Florence Foster Jenkins Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Hugh Grant, Meryl Streep Movie HD

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The story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.


  1. spiderman on team iron man ?! boy !!

  2. Love Simon Helberg in the trailer ?

  3. lol Spiderman is a toy looking thing

  4. = Meryl wants her Oscar

  5. Meryl Streep is… perfect. 20th nomination coming soon! What a great time
    to be alive!

  6. So everyone here either does not care, does not know, or has already seen
    the new Civil War trailer ten times… Nice seeing you, and I hope you
    enjoy the trailer ^^

  7. lol it’s releasing the same day as civil war and they release the trailer
    same day, it seems like they don’t want their movie to get any focus

  8. When nobody care about this trailer because of siderman lol Team iron man

  9. Jaekookiefied Love

    Ommmmgggggggg so excited for this!!!

  10. no Meryl streep no Oscar for u dis time…

  11. CantRushPerfection

    Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant? My life is complete.

  12. Simon helberg! !

  13. Howard wolowitz… I’m in.

  14. Movie title should be “look at me me me me me”

  15. StevexNYCperformance

    TRUMP 2016 NOW

  16. If it meryl streep, I’ll watch it

  17. so is this gonna be King’s Speech of 2016? if so the Best Picture Oscar
    frontrunner is confirmed

  18. Meryl , i see another Oscar nomination

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