EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH Trailer (Sexy Thriller – 2016)

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They are kidnapped. They seek revenge.
Dreaming of a trip to New York City the beautiful Sloane and Katie leave for the countryside to earn some money working on an organic farm. But on the way they are kidnapped and abused by a sinister family of small-town psychopaths. When the girls finally escape, they decide to return to the scene of the crime and settle the score. Revenge is Sweet!

EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH Trailer (Sexy Thriller – 2016)
A Movie directed by Terry Miles
Cast : Kirsten Prout, Tiera Skovbye, Michael Karl Richards
Release Date : on DVD & Digital on 13th June 2016
Genre : Thriller

EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH Trailer (Sexy Thriller – 2016)
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  1. 10 likes and i will fist my ass

  2. This looks amazing, really sick of the whole damsel in distress trying to
    run away to get help thing, with her maybe snapping at the end, I want half
    an hour of build up then just let the rest of the movie be a badass John
    Wick level revenge fest

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