Finding Dory Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Sheen Animated Movie HD

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The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way.


  1. I guess you could say Dory is finding herself!

    …I’ll show myself out

  2. Is that ellen voice?

  3. i am just gonna wait here for the incredibles 2 trailer


  5. Isn’t making the second most important character the protagonist what
    ruined Cars 2 and Monsters University?

  6. Finding Marlin 2030

  7. Looks like they’re rehashing a bunch from the first one.

  8. BeetleJuice! BeetleJuice! BeetleJuice!

    backwards comment first


  10. it seems like a parody of finding nemo
    but in a good way

  11. despite the dreamworks trolls movie, all movies announced this month seem
    pretty great

  12. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    First comment in black

  13. Taylor Fitzgerald


  14. looks like they made this movie directly after the first one and waiteda
    couple years

  15. Are there any octopi that can become invisible?

  16. amazing! kk

  17. Omg, my childhood

  18. Seems like the same formula from the last movie. i hope this isn’t too
    close to the original.

  19. Wait.. who’s playing idris elba here ?

  20. I’m early let me make a joke!

    Donald Trump

  21. For the first time , the number of kids will be outnumbered by the number
    of teens and adults when this movie is screened ☺

  22. omg can’t wait!!! xD

  23. well that put a big smile on my face woo

  24. Plot twist: Nemo doesn’t find Dory

  25. them childhood feels

  26. Mansoor Alarayedh

    whats next a gta 5 movie or minecraft ?

    wait that would be nice …. god dammit PIXAR

  27. This will be great! I know it will

  28. I don’t think making Dory the central character was a good idea.

  29. DORY FAN

  30. Ellens voice sounds off….well honestly prequels always suck so.

  31. If theres no seagulls, i am not goin

  32. Luis Angel Cruz Varela


  33. Jayant Belgaumkar

    IT’S BEEN DO LONG ???..

  34. It’s from Disney/Pixar, it’s going to the great!

  35. I couldn’t be more excited about this but these trailers feel so off to me.
    I’m still going to watch it but I’m nervous about it, Finding Nemo is my
    favorite pixar movie.

  36. Really excited about this 🙂 I loved the whale shark scene the best in this
    trailer! ?

  37. still waiting for incredibles 2

  38. shiit man…. you beter bring incredibles 2! but this is okay to me i guess

  39. So this is going to be a childish version of the first one

  40. It’s sad how they are not going to do something new with Dory

  41. Dont really need to watch it now the trailer basically told exactly what
    will happen

  42. Hm.

    /:-[ <-- my face rn

  43. Yes yes yes yes yes

  44. disney’s Finding Dollars

  45. I never knew that 1 minute and 30 seconds of a trailer can spoil so much of
    the movie. And why does this look identical to Finding Nemo?!?!

  46. superaquamarine XOXO


  47. When is Incredibles 2?

  48. And the Oscar goes to…

  49. Ohh.. ahhh… It’s bad! My poor childhood are cooming back!..

  50. Uh-oh. Looks like a lot of re-used jokes from Finding Nemo. I hope it’s
    amazing though.

  51. Cash grab
    Keep classics how they are

  52. Defo watching this in cinema. ??

  53. 17 june? In my birthday !!!!!

  54. I see Pixar didn’t learn the “Don’t give the comic relief it’s own movie”
    lesson from Cars 2, or even Minions, for that matter (even though Minions
    wasn’t their movie)

  55. Primero en comentar en español

  56. Looks shit

  57. 1st movie had us feel like a monster for keeping fish in a fish tank.
    Now we get to feel like a monster for keeping fish in aquarium!


  59. I shoved a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass

  60. Finding Money Official Trailer #1

  61. “Never give up”
    that’s the main fact I guess! 

  62. 🙂 ROMANIA

  63. Don’t really know what to think about this

  64. Ah well now stop, they had to pull out the aul Peter Gabriel.


  65. Hell4u14 - Minecraft & more!

    Finding Dory and Incredibles 2 coming out…
    Its as if our childhoods are coming back to life

  66. это впечатляет

  67. i hope the girl with braces from finding nemo will appear in this movie as
    an adult

  68. ellen ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  69. Was that Phil Collins singing that trailer song? Because if it is I’m hype.

  70. Rilham Zulfikar Djafar


  71. Pea Sherman 42 wallaby way Sidney

  72. Octopus in the kitchen. STRALIA!

  73. Let’s make this comment at a odd number of likes

  74. RedPanda Vs Gaming

    this is gonna be the best movie and have sad moments

  75. My childhood :)

  76. Pixar sequels aren’t as good when its like 10 years laters.

  77. Fish boogers.

    That is all.

  78. I’m just gonna throw it out there is there a reference to the short film
    Oktapodi that was out it 2007? the octopus looks very similar lol

  79. New sea animals ???

  80. Rick and/or Morty

    I won’t be satisfied until I hear the glorious trumpets sound for
    Incredibles 2.

  81. U remember seeing the first one when i was like 3 and i was too young to
    understand. But now im just too old for it

  82. Not the sequel we want, we just want THE INCREDIBLE 2!!!!!!!

  83. is that ellen speaking the dialoges for dory

  84. Randomation Studios 24x

    Bla bla bla scince scince scince bigger

  85. It’s beautiful

  86. childhood movie can’t wait too watch agian

  87. I love Everything

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this one.

  88. I teared up when Marlin seeing Nemo said ‘Yes’…

  89. nemo is a girl in this movie

  90. Will this be a Cars 2 or Toy-story 2?

  91. Dory: “I miss them. You know what that feels like?”
    Marlin: “Yes.”
    Ouch, right in the feels.

    Based on this trailer it doesn’t seem like Marlin and Nemo will be joining
    Dory on her search. I’m a bit disappointed – as evidenced by Cars 2,
    Kronk’s New Groove, and The Minions, movies centered solely around comic
    relief characters aren’t exactly masterpieces. Doesn’t mean it has to be
    bad though. If it’s at least on the same level as Monster’s U. (not a
    masterpiece but still enjoyable) then I’m happy.

  92. At first, I actually thought Dory’s going to end up lost just like Nemo did
    in the first movie and eventually, they have to find her as well,
    considering the fact that the title of this film is “Finding Dory”. Why is
    it titled “Finding Dory”? I need answers! XD

  93. I suddenly feel like a kid again.. getting excited for this kind if thing

  94. i have a feeling that this movie is going to make me cry like toy story 3

  95. Omg the ending is so scary !

  96. Judging by this trailer alone, it probably won’t give the same emotional
    impact the 2003 original provided. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an
    Inside Out easter egg hidden somewhere in this spin-off sequel.

    Since Dory has short-term memory loss, I’m starting to picture it like this:
    Camera zooms into Dory’s mind, revealing her fishi-fied emotions
    frantically working their tails off to get her to remember things.

  97. Noob kun Nightcore

    and after the movie
    some “fan theory ” be like

    “it was all in her head”

  98. When The Incredibles 2 comes out, my life will be complete

  99. What’s the main theme in the beginning?

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