Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Official Sneak Peek #1 (2016) – Eddie Redmayne Movie HD

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The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York’s secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.


  1. first i want to watch this

  2. Why give away the entire movie??
    What’s the point now ffs

  3. oh ma gat

  4. the harry potter universe

  5. Omg

  6. Sneak peak my ass

  7. why not just do a TV show drama about James Lilly and Sirius from Voldemort
    comming to power era? Lilli is pregnant, war is starting and Potter must
    decide if hes loyal pure blod or fight the dark lord

  8. al fin jarry el sucio poter otra vez xD

  9. Words with a fancy font, how exciting.

  10. omw!!!!!!!

  11. Oh cool lettering!!!!!! It’s so realistic!

  12. Why the full screen? :(

  13. Why….just….why?

  14. Oh my god! WHAT A SNEAK PEAK! That font! SO hyped bro!

  15. severo snape lol

  16. Ana Gonçalves Pereira

    I hate Harry Potter

  17. would’ve been fine if this trailer was one of the characters opening their
    mouths to speak and then it cuts. But give us a lil something!

  18. J.K Rowling? I’m in.

  19. First Batman V Superman and now THIS. Save some footage for the movie!

  20. But that font tho

  21. SPOILERS!!!

  22. This is useless

  23. Uhhhhhhhhh…..

  24. Uhhhhhhhhh…..

  25. Announcement trailer to the teaser trailer to the trailer

  26. So now we have to announce announcement trailers?

  27. Geezus

  28. by those font i can tell…movie gonna suck.

  29. that’s the worst teaser trailer I have ever see

  30. Eddie Redmayne!!!3

  31. Am I the only one who’s freaking out about this?!?!?!? SO EXCITING!

  32. this better not be some crappy movie to mess up the Harry Potter world.
    because I’m a fan of Harry Potter and I really liked the world

  33. A trailer to announce a trailer? Come on, dude….

  34. Sweeeeeeet. .

  35. The World Critic and gamer

    theres no sound

  36. Holy Mackerel the Third

    I know it’s just a teaser, but we could at least have some music and the

  37. Can anyone say “click bait” … Hope they didn’t forget to monetize this
    one… WEAK

  38. 2015 the year of trailers for trailers for trailers of movies that are
    trailers for sequels/prequels and spin offs

  39. theres a poem from button poetry called fantastic breasts and where to find
    them, watch that and be surprised.

  40. I heard that there was a Sneak Peak. All I saw was a PowerPoint

  41. Walrus is in the Matrix

    Oh Baby! Can you hear that beautiful score in the background! And that
    font! And that aspect ratio! And that cross fade! These cunts are really
    spoiling us!

  42. So now they have trailer’s for a trailer…

  43. just gave away the whole plot

  44. Tf is this about?

  45. There’s no black or brown people in this movie. /cry

  46. Lol not much of a sneak peak

  47. I want my 15 seconds back.

  48. Misleading title, that wasn’t a sneak peak.

  49. anything relating to harry potter gets me excited!! the fact that we can
    experience that world again brings my childhood back 🙂 … I don’t care if
    its poorly directed or written. I will LOVE THE HECK OUT OF IT!!

  50. Deadpool totally started this whole trend of announcement trailer trailers

  51. Gave away too much of the movie

  52. So this is an announcement about the announcement? How is at a “Sneak

  53. click bait

  54. So wait, this is a trailer for the announcement trailer, which will
    announce when the real trailer drops?? This is worse than splitting a final
    novel adaptation into two parts…

  55. Fan4stick Beasts and where to find the sound


  57. It’s gonna suck. You just wait; this movie is an obvious cash-grab

  58. Ooooh trailer on my birthday!!

  59. So.. yea. That’s my presentation. *This class isn’t clapping!*

  60. that’s it?

  61. looks like an amateur made the logo

  62. What is this Trailer week??? lol

  63. Major spoilers, guys. Don’t watch the video, it will ruin everything!

  64. God I hate it when the trailer reveals all of the plot and spoils
    everything. I might as well not even see the movie!

  65. Pooja060 * Beauty Vlogger * At Peace * Happy

    “sneek peek” 🙁 don’t need stuff like this in my life :D

  66. Well, at least the trailer didn’t give away the whole movie…

  67. why aren’t they showing Luke skywalker?

  68. I reloaded the video and checked to see if my phone was on silent before
    realising that there is no sound. Haha so kind of lost impact since I
    watched it twice before really paying attention.

  69. I still have zero interest in this

  70. It was a good book but this trailer is more interesting than the movie
    could be


  72. enough with these…..

  73. Ah damnit. Now we know Doomsday is in the movie.

  74. My favorite part was the text.

  75. Did they just drop a teaser for the teaser

  76. Wow! The title! These sneak peeks & trailers for trailers are so annoying
    and unnecessary.. Stop it Hollywood!

  77. Dat aspect ratio tho.

  78. this is NOT A sneak peak. just an announcement.

  79. worst title ever

  80. Looks like a power point presentation or movie maker with fancy font

  81. I think this trailer just gave away way too much wtf

  82. We already had a FB movie.

    thing now.

  84. What is this bullshit?

  85. This trailer gave away the whole movie smh

  86. wt actual f…..soon there will be a tv ad for a sneak peak of a trailer

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