Genius Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman Movie HD

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A chronicle of Max Perkins’s time as the book editor at Scribner, where he oversaw works by Thomas Wolfe, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and others.


  1. First

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  3. Colin firth is so good looking

  4. first

  5. 4

  6. terrible accent oh God hey

  7. Yet another Colin Firth/Nicole Kidman collaboration, because the last one’s
    have been so great.

  8. Aweee Ada and Iman are reunited. :’)

  9. two brits pretending to be americans, what could go wrong..

  10. I’m a simple man, I see Colin Firth, I press like.

  11. That slap looked like Jay’s from the second Inbetweeners movie

  12. stacked lineup, i buy it

  13. Another movie with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman ??? This might be their
    5-6 movie together in the last couple of years.

  14. Did we just watch the movie?

  15. Otkusi Sebe Chlen

    Why do I have this feeling I already saw this movie by just simply watching
    the trailer ?

  16. He *BUTCHERED* the accent.

  17. I’m looking forward to this ….stupid super hero movies ?

  18. Colin Firth and Jude Law are great actors, but I think this proves they
    should not be attempting American accents, especially regional ones.

  19. We just saw the ending …

  20. well, did the trailer reveal everything?

  21. Wow! Not only looks horrible, but what accent is that? Sounds ridiculous.
    Another American story about American characters played by British actors.
    British actors doing God awful accents.

  22. If the book is too long, why not just make two? =|

  23. I didn’t realize Firth was attempting an American accent until near the
    end… not really his strong suit.

    And Jude Law reminds me of Paul Bettany in Dogville. Their Southern draw
    just feels too forced and shows noticeable breaks and troubles with

  24. needs more church killings

  25. God, Colin firths american accent is so bad.

  26. Did I just watch the whole movie?

  27. Good trailer ! I love Colin Firth ♥ ♥

  28. this is brokeback mountain 2

  29. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    تقليد لبعض الأفلام الناجحه ليس إلا !!

  30. boring. pretentious

  31. Well, the trailer practically told the story. Now, we just sit back and
    enjoy the acting.

  32. I like early-American literature. I like academy award winners. I like what
    i see. Reminds me of A Beautiful Mind but instead of maths, books. … And
    instead of mental illness, work.

  33. Parece ser muito ruim :(

  34. RonaldReaganRocks1

    Sorry, but Jude Law’s accent was off. So was Firth’s. Eeek! I hate to say
    that, but it’s true.

  35. None of the main characters are americans, I am boycotting oscar 2017

  36. Jude Law is way too short to play Thomas Wolfe. I’ll still see the movie.
    Looks good.

  37. I smell Oscar

  38. “It’s about America.” That’s why we hired a British actor to play a
    Southerner and another Brit and an Australian for the supporting cast of
    Americans. Hollywood has become moronic.

  39. The movie looks good, but whoever edited this trailer should be fired. Its
    probably cliché by now but i do feel like i´ve seen the whole movie.

  40. …

  41. Are they actual real books

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