Fifty Shades Of Black Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Jane Seymour, Marlon Wayans Movie HD

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A parody of the popular film/novel 50 Shades of Gray.


  1. Last?

  2. why

  3. definitely better than the original

  4. Дмитрий Шмелёв


  5. grey was enough

  6. why god why

  7. Watch this shit get 5% on rotten tomatoes.

  8. better than fifty shades of gray ?

  9. Scarred for life ?

  10. the kicked hahahahaa

  11. Still a better love story than twilight

  12. interesting.

  13. I’m not gonna lie I did actually laugh and might even go watch this

  14. corny

  15. NO. JUST. NO!

  16. I’m gonna watch it

  17. Super corny



  19. Totally gonna watc this lol

  20. still a better love story than twilight

  21. Does that fool ever age?!

  22. Gonna go straight to Netflix :(

  23. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    الله يلعنهم

    فلم سيئ وعديم الأخلاق ومنحط

    الله يلعنه هذا الممثل أغلب أفلامه مقززه وعديمة القيم وهذا الإنسان يعتبر
    أسوء ممثل يظهر أمام الكاميرا !

    فلم يجب عدم عرضه في دور السينما العربيه والمسلمه ، لأنه منحط وبهيمي ولا
    أدري ما فائدة لمثل هذه أفلام

    هؤلاء لا يخافون الآخره لا يتقون النار !!

  24. blacktastic

  25. The only part I found remotely funny was the end, “you need to find Jesus.”

  26. bet she is gonna bang the dude who has the weekends hair

  27. Gonna watch this ?

  28. this shit is dope

  29. lmao “i’m an xbox fan myself”

  30. damn bbc

  31. That dude spit on the key lock LOL

  32. King Bach. Finally made it to the movies

  33. It comes out the day after my birthday *rushes to buy tickets*

  34. Much better love story!

  35. King Bach

  36. U need to find jesus….????

  37. The key part was a little to much but seems fun XD so going to do the key
    thing with my gf now

  38. darker than grey

  39. Terrible movie parodies are my fetish.

  40. i lost it when he spited on the key hole

  41. kingbach!

  42. has a better love story than the original

  43. this is one high budget parody

  44. That pore door ?

  45. totally gonna watch this

  46. that kick…….holy mother of hancock.

  47. Looks like shit but probably better than the original

  48. Holy shit

  49. I’ll will give Marlon Wayans credit for finding the black version of Dakota

  50. if i wanna watch black porn i watch Zane’s Sex Chronicles, nice try tho

  51. Lol kingbach

  52. Enugh intrnet fr todei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  53. is that “King bach” from vine?

  54. @Chiraq Wolverine LOL

  55. King Bach? Do they let anyone become actors now? ???

  56. 0:30…KING BACH!!???

  57. Lol playstation, confirmed, it’s better than the original.

  58. Türk lokmu la

  59. One of ProJared's chins

    Not gonna lie, this will probably get better reviews than the original.


  61. How many thought this was a legit sequel until they read Marlon Wayans name
    in it? lol

  62. Hahahaha! Its KINGBACH!

  63. king bachh babyy

  64. Bodybuilder Jesus Christ

    i love how blacks stereotype them selfs and call whites racists.

  65. And thats the guy from white chicks!

  66. I read the book instead ;)

  67. This actually looks pretty good

  68. can’t wait..thanks:-D

  69. NEW YOUTUBER FROM AUSTRALIA ?? anyone want to be friends (:

  70. Well at least it looks better than the original.

  71. Can’t wait for this to end up on Netflix

  72. smh lol

  73. Finally. FINALLY we get a movie parodying a movie/s! Its been so long. ..

  74. I cringed way too hard.

  75. Not another one D:

  76. looks 10 times worse than the original….and i hated the original….

  77. insane what the black community finds funny.

  78. This looks so funny!?

  79. Caveman #JustGotOutFromCave

    Better love story than Twilight.

    Wait wat

  80. Neondanublu03 Neon-the-new-blue

    I thought this was fake

  81. Still better than the original, and still a better love story than

  82. A TARDIS Productionz


  83. Caveman #JustGotOutFromCave

    That Kim K reference was convincing enough to make me watch this movie

  84. Omg I love these kind of parody films of real movie. Also I think Christian
    is Malcom from Scary Movie series which makes it more hilarious to me. Damn
    I should watch it! + King Bach!

  85. King Bach Thou

  86. Marvel Dc ComicWorld

    Looks stupid

  87. Taka “HK” Thousand Birds

    I don’t care

  88. Can we get a 50 shades of white?

  89. Looks like a comedy

  90. DennisJ (The Last Methbender)

    I got 2 smiles and a giggle out of this, the rest was pure cringe

  91. Ok, what the f**k America

  92. Disgusting…

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