FLYING THE NEST Trailer (Animation, 2018)

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  1. ชื่อ ใหม่


  2. Joaquin Carlos Leones

    Ah, low-budget bullshit.

  3. This looks terrible! (Even though I couldn’t do it better)

  4. Wow! That’s very interesting movie. I liked this. I just awaited for this movie.

  5. For a brief moment I thought this was going to be really good. That first part where they are talking about flying south, and being brave, having him get left behind and have to travel south by himself…. such a simple premise, that if done well could make a good solid film.
    But then it kept going on. It would take a lot to explain why this fell flat, so I’ll spare you the essay.
    It doesn’t look terrible, but it’s sad considering it started with a lot of potential. Who knows, maybe this is just typical bad trailer and the actual movie is pretty good. As it stands, though, this doesn’t interest me.

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