Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Official Announcement Trailer #1 (2015) HD

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The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York’s secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.


  1. Damn, I randomly typed trailers and this was uploaded 13 seconds ago AND

  2. Ilya Kamil Soeriaatmadja

    no classic theme??? whyyyy??? i’ll have goosebumps if there’s the theme

  3. is this harry potter universe ?

  4. Fantastic Beasts and Who Gives a Shit

  5. I knew they couldnt let the harry potter franchise die

  6. Of all the cool spin-offs that could come from the Harry Potter universe,
    this one seems pretty underwhelming

  7. I’ve already lost my voice from screaming

  8. This is such an awesome gift for my birthday, Harry Potter is a huge part
    of my childhood … I’m now 25. Thank you for bringing me back to the
    wizarding world, even if it is for just a few moments today!

  9. I’m a massive fan of Harry Potter. Loved the books, loved the movies…
    This looks trailer was really underwhelming. Even for a teaser. I would
    have rather they made a movie about the Marauders.

  10. I’m interested in the movie, but this trailer was kinda annoying. Half of
    it was just fading fancy text. At least it doesn’t spoil anything.

  11. Fantastic Beast vs. Fantastic 4 whos gonna win

  12. I’m not that much of a Potterhead. But….


  13. Yer A Wizurd Hary

  14. oh man as soon as i saw word fantastic i almost had a heartattack thank
    goodness its not second one

  15. You would’ve thought they would make one about Harry’s son. Not this guy.
    Hey, it’s better than nothing.

  16. What an empty trailer

  17. Don’t worry.. they will work in somehow.. some holocaustianity propaganda,
    some gun control… cross dressing middle aged men… your culture will be
    in it too

  18. official ANNOUNCEMENT trailer? Wtf is that? We are now making trailers for

  19. OHH MYY GODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. We have to wait a year? I would have thought a July/August release would
    have worked better

  22. At 1:19 , was that Minerva McGonagall’s voice??

  23. As a Harry Potter fan, I’m not that interested in this story. But I’m happy
    to see something that sits independently outside of the main story. The
    people complaining about the fact, this movie isn’t a direct sequel/prequel
    to the original series are narrow minded. That being said, I’d love a Star
    Wars scenario of every other year a Harry Potter film and off years can be
    dedicated to spin offs

  24. watch out BIG SPOILERS in the tralier


  26. miss harry potter so it looks ok but the name of it sounds rubbish

  27. Milking a dead cow huh?

  28. The big question is, what beast does the S resemble

  29. Am i the only person who understand what a teaser is ” announcement
    trailer” is a teaser they are showing you a little of what is to come and
    that’s all you need to see. If they show too much you will all complain.

  30. EDDIE!!! I forgot Eddie was doing this *excitement level rises*

  31. Took 30 seconds to even show any shots, they had drawn out interstitial
    cards about the production that probably took another 15 seconds so really
    all we got was a minute of people standing in rooms talking about nothing
    and showing ominous holes in buildings that are meant to worry us, I grew
    up with Harry Potter and I’m still not excited about this trailer

  32. oh.. so Harry is not gonna be here coz he’s busy working for Dr.
    Frankenstein.. ahahah

  33. I’m gonna start crying ???? its so beautiful

  34. looks like shit,

  35. uuuuuuuhhhhh, when will tgis horrible book series die ?!???

  36. well….

  37. so whats this about? i know harry potter spin off but….

  38. The Melting Sun Productions

    Harry Potter prequel’s should suck. But this trailer looks kinda

  39. Seriously why release a trailer 1 year before a film a whole year is long
    enough to loose interest

  40. I’m far too excited for this.

  41. I have been missing Harry potter since a long time now, This trailer made
    my day. I have high hopes from the movie although the trailer isn’t very
    fascinating yet, I think the movie will be great after all it’s J.K
    Rolling’s story.

  42. WoW amazing WoW go to cinema ;)?

  43. This is awesome!!!!

  44. Another shitty British movie.


  46. They really should have played the original Harry Potter theme at the end
    of the trailer.


  48. Fantastic Beasts and The Chambers of Secrets
    Oops it’s not another Harry Potter movies

  49. New York? Really?

  50. What does she say at 1:20? I have no idea…

  51. “You’re a beast, Harry!”

  52. Ana Gonçalves Pereira

    Should I watch all the Harry Potter movies?

  53. I’m so excited.

  54. Harry potter -1; yeah we get it

  55. titles is shit

  56. Am I the only one who notices that “Lumos Maxima” never seems to work on
    the first try

  57. This looks great! Although I wish to see a movie about life of Dumbledore,
    esp. with Grindelwald in it. Rowling please make it happen!

  58. I want more

  59. I wish they had done a prequel to Harry Potter about Gryffindor, Ravenclaw,
    Hufflepuff & Slytherin ?


  61. Where is Daniel Radcliffe?

  62. Somey Doom (CrazySomey)

    alllright ALRIGHT.. music is dope ~ dhaaan dhhaaaa dhooo dooooun dhaaaaa
    dhaa dhaaaa dhaaan daaaahooun… :)

  63. Mbbrar Eche (Mintymee)



  64. oh thank you….i’ve been waiting for this like forever…hope there’s
    gonna be more than one…finger’s crossed…I’ve been missing HP

  65. wizards and america… nope

  66. Lord Of The Rings >>>>>>>

  67. Hype hype hype.

  68. Fantastic Books and How to Milk Them, Chapter 1: The Announcement of the
    Arrival of the Trailer

  69. Fantastic beast is already a good title why add where to find that really
    stupid I would watch this doe

  70. People say batman v superman “showed to much” and now this! “Looks empty”
    “looks bad”. Pfft the humanity

  71. This is meant to excite us? Looks pretty boring thus far…

  72. Newt: Lumus maxima!
    Me: Sobbing and crying like a child.

  73. Come on people, this is a decent announcement trailer, and it is pretty
    good considering it is 11 month away and still filming. (I’ve seen worst) I
    give this trailer 4 out of 5 potatoes


  75. I thought they were making a pequel about HP’s parents, thats the one i
    would have seen, is this a new book or something? Hope they have a dragon
    in the case XD.

  76. As soon as I’ve seen Star Wars tomorrow I am boarding the Fantastic Beasts
    hype train.

  77. blackmanwithcomputer

    It looks like it could be interesting, and, visually, it looks awesome…I
    just would’ve liked a more diverse movie.

  78. Lumos maxima. That shit made my heart beat fast lol

  79. Sweeeeeeet!

  80. The protagonist is from hufflepuff!!!

  81. Rowling, please write a book about Harry’s child going to hogwarts!!!!

  82. Few seconds in and I have chills.
    The Harry Potter Universe has been part of my life for 16 years now and
    always will be.

  83. Harry Potter RETURN..!!!


  85. all i got was wizard 9/11

  86. This was underwhelming, you could tell from the thumbnail itself.

  87. I love this world and while I am interested in a new setting and adventure
    in general, I am concerned because JK was convinced to make it a trilogy.

    What I am fond of is JK writing this and I hope if they are going to do 3
    that they do 3 different stories.

  88. hype hype im’ exciting i am huge harry potter fan

  89. Sucks!!!

  90. Is it a before Harry Potter story maybe how knows !!!

  91. โอ้ยมาแล้วว -//-

  92. Blackskeleton gaming

    Harry potter?

  93. Gay AF

  94. Honestly, I would be excited for this but the trailer doesn’t show
    ANYTHING. It’s very underwhelming. The people who made this should be

  95. Wonderful this trailer is just amazing. It’s just making every Harry Potter
    fan geek out and I am glad to be one of those people ???

  96. Bringing back my childhood days with that Wizardry Adventure……I’m
    excited,Bring it on WB!!

  97. Heroine Teresa Deedee Agnes.

    come back in Hogwarts world will be amazing!! Can’t wait!!

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