FIRST MAN Trailer (Ryan Gosling 2018)

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FIRST MAN Trailer (Ryan Gosling 2018)
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  1. Mast

  2. I wonder how it’ll turn out…

  3. nice video

  4. HERE WE GO ! ! ! finally!!! NO one had ever landed on the moon! Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE ! a movie that dares to tell the public. But ‘only the wise ones will believe and understand. Shits going down! Bring it on. Iiillluummiinnaattii🔫🔪#⃣

  5. I’m tired of these goddamn space Moon movies with fake great dirt everywhere. Why don’t they just show the brown dirt & grass and pyramids and old cities that’s on the Moon instead of the same old bullshit story. Nobody’s fooling anyone! The cat has been away out of the bag for a long time now. Go on ahead and show the slight atmosphere that’s on the moon. Go ahead and show those storms that people be seeing in there telescopes on the surface of the Moon. Go ahead and show all the gold spread out across the moon for hundreds of miles. Go ahead and show those 100-mile lightning storms across the Moon sky. I’m tired of the same old lying ass bulshit I’m not supporting it anymore. I only support the truth.

  6. Jamaican Me Crazy

    Good trailer

  7. Watched the whole movie in a trailer

  8. Wait the trailer shows them getting to the moon… I mean SPOILER ALERT!

  9. Ömer İskenderli

    Kubrick’s one is better.

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