Eye in the Sky Official North American Trailer (2015) – Aaron Paul, Helen Mirren War Thriller HD

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A thriller set in the world of remotely piloted aircraft warfare.


  1. Doesnt that old lady look like the old Lady Character in Halo 5 hahahaha

  2. Looks sick

  3. Gotta love Aaron Paul

  4. This is exactly like ” Good Kill”.. come on A. P. you are better then this

  5. Jesse pinkman

  6. I honestly haven’t been impressed with anything Aaron Paul has done since
    Breaking Bad. Kind of a shame.

  7. This looks really interesting…

  8. Someonce call Sam Fisher GODDAMMIT

  9. The World Critic and gamer

    save a million over risking one life..if they die with a dumb girl
    hollahooping they win this stance, but if they die by killing a million we
    win? what kind of fucked up backwards world do we live in..TAKE THE SHOT

  10. This looks really interesting.

  11. Looks interesting

  12. peterthesneakybastar

    Lol those little robots look so over the top. This movie does not look

  13. looks like jessie wants to learn some meth potion formula from snape

  14. This is going straight to netflix

  15. This shouldn’t be a debate. If ordered to pull the trigger, you do it,
    without question. If that’s a problem, you don’t belong in the military.

  16. Entire movie in the trailer.

  17. Better call Saul

  18. Looks better than I thought it would. I’ll see it!

  19. breaking game of potter

  20. Unrealistic, they would blow up the whole city block without blinking

  21. Professor Snape looks badass

  22. The movie’s entire plot is faulty. You have bugs that can fly and are
    controlled by the now defunct Playstation Phone? Or robotic birds with
    camera heads?

    BUT NONE OF THEM ARE WEAPONIZED? For that you need a classic military
    attack drone? You can’t just fly the bird in and tactically take out the
    room? I refuse to believe we’d develop the flying bug and not arm it with a
    stinger filled with ricin or some other poison!

    This movie stinks.

  23. boring

  24. whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    This is great if only these kind of choices were this hard but seriously
    cmon its one girl.

  25. Total cancer, useless junk in world class.

  26. Yeah bitch’s! This is going to be awesome!

  27. SNAPE CAME BACK TO LIFE????????????????

  28. I want a little bug or a hummingbird drone with real time video

  29. He’s your eye in the skyyyyyyyyy. He’ll take a look. he was a meth cook.
    It’s aaron paaaul now~

  30. Ironic, they speck of the terrorists winning the propaganda war, yet this
    movie screams it!

  31. I want to call bullshit so bad but its a really interesting movie concept.
    +Aaron Paul needs a win.

  32. Who else saw jorah mormont?

  33. Johnny “Walker” Kat

    Its funny to see that politicians and military have morals…in real life
    they was gonna shoot this and drink a tea after that in the memory of the
    lost hula hoop!!!

  34. Exciting!


  36. they are phoning it in so hard in this lol


  38. Good movie ?

  39. Aaron paul is high even when flying the jet!! LOL XD

  40. this isn’t gr8 m8

  41. I liked this movie the first time it came out when it was called “Good

  42. In the real world, nobody cares about civilian casualties. Thousands of
    innocent people already have been killed by drones – and it doesn’t stop.

  43. SNAPE!!!!

  44. deivisson oliveira


  45. At first i was like “meeh”,then the end was like “shit,take my money”

  46. I don’t see how you could compare this to Dr. Strangelove…

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