Finding Dory Official Sneak Peek #1 (2016) – Ellen DeGeneres, Idris Elba Animated Movie HD

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The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way.


  1. Please dont be bad and ruin my childhood please

  2. Oh lovly

  3. Let's Do This Gaming

    my birthday is march 1. close enough

  4. Can’t wait for this. Looks great.

  5. Hi mom :v
    i’ve been waiting for this too long.

  6. Omg I’m the 6th comment!

  7. early and cant wait to see it

  8. wheres waldo in fish form

  9. Just keep swimming

  10. I pretty sure there’s going to be more teenagers and adults in the theatre
    than kids when this movie comes out ?

  11. Oh the feels….. they’re not there :)

  12. I’m so skeptical about this, but Pixar managed to make me a little excited.

  13. I don’t know how good this movie will be?

  14. Wtf…

  15. It’s been 84 years

  16. Tobi Uchiha ヽ๏ ͜ʖ๏ノ


  17. SPOILERS::::: Dory is Ellen Degeneres

  18. YEAH!!!!

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  20. Hope its better than monsters inc 2

  21. 13 Years. I’VE WAITED 13 FRICKIN YEARS.

  22. Like = Amazing luck for 56 days

    Subscribe = Amazing luck for 27 years

  23. I have waited for so long for this movie

  24. Did Dory just break the fourth wall?

  25. Just keep swimming

  26. wish they focus on incredibles 2 more than this

  27. I like my dory battered, fried extra crispy, with fries and cold ice tea..
    Man, I’m hungry.. let’s find her

  28. This is not a sneak peek. More of a teaser since the sneak peek was already
    put out.

  29. hahahaha definitely awesome.. i’ve finish watching finding nemo again to
    refresh my childhood memory..

  30. I just found out Ellen voiced Dory. life was much more simpler.

  31. I was 4 when I saw Finding Nemo.. I’m 18 now.

  32. Wait did Ellen voice dory in the first movie?

  33. i got a dory toy, i guess this is my call

  34. Ahhhh absolutely love ellen

  35. Years ago I could enjoy finding nemo I could it enjoy it but now years
    later I know that ELLEN voices Dory thats the only thing I can concentrate
    Who else feels the same?

  36. As soon as I see this in my subscriptions:

  37. I wonder which character Idris Elba would be lending his voice to.

  38. is that Ellen’s voice?

  39. Ellen degnerus voiced Dorie …I didn’t know who she was when I was 7 lol

  40. I can´t wait♥

  41. Dory, please don’t forget. ADORABLE

  42. that was booty

  43. im going to die

  44. They are hyping this for Teens/Adults rather than Kids (B’coz max members
    are not gonna be kids)!!!

  45. anyone over 20 here

  46. it took so long just 4 us 2 no Wat yr it comes out FFS

  47. i gave this video a thumbs down

  48. This teaser for a trailer trend is getting annoying

  49. im sorry but all i see is ellen

  50. Franco412 YT :v Loquendero HD 7w7

    trailer 2 plis

  51. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY oh the excitement is unreal

  52. those messing with our food water air and medicines get their kicks from

  53. John Luther is a fish now

  54. this might be pixar’s the big dinosaur for 2016

  55. I love Dory and Finding Nemo world!! Can’t wait to see!!!

  56. name of song?

  57. You've got a hole in your left wing!


  58. I don’t know how I can watch this movie when all I can picture is ellen’s
    face when dory talks. LMAO

  59. where is dory?

  60. Another trailer that gives away the whole movie smh

  61. I’m funny sometime.

  62. umm, she’s you silly

  63. Im pretty sure thats not a sneak peak


  65. This going to be very good movie

  66. This is not a sneak peek, as it does not show anything from the movie, just
    something they cooked up for this trailer.

  67. Can’t wait for this, because when I was a kid & watched Finding Nemo I
    didn’t know that Ellen played Dory but now I know & I’m excited for this

  68. Is it Ellen at the VoiceOver ????

  69. Knowing Ellen plays as Dory ruins it for me :/

  70. An epic journey. Dory gone to Los Angeles to my her self.

  71. that fish is stupid

  72. the milking is soo strong I can hear the cows mooing….

  73. This is an awful teaser. I have a bad feeling about this film, as much as
    it pains me to say it.

  74. who remembers the finding nemo happy meal toys

  75. She sounds almost like the girl from the Ellen show

  76. she broke the 4th wall

  77. Finding Dory is a SJW takeover!!!!

  78. I dont like ellen doing the voice

  79. I hope it’s rated R

  80. Stop hating on Ellens voice and go hate on politics

  81. David “The Hippie Atheist” Dautintuser

    Have you seen her by the chi lites. You’re welcome.

  82. SPOILER ALERT: They have to find Dory.

  83. Cant wait for this!

  84. damn dory

  85. another trailer trailer…

    I sense a really bad trend starting.

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