Eli Roth’s Things to Know Before Watching The Green Inferno (2015) HD

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What do you need to know before you go see The Green Inferno? Eli Roth will fill you in on one of the goriest films of the year. Can you take it?

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“Nowhere to Run” by Klaus Badelt
“Jumbo Jambo” by Nick Phoenix
“Machu – Picchu” by Alvaro Grana
“Congo Bongo” by Sultan Makende & Jesus Mercedes
“One Woman” by John McKenzie Smith, Joey McClellan, Chris Holston & Aaron McClellan

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  1. I thought it was the trailer Pirates of the Caribbean 5 :(

  2. *Pacific* *fun Nintendo stuff*

    Hey. Does everyone die? Because if they do…. waste of your money.

  3. in my country its just R-13 WTF !

  4. Jack Sparrow lookin ass Thumbnail

  5. is it just me or does the director seem to nice to make movies about

  6. Thumbnail looks like Jack Sparrow

  7. Ho jo Ho you got me, looks like Jack sparrow

  8. “Doing not because they believe in the cause but because they want to look
    like they care”….social justice warriors in a nutshell.

  9. So… Who else thought the thumbnail was Captain Jack Sparrow???

  10. Skeptor 100010010100001

    Wouldnt it take a really sick mind to make a movie like that? Or am i an

  11. Hey guys I’m a gamer with only 168 subs my goal is 200 and with that goal
    comes a free channel art and profile pic for the winner of my contest! You
    don’t have to if you don’t want to.

  12. i cant believe a cool as a guy as him would ever direct a film like the
    green inferno

  13. Holy shit. Now there is a director who can sell his own film. Cancel the
    press junket bbz

  14. Lol there’s a Petition to take this movie down

  15. lol social justice warriors please!!!! at least they actually do something
    than make shitty horror movies! can’t wait for this pirates of the
    caribbean spoof to come out!

  16. you mean cannibal holocaust isn’t a comedy?

    all my love to the grindhouse.

  17. Honestly if the Bear Jew doesn’t arrive to save the day ill be

  18. Why are dick heads in the comments making this into a political thing. Only
    idiots say buzzwords like libtard. Goddamn, it’s 2015 and we still have
    this tribal mentality. It looks like a fun horror movie. Relax.

  19. “I think violence and cannibalism is hilarious” how fucked up is this guy?

  20. “They thought we were making a comedy” so you go with that at the expense
    of making money and lying to a group of people when you were really making
    a horror movie. Why didn’t you explain to them what horror movies are?
    ….. because you of your greed by any means necessary. People will see the
    film regardless, but it won’t change the fact that you, Eli Roth, are an
    Ethnocentric douche. What’s next? You’re going to exploit the
    #BlackLivesMatter hashtag or anything in regards to campus rape,
    Institutional Racism or LBGT discrimination or the activism that pursue to
    create awareness and change? If this was the 1960’s, you’d make a horror
    movie out of Civil Rights movement, right? Of course, what empathy could
    you possibly have; you’re a white upper class male from the US, how more
    privileged can you get? Smh. Scumbag. But what do I know I guess you cause
    it legitimate because to you I’m a “SJW”. I guess American Jews fighting
    against Nazis in the 1940s using films and Newsreels to spread awareness of
    the evils of the Third Reich were “SJW”s as well right? No? Figured. That’s
    Eli Roth. Can’t even stand behind his own people. Enjoy you’re revenue,
    Roth, you deserve whatever may come to you :-D

  21. No entendi ni verga >.<

  22. Good to see Eli Roth is taking over the Pirates of the Caribbean series

  23. I LOVE ELI ROTH. He is such a Daddy. I can’t wait to see this movie ugh.

  24. Hi! I’m Eli Roth! Here’s the 10 things to know before seeing my “murdering
    SJW” movie:
    1)Vote for Donald Trump
    2)Killing immature people I’m annoyed at isn’t immature
    3) – 10)Vote for Donald Trump

  25. I hate Gore

  26. Isolated Queen's Pawn

    Cannibal Holocaust is one the worst films I have ever seen.

  27. Saw is the most violent movie ever, not shittybal holocaust

  28. Cannibal Ferox rip off. Dumb and naive kids.

  29. dude i love free speech and i appreciate films more than anyone but this
    movie needs to be banned

  30. Wait, this is a movie about SJW douche bags getting torn up and eaten by
    the very people they are trying to protect? SOLD!!!

  31. Things to know before seeing this movie. Don’t see it. it’s bloody

  32. Movies like this only make people continue to think tribes are savages….

  33. way to ripoff cannibal Holocaust.weak

  34. This is why we love Eli Roth

  35. It’s “Cannibal Holocaust” meets 2008’s “Rambo”

  36. its the bear Jew

  37. I’ve been waiting ages for this! I read it had been banned. Please say it

  38. Cannot wait!

  39. seeing this movie tonight, can’t wait! I love the meaning behind it haha

  40. I actually like the movie!

  41. supernatural skittles (SkittleCat207)

    Tbh with the stuff Eli Roth comes up with and thinks is hilarious, I’m
    pretty sure he’s a physcopath

  42. wow amazing

  43. So maybe Eli based green inferno in Cannibal Holocaust.

  44. This Nigga’s Twisted

  45. I don’t like Eli Roth’s personality. There’s just something about him that
    annoys me. However he is a good actor & director.

  46. Oh I sure hope the teeny-meanies and their latte-slurping friends actually
    listen to what Mr. Roth is saying…..you lefty zombies with your cause of
    the week are the reason he made this film. It’s what he would like to see
    happen to you annoying hashtag freaks. Go back and watch it again, this
    time WITHOUT being high…..


  48. Camilo Restrepo Rodríguez


  49. get away from brasil filho da outa

  50. Vladamir Muhammad (The Black Standard)

    Just watched it this past weekend and it was BADASS!!! Eli Roth is
    definitely one of my favorite Jews.

  51. is it me or does this guy look fucken baked!!

  52. Is this out already

  53. your movie is disgusting

  54. I like seeing what Eli Roth is really like. He seems like a really cool
    guy! Twisted. But cool nevertheless! YAY!

  55. two of my friends threw up while watching this movie lmfao

  56. It’s good that news outlets continue to call out the racist film The Green
    Inferno. The excuse that the film is meant to be “fiction” means very
    little to those communities at risk daily because forces are trying to cast
    them as “savages resisting modernization.” In fact, these very same
    communities are a model for coexisting with nature that the rest of the
    world desperately needs. Using racist stories that use them as mechanisms
    of fear worse than irresponsible. Eli Roth and all the producers of this
    film should be ASHAMED.

  57. SCP-1048 Builder Bear

    Cannibals found it funny the same way Iranians find holocaust films

  58. so it’s safe to call this movie “Hipster Paella” right?

  59. So a bunch of tribe members who are isolated from modern society, have no
    idea what a “movie” or “acting” is, think “Cannibal Holocaust” is a comedy,
    and have to be babied through every single scene are better actors than any
    of the other actors in Hollywood Eli Roth has been working with?

    Sounds about right considering Hollywood stars are just a bunch of swinging
    drug addicts.

  60. Hide yo Jimmies (Thupermain)

    If it involves crotch stuff I’m not watching

  61. LOL! I wanna see some SJWs get turned into Soylent Steaks. Take my money,

  62. Just another attempt by the patriarchy to paint cannibals as savages.

  63. I saw this movie on opening day and i really liked it, ill probably buy the
    dvd when it comes out. i’m an aspiring horror film maker and actress and it
    fascinated me. also, greg nicotero is incredible, his special effects are

  64. Why is Ariel Levy in the damn film? I hate that guy, because hes chilean,
    easy to hire?

  65. Eli Roth is hot.

  66. Eli Roth your a sick bastard

  67. can’t wait for this movie, Cannibal Holocaust is a classic I hope this
    lives up to it

  68. Lol at “dont you want tree huggers to get mutilated?”

  69. there is a after end credit scene

  70. Douchebag republican. Don’t support this movie.

  71. Nice…Can`t Wait For Part 2…& Also What An Awesome Story…But A Comedy?
    Not The Holocaust I Saw…That Was Just A Messed Up Land marker…& I Mean
    That In A Positive Way…Also How Brave Is That?Lets Go To a For Real
    Place… With For Real Danger… & Visit a For Real Tribe…That Just Might
    Make You Disappear…For Real…And Show Them A Movie Of White People Being
    Jerks To Cannibalistic Tribes PeopleAnd Then Say…You Guys Wanna Be In My
    Movie?Crazy Stuff Mr.Roth….All I Can Say is I`m Just Glad Everything
    Turned Out Alright…

  72. So he made this movie with the sole intention to piss off SJW’s?
    Ok, i’m sold!

  73. The Unlyrical Lyrics


  74. Looks like racist trash.

    He’s also confirmed what I suspected from watching Hostel; that you’re
    supposed to dislike the protagonists, look forward to and enjoy their
    slaughter, essentially identifying with the murderers. Surely, thats not
    healthy to promote? Is it connected to the military industrial complex’s
    overt use of torture on people we’re told not to like and the rise of the
    militarised police state squashing dissent?


    this movie will never ever be released where i lived, but what you just
    said made me an eli roth fan!

  76. Good movie…. should have gone further tho

  77. About people getting eaten and was sold 🙂 very well written and directed

  78. Mirko di Wallenberg

    That was such a BAD movie! See the original one’s they are much much much

  79. Well done Eli ;-)

  80. Cmon man, why are you telling us the story of the movie? I was very excited
    to watch it but this video disintegrated it. :(

  81. this movie won’t be scary now knowing the truth behind it. it’s hilarious
    that the tribe thought it was comedy

  82. Jacquelyn Fontaine

    howd did they pay them???

  83. Juan Javier Rivera

    que tal idiota

  84. Things to know before watching the Green Inferno: 1) Don’t watch the Green

  85. WTF!

  86. say what you want about this guy but holy shit he’s awesome

  87. Call me fucked up… but this movie was disappointing for the lack of gore,
    and intensity. It feels like a fun high school slasher over without the
    slasher. Their are definitely some comedy elements in it for sure. I just
    went to this movie with the wrong expectations, had I went in there just to
    laugh and have a good time, I would have liked it. I went in hoping to be
    disturbed and mentally unstable after the film. I think it is a good movie
    for “fun” purposes, but definitely nothing to brag about as far as gore, or

  88. Mike “Myrmidon” Nianiouras

    Yeah more like Fagdango trailers. What crap Eli. I’ll take anything from
    Del Toro like Mama , Wolf ,even Crimson Peak. Ha ha the jokes on me
    watching this crap. I would suggest STAKE LAND or even PRIEST over this.
    Damn No wonder its force fed to us everywhere for free. Still costed me my
    time. Damn ! Took one for the team BRO’$ .

  89. TheOmnipotentidiot

    *spoiler* the scene with the guy is jackin’ off while the other guy is
    choking him made me literally cry from laughing so hard

  90. your movie sucked and so did your wife’s acting

  91. I like Eli Roth, I mean his films are terrible but I like Eli Roth

  92. Eli Roth could be the most honest and brave director of all time

  93. Eli Roth is my hero! Sometimes, I just want a good gore film to feast my
    eyes and ears on. He delivers, big time!

  94. I actually loved the green inferno there was some comedy in there which I
    thought was funny so ya I recommend you watch it

  95. Watching SJW get eaten and tortured? SOLD.

  96. Congratulations Eli for this movie, I really Liked!

  97. The tribe thought this was comedy? I feel sorry for anyone that shows up
    around there after that movie… Those tribes are goin to really kill
    them.. Not knowing any better

  98. This dude offends me. Exploit -exploit -exploitation. Salesman for lowbrow

  99. Luangiang The awesome

    How many people were hurt during the making of this film?

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