jumper in the
    history of this sport.

  37. Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube

    plot twist: at the third arc eddie broke his leg, go home, and suicide. the

  38. han solo dies

  39. Han Solo dies

  40. looking forward to this

  41. This is where wolverine is while the xmen battle apocalypse

  42. Wow, this actually looks good.

  43. So it’s just like “Cool Runnings” then

  44. Looks like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys

  45. so same sorta plot as kingsman, start when younger, finds a cool mentor,
    the nerdier ski version instead of cool spy version

  46. Eggsy became Eddy?

  47. Eggsy

  48. Eggsy the eagle?

  49. run forest run.. Lol

  50. Dang… I’m surprised this looks great.

  51. Damn this looks amazing!!!

  52. Kingsman x Forrest Gump x Cool Runnings

  53. And just sometimes you have to look in one way leaving every things behind
    you in order to pioroty..

  54. OMG on my birthday, it’s good

  55. So cheesy!

  56. Kylo den kills Han solo

  57. Was that a trailer or the movie

  58. the hell happened to eggsy

  59. …I like it.

  60. i see it’s a Marv Production, i expect a good movie :)

  61. Cool! another trailer that gives away the best parts of the movie.

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