Florence Foster Jenkins Official International Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) – Meryl Streep Movie HD

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The story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York heiress, who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.



  2. first like!

  3. Killerkillblowguy234


  4. Christopher Martinez

    is that hugh grant?? he got old man

  5. Who else thought when she opened her veil she was gonna yell
    “ALLAHUAKBAR”?Oh no…just me?

  6. sisssssssy

  7. Shit movie. I’ll watch it anyway.

  8. Is that makeup or is Hugh grant really that old looking?

  9. Hey, that’s the guy who plays Howard Wolowitz on the piano

  10. Hit Like,if you love Muslims..

  11. We should just rename the best actress Oscar to the Meryl Streep Award at
    this point.

  12. Hows Bernadette, Howard Wolowitz?

  13. Wow.. Hugh Grant.. thought he was dead :o

  14. !,,!, ~|°¥°|~ ,!,,!
    ?????????Crazy Meryl Streep

  15. howard wolovitch or the guy from big bang is playing the frikin piano!

  16. holy shit wolowitz

  17. based on a true story? how unique! someone kill me painfully

  18. I wish they make a Sy-fy 40s movie

  19. and the academy award goes to…

  20. So Meryl Streep wants an Oscar.

  21. oh look its another Meryl Streep movie for nobody to ever see.

  22. Enough is enough! I’ve had it with these motherf**king biopics, in the
    motherf**king award season!

  23. Dareen Joy Taytayon

    yes it is Howard..

  24. The Hell You Looking At?

    Doesn’t she have enough oscars? Why she wants to get more? Because this
    movie shows that she wants another one.


  26. She wants another Oscar! How greedy lol

  27. Is this like the opera version of Wing?

  28. And the oscar nomination goes to…

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