Fathers and Daughters Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Russell Crowe Movie HD

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A Pulitzer-winning writer grapples with being a widower and father after a mental breakdown, while, 27 years later, his grown daughter struggles to forge connections of her own.


  1. Second

  2. love Amanda but probably won’t go see this movie

  3. Bet shes going to end up dead like the rest of Jesses girlfriends

  4. i love these stuff

  5. yawn…

  6. breaking bad gone soft.

  7. Amanda is so perfect.

  8. Aaron Paul ?, is he the best actor u can get for this movie?. srsly

  9. But Jesse has a dark secret… a past life… a father figure he both loved
    and hated but lost… Will this ruin his relationship if he tells his
    story? Will mr.white even in death haunt him?

  10. The trailer already made me cry

  11. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    This trailer was sort of terrible

  12. I hope this movie is better than the trailer.

  13. the united states of Money hahaha

  14. Aaron Paul deserves better.

  15. What!? Javert is Cosette’s father?

  16. anybody know that song ?

  17. Nikita Belomestnykh

    This is bad.

  18. feel them feelz

  19. me wanty watch

  20. I cri


  22. I thought there was going to be incsest I know I’m disgusting

  23. kit harvey decastro

    what is the title of the song?

  24. this name means nothing i was just forced into making it to have a channel here

    big love reunion

  25. I love Amanda Seyfried but I really don’t like her movies lately.

  26. anyone else noticed “happyness”?

  27. Omg that’s so cute I wanna watch it

  28. this made meee cryyyy

  29. It looks happy… :(

  30. I cried at this trailer ??

  31. finally a father daughter relationship in a movie.

  32. Seems to be potentially great. I’ll wait.

  33. Aww. I shed a tear l’:

  34. fyi…”happyness” wasn’t a typo. That spelling is taken from the title of
    the book that the film was based on, and relates to a part of the story.

  35. can’t believe russel crown signs this

  36. IS this sparks? this reeks of sparks

  37. This movie looks very sad one. :(

  38. What do you do

  39. will “nerdandproud” stallman

    I will watch this movie. Not because it is good, but because Arron Paul
    needs to be in more movies and shows and this will help him to do so

  40. This is the 5th time I’vewatchedit and it gets me EVERY single time

  41. A must watch movie especially to “Daddy’s Girls” :(

  42. Gaaaaaaay

  43. song?

  44. this is gonna make me cry so much……………….I gotta watch it

  45. The pinky swear got me ?

  46. ohh finally a movie about a girl with phobia of commitment. I can relate

  47. Michael Bolton for the win!!!

  48. I cried while watching this. . . I don’t know why???

  49. Russel Crowe was later found dead in a fountain. Presumably he jump off the
    bridge above while sing talking.

  50. who cut the onion >.<

  51. I was hoping this would be a different kind of father daughter love
    movie… :(

  52. The moral of the story: Just nag, cry and give up, and Santa Claus will
    some to solve your problems

  53. aaaw..hope i can watch it soon

  54. Not the worst Romantic movie I’ve ever seen, but the cinematography sucks,
    and what’s with that Michael Bolton song at the end. I’ll have to get my
    grater out to deal with all that cheese.

  55. I almost cry

  56. The trailer kinda revealed everything :(

  57. are you not entertained!!?

  58. Isolated Queen's Pawn

    00:31 Rolex

  59. My father isn’t in my life anymore and this Trailer made me weak man. bravo

  60. i cried watching this trailer….gotta watch the movie

  61. “based on the book by nicholas sparks”

  62. costume designer isis mussenden hahaha


    this… is… so beautiful :(

  64. Smark Shillington, DFCO


  65. The talented little girl from whispers!

  66. Pinkman! 3

    – via YTPak(.com)

  67. :'(:'( :'( :'(

  68. my heart melted. damn this is a awesome movie

  69. I miss my father now :(

  70. onions… onions everywhere

  71. did anyone else shed a tear from this??? ?

  72. Islam Gave me a reason to Live

    omg !! that trailer make me cry
    i should watch this movie
    seems good

  73. Sooooo watching it

  74. Will this movie coming to Malaysia? So touching!

  75. Michael Bolton ❤️

  76. I cried watching this trailer. I’m really looking forward to this

  77. Already weeping.

  78. shit. this is a bit too close to home DON’T THINK ABOUT IT!!

  79. Arghhh i remember my father! ???

  80. Glad to see Jesse stopped cooking methods and got his act together 

  81. Ooo lovely … I love this movie .. Heart warming .. Meaningful

  82. Seriously im crying?

  83. Oh my god. How cheesy. So sick of the same boring lines and the same boring

  84. This movie is going to win a lot of awards

  85. Russell Crowe is going to win an award

  86. aaron paul 🙂 makes every film worth a watch. incredible acting talent

  87. What’s up, guys. What A Genius! undesirable hook What’s your opinion about
    this, guys !!

  88. Love-the-whiskers 13


  89. Well jesus, I’m already crying at the trailer, what would happen when I’m
    actually watching the movie?

  90. Can someone PLEASE tell me when this movie comes out? All I know is the
    release date is 2015, so in December? I really want to see this and am
    hoping it gets released soon! Or has it already?

  91. omg looks so good! i cryed!

  92. What is the first piano&violin OST in trailer?

  93. this is way too sad…..looks incredibly sad!

  94. Jennifer’s father…

  95. “Look out! Russell Crowe’s got a phone!” (Brenda’s voice)

  96. I’d wanna watch this alone in the theater. The kind of movie that you’d
    want to internalize with yourself. :’)


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