Get a Job Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Anna Kendrick, Miles Teller Movie HD

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Life after college graduation is not exactly going as planned for Will and Jillian who find themselves lost in a sea of increasingly strange jobs. But with help from their family, friends and coworkers they soon discover that the most important (and hilarious) adventures are the ones that we don’t see coming.


  1. LOL, talking about drug tests with Bryan Cranston in this movie. They
    should test HIM.

  2. not quite my tempo!

  3. This cast is amazing. The movie looks pretty funny. I’m excited!!

  4. Bitcoin Video University

    It’s amazing how bad these movie titles are! They just don’t care, do they?

  5. Harold WTF happened dude…

  6. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    0:07 it’s motherf*cker!!

  7. looks awful. Why are Anna Kendrick and Bryan Cranston wasting their time
    with this crap?

  8. And…welcome to what it’s like to graduate college…and grad school…in
    the middle of recession. Nice of you guys to show up to the party.

  9. Jobs are hard to get in America.

  10. I’ve seen that guy in something–I can’t place it though. I think it was a
    young adult movie.

  11. So basically “Fun with Dick and Jane”?

    seems like a waste of time

  12. You get a job i get Anna Kendrick

  13. Whiplash sequel?

  14. sculpting minds lol

  15. +Mr.Woofless must watch this

  16. Why do people think this looks bad? It looks really good, in my opinion.

  17. If you’re in debt, the last thing you want to do is spend $200 on anything
    other than bills.

  18. Alison Brie and Anna Kendrick in one movie <3

  19. Get a BlowJob, cuming soon.

    Sorry about that one…

  20. I feel like this movie is trying to tell me something

  21. everyday I worry all day. about what’s waiting in the bushes of love.

  22. DeadPool4 President

    Jesus Story of my life

  23. Wow. They forgot to add a plot.

  24. Tomás “Mr. Unexpected Toast” Murphy

    hey look mr fantastic

  25. McLovin!!!


  27. This movie was shot a few years ago but never got a release date, it even
    was destined to be one of those movies that would never see the light of
    day. Anyway, it’s been 3 years since I’ve been waiting for this movie to
    come out (just look at the cast) and Here it is!
    I say miracle!

  28. The story about two white people trying to get a job.

    Real exciting.

  29. And here I am just waiting for the ratings by the critics …

  30. What is happening to miles teller ?? His career started off so well and it
    really looked like he was reaching a hot spot after his performances in
    ‘the spectacular now’ and ‘whiplash’, but now he’s only starring in
    clichéd-and poorly written and directed movies.. Hopefully he makes a
    comeback soon…

  31. so… is like every kick ass actor in this film?

  32. mclovin en harold are in this movie WTF

  33. this is my movie 100% …get a job :/

  34. It’s being released on March 25th. The same date as batman v superman. RIP.

  35. will he always play a teenager/young adult

  36. finally a movie that relates to so many people, in the since that being in
    your 20s and job hoping and still not knowing what you want to do or in my
    case changing my mind on what I want to do.

  37. its Heisenberg

  38. I feel like this movie really wants to nail the emotional state of young
    adults starting their lives. Cuz it feels very relatable. I very much dig
    that. Also my gf Anna is on it, so naturally I’m interested.
    I hope it’s a good movie and doesn’t end up with a 30% on RT.

  39. looks like a big hit and miss

  40. Alison brie? Anna Kendrick ? oh yeah!

  41. Wooowww. So much excited ’cause of the cast =)

  42. Millennials: The Movie

  43. “…I am 90k i debt, and I spent $279 on a pair of shoes…”. Jupp, sounds
    about just the average IQ of a woman. Also, way to few “like” and “shit” in
    every other sentence out of every person in the movie.

  44. “I’m 22 years old and I have no idea what I’m gonna do with the rest of my
    life, and I’m fine with that” Me, right now.

  45. Finally those two actors were put in one movie

  46. ‫اصيل انور‬‎

    al of you see my chinal

  47. Bruhh??

  48. Looks stunningly boring.
    But… Anna Kendrick, Alison Brie, Bryan Cranston – interest piqued.
    If only it weren’t Miles Teller…

  49. plain shit

  50. The only job i get is a blow job…

  51. lol at all you shit talkers that will still go and watch the movie..

  52. Can somebody give Alison Brie a good, substantial role in a movie for once?

  53. Richard At The Movies

    McLovin is in this? Awesome!

  54. I loved Roger Dodger from this writer/director, but this looks like
    Hollywood boring :/ shame

  55. I so can relate to the struggle… 

  56. charlie isn’t he the one from that disney channell movie about time
    travel.. can’t remember the name tho

  57. I’ll watch it only because anna was there

  58. At last a miles teller comedy that doesnt look crap

  59. Welp… this hits home.

  60. OMG! Anna Kendrick so HOT, like if u agree

  61. Brian Cranston is in this but he’s not in a marvel or dc movie

  62. Simple solution: Learn a trade then find a job using that skill set.

  63. The idea could make for a very interesting comedy, maybe even a drama, but
    this looks really uninspired

  64. last song name?

  65. Anna does not look 30

  66. 22 years old? Okay I’m forgiving her for lying just because she’s Anna
    Kendrick. But if she’s 22 years old, then I’m not even born yet.

  67. Is that McLovin?

  68. she said, I’m 22 ????
    She has nearly 31.
    Actors XD

  69. The usual thing they ask when it comes to jobs: “We’re looking for someone
    aged 22-26 with 30 years of work experience.”

  70. Lol it’s Mr.Fantastic and Becca :)

  71. ssweet dispositionn


  72. Miles Teller looks WAAAAYYY more like Mark Zuckerberg than Jesse Eisenburg
    ever did.

  73. Literally me, even the age is match.

  74. Damn, 22 years old.

  75. anyone else tired of hollywood trying to make miles teller legitimate?

  76. Looks so familiar…oh wait, that’s bc it’s the new America…with all that
    hope and change bs.

  77. does anna get nude? if not gtfo

  78. wow so many familiar actors

  79. Totally gonna watch this

  80. I’m trying to get a job and it’s not easy XD

  81. Not bad but not seeing the chemistry between the 2 leads. Hopefully the
    rest of the cast can counter balance this.

  82. I’m 21 and this trailer sums up my current situation

  83. very relatable to these times

  84. Really excited for this. Seeing as it wasn’t ever going to come out

  85. wtf miles teller you can do better than this

  86. qué elenco dios..!!!creo que será una buena peli…

  87. Maybe Heisenberg could hire them?

  88. miles teller needs to quit acting. he just sucks and his face isnt that

  89. A movie with anna kendrick and miles teller again? hope they do good this

  90. miles teller and anna kendrick?yay ?

  91. Can Anna Kendrick and Alison Brie please kiss in this movie?

  92. This looks corny but I’m watching it for the cast

  93. This movie literally brought me chills cause of how laid back it seems to
    be. The music was perfect and the story of the movie is pretty good.

  94. What a pile of shit.

  95. This cast is stacked

  96. my boy miles and my a.k together! cant wait

  97. I can tell this movie is targetted at 20 somethings.

  98. Really hope this doesn’t turn out how Accidental Love did.

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