Friend Request Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Alycia Debnam-Carey Thriller HD

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When a college student unfriends a mysterious girl on-line, she finds herself fighting a demonic presence that wants to make her lonely by killing her closest friends.


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. literally why

  3. the tale of Kip Drordy from south park

  4. Angelica Tapia Lagos


  5. TheMrfunnyboy2000

    Basically unfriended 2.0

  6. Man, what happened to horror movies

  7. Another example of how a somewhat interesting premise gets ruined by
    supernatural bullshit.

  8. Why Warner brothers just why.

  9. the 100 social media AU

  10. I just heard my Heda saying “I didn’t post this”
    I cry.

  11. Mosquitos are dangerous.

  12. So is this like Unfriended 2?

  13. welp im done for today.. can only take so much dumb shit at a time.

  14. And i tought i had stupid ideas!!

  15. These Facebook movies are coming 5 years too late. Maybe we’ll get a
    Snapchat one in 2023.

  16. Ya sure, possess a computer

  17. holy shit… what a beautiful piece of crap

  18. Can you imagine the sequel to this “Poke” or “Share”

  19. Alycia <3

  20. Soooo…. why not just delete your Facebook account…..

  21. Unfriended the sequal and they couldn’t even come up with a new name. Laura
    is back! -.-

  22. I’m gettin a “unfriended” vibe from this

  23. What was Alycia and william thinking??!!!! :

  24. TheInfectedCreeper


  25. I support Alycia so I’ll watch this movie for her and for my people.

  26. lexaaaaaaa if you know what i mean

  27. I hope this is a joke

  28. there was a video of her suicied i encurage you not to watch it
    *watches it any ways

  29. Unfriended 2: The Blocked Account

  30. Monstercat Extras

    whats with all these internet horror movies to try appeal to a younger
    demographic. It’s stupid. Nobody falls for it.

  31. every stalker could relate to it! #WeStalkBecauseWeCare :p

  32. Dr Sheldon Cooper

    coming to DVD………..tomorrow!

  33. God this looks horrible!!!

  34. Dont worry, its safe here in the comments section. No need to scroll back
    up ;)

  35. Anyone else thought at first this was sequel to Unfriended?

  36. This and Unfriended maybe would have been scary if it didn’t have
    supernatural elements. Stop tacking it on when it’s not needed.

  37. Someone saw unfriended and was like, “Let’s do that, but change the name.”

  38. I’m going to give this a shot, it seems relevant due to social media
    prevalence. A modern horror story.

  39. Oh max…. Ur trying too hard.

  40. At least its better than the new Ghostbusters.

  41. Trash

  42. Why does this look so bad and FYI the friends list will stay at the same
    number even if the person is dead or inactive

  43. Unfriended 2: Everybody, wants to be friends

  44. What even? What even is this? I can’t… I can’t do this no more. I quit.

  45. ı love it

  46. WorshipThe Pizzagram

    YAY another teen horror movie that looks like shit!!

  47. Lmfao this reminds me of a south park episode :D

  48. ManoOna Nano (Super Lady)


  49. They literally just got the idea from southpark lol

  50. why are they all called laura

  51. first unfriended and now this shit

  52. This is a clean horror. It can be interesting :)

  53. Another shitty movie

  54. It’s basically a carbon copy of unfriended everyone except they don’t do it
    though Skype its thorough Facebook that makes this girl commit suicide
    cause the main character called her a loser and unfriended her. Then the
    ghost haunts her and(this is just totally a prediction for how this flick
    will end) she gets tortured until the point where the main character will
    go back to Facebook,delete the post that made her upset,and friend her back
    on Facebook but she’ll still probably die in the end. My only question is
    how is this girl not friends with her parents or does she have any(I doubt
    it since the movie will probably come up with a dumbass reason for her not
    having parents). And the movie looks like shit,BTW!!!! At least unfriended
    for all bad it is didn’t have annoying effects or a flys that obey this
    girl. At least I’ll give this film credit it has a basic Hollywood
    production and an actual director and real actors and actress’s people who
    can write a script and a director who can actually keep the camera still
    but that’s where it enda(but still I’d say the real actors and actresses
    part since they’ll probably be all generic dumb teen characters who are
    stupid and dumb)!!!!!!

  55. Saw Alycia in the thumbnail…clicked.

  56. ProCounterStriker

    wasnt there like already another shitty movie like this but with skype?

  57. looks interesting but that premise is really wonky

  58. Unfriended part 2 ?

  59. I just thought she was Elizabeth Olsen LOL

  60. Notis Kalogeropoulos

    reminds me unfriended


  62. Sadako yamamura NOW on facebook

    The ring 2.0

  63. Way 2 spooks 5 me

  64. your name is not lara its lexa and it will all ways be that

  65. Jeez this looks atrocious. Rather watch Unfriended again.

  66. Seems stupid. Like a knock off of the horror movie UnFriended

  67. shit movie

  68. Thanks Mark Zuckerburg! You have made the world a better place!

  69. This looks like the gayest shit ever

  70. this looks like actual shit..

  71. LEXA IS ALIVE!!!!!!

  72. 500th dislike.

  73. 1:18 when Jehovahs Witness had enough of your bullshit and they know
    someone’s home

  74. matthew zinnecker

    Unfiended spinoff?

  75. she killed herself because she had no friends? well thats stupid why she
    didn’t used tinder or some shit like that to make friends trust me kid
    there are 8 billion people in the planet with diferent ideas

  76. i love alycia,and im fan of horrors so this will be nice,hopefully she
    dosent die like in The 100

  77. Ok I’m down for a movie about a lonely girl who tries to reach to others
    through social media and has another girl accept her when no one else has,
    but takes it as true friendship and not as the hollow, shallow display it
    really is and upon realizing it goes crazy and attempts to kill the girl
    but THIS IS STUPID!!! Why ghosts?Why? Why couldn’t she just be a living
    psycho killer who deep down just wanted a friend? Just ridiculous.

  78. Nope

  79. same as unfriended

  80. i feel like i’ve seen this exact movie before…

  81. whothef#ckistemps


  82. Oh Jesus
    Here we go again with the spinoffs

  83. The second installment to the Facebook franchise….Friend
    Request………….coming next summer…..Timeline.

  84. Facebook is trash

  85. Netflix it.

  86. The premiere was in January? I don’t get this!

  87. dammmmmmm

  88. cable guy 2.

  89. I like how it’s ripping off Unfriended down to the name Laura.

  90. this actually looks good tho , whats with the hate

  91. Ill stick watching (The 100) better then her being here!

  92. Once upon a Dream

    This like unfriend
    but more scary

  93. theRUSSIANpenguin


  94. Film is dead and we killed it.

  95. This is going to be the best comedy of 2016

  96. Mackenzie Langrell-Read

    This Trailer was a Paid Promotion for Facebook

  97. So we learned nothing from Unfriended?

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