Extraction Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz Thriller HD

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A former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorist. When his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.


  1. First!

  2. john wick in shit


  4. Why is Bruce Willis still making movies? That guy has not given a fck since
    the 90s.

  5. Bruce Willis must have been offered a lot to be in this piece of shit

  6. bruce… my bruce do you really need the money that bad?

  7. This looks like lazy derivative shit.

  8. which die hard is this?

  9. Haven’t I already saw this movie but with Henry Cavil?

  10. Is this Die hard 8 or 9?

  11. Sorry but… why would they kidnap someone if they already have missile
    control ? Well… I guess i’m over-thinking this movie.

  12. did he just say “continent of the united states”?

  13. “The continent of the United States” did I hear that correctly

  14. A threat to all nations? The Continental US isn’t ALL nations.

  15. I saw swear Bruce Willis died after 2005 and a emotionless robot has
    replaced him. Now I know he’s always been kinds ruggedness, but he just
    seems to be bullshitting through every role.

  16. chordlessscrewdriver

    lame another trash movie from a hasbeen

  17. Wayward Martian Studios

    Thumbs down just for Gina Carano’s acting skillz. ?

  18. And you insist to pump up this “Lutz” thing.

  19. terrible

  20. main dude looks an awful lot like Chris Pratt

  21. Taken Part 6: Taken Harder

  22. Bruce…. no, just no.

  23. anyone notice how the 2 male leads names appear next to their faces whilst
    the females is next to her undressing tits

  24. Bruce you already had a son who sucked in die hard 5…and you’re asking
    for more?

  25. Now, this has everything to slowly vanish in mediocrity…

  26. Liam Nissan looks really different bald. X)

  27. Hollywood is slowly crumbling to dust. Without Comic books they would be
    nothing by now.


  29. insert die hard/ expendables jokes here

  30. Looks like another same plot from other other movies…

    But i still interested to see that because of kellan lutz (σ≧▽≦)σ

  31. Beats up everyone in the Van and decided to jog it off ….Yeah this is
    gonna so faaaaail

  32. Wanna hear a joke? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    The Legend of Hercules :P

  33. Hidhayathullah Khan

    Die Hard 10

  34. is this… is this Die Hard?

  35. This movie actually looks great.

  36. die Hard 1000

  37. so so so so lame, some ahole wrote that piece of Hollywood crap in ten

  38. DAN BILZERIAN @0.53

  39. *cringe*

  40. Some random black girl.

    soooooo…. like what the heck?

  41. Is that movie really coming out next year?

  42. At least it’s not called Die Hard 6…

  43. Die Hard 7 : Missile Codes

  44. Nice, another movie where Niam Leeson tries to protect his family.

  45. I miss PRAGUE

  46. looks craptastic

  47. And of course, the terrorists are white non-Muslims AND southern right-wing
    racist bikers. Gimmie a freaking break.

  48. What’s going on with Bruce Willis? He seems to be making a lot of these
    generic looking direct to dvd looking action movies.

  49. Live soft or die hard.

  50. It’s dog shit like this that really make you appreciate a decent action
    flick like John Wick…..

  51. TheReturnOfStephan1

    I’ll wait for the Cinema Sins version.lol

  52. TheKnuckleheads Podcast

    Jeez Bruce should of called it quits when the last die hard came out.. That
    was pure shit.

  53. whah look dan bilzerian was in there foe a split second even though he
    spent a month on his instagram posting about this movie

  54. Still trying to make Kellan Lutz happen, huh?

  55. Seems like Bruce almost gave a damn in this one.

  56. Dan Bilzerian is actor ???

  57. Die Hard??

  58. So redbox within a week of its release… cool

  59. Bruce willis How the mighty have fallen**still entertaining actor though

  60. Kellan Lutz’ acting is like he used to be a professional ufc fighter or
    athlete and then turned to movies, exept he never was and all you’re left
    with is a shitty actor.

  61. did dan bilzerian produce this movie?

  62. Dan B!

  63. Hi, You’re #1! hurried song !

  64. Bilzerian at 0:48 ?

  65. I was sold once I saw Gina.

  66. wth the dude from Instagram is doing in this movie?

  67. Hoài Tiến Trần Phạm

    You know
    They can just call it Die Hard 6

  68. Kellan Lutz just doesn’t convince as a Hero….Perhaps he should try some
    negative roles.

  69. booring…nothing original i will pass

  70. Bourne 2.0?

  71. Yeah, plausible….

  72. Nearly turned this off, the Gina Carano popped up. Not even acting thirsty,
    she’s a legit action star.

  73. trash or not trash need to see movie
    nice DanBilzerian

  74. Where is John Cena??

  75. Netflix

  76. When it turns out to be worse than the most recent die hard do I laugh or

  77. Totally check this out!

    cool! :)

  78. Kellan Lutz lookin’ mighty fine ??

  79. “Were are the missile codes!”……, I can already tell this movie is shit
    just by that line

  80. I hope not much money was spent on this.

  81. this is like die hard with the tables upside down

  82. 0:52 crashes the van, runs back 100 miles…

  83. Did I see Dan Balzarian?

  84. Bruce Willis is so past his prime

  85. Direct To Video: The Motion Picture

  86. Every generic action movie cliche in 2 minutes or less

  87. the only thing in this movie that i havent seen in any other cia bs action
    movie is kellan lutz moustache…nd dan blizerian looool bruce havent you
    made enough money to just say no, for once!

  88. I have a feeling this is going straight to dvd

  89. same shit, different title

  90. honestly at first i thought this is another die hard sequel


  92. Yes, please, thank god. Someone nuke murika already. 99% world problems

  93. I saw muFuqqin Dan Bilzerian!

  94. Has this movie been on at the theatres yet?

  95. You know what, when I heard this was coming out I had no interest in seeing
    it, but now after watching this trailer, I still have no interest in seeing

  96. Looks like a decent popcontime movie

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