GHOST IN THE SHELL (Scarlett Johansson, 2017) – Official TRAILER

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★ Sci-Fi Fan ?
A Movie directed by Rupert Sanders
Cast : Scarlett Johansson, Michael Pitt, Juliette Binoche
Release Date : March 31, 2017
Genre : Sci Fi, Action

© 2016 – Paramount Pictures


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  3. hot lesbian action

  4. rupert sanders ruin this movie

  5. if you have seen the 1995 manga version of this movie then you will only
    want to watch this for scarlett
    or else stay at home and wait for blu ray version

  6. what? 3:14? We created a universe people hasn’t seen before? He know’s
    theres an Anime Version of it right, published years ago? They have seen it
    and you just copy from it… damn

  7. Why haven’t they been able to make a tokyo ghoul movie yet

  8. I hope they will do the anime justice

  9. No entendi ni un culo

  10. What is the song that plays a 1:27

  11. I can see pointers to several plot points in the first GITS movies, the
    major arc of the second season of Stand-Alone Complex and some stuff that
    is new to me.

    Batou looks cool in this rendition, but is the actor big enough for the
    role? Batou is a HUEG mofo.

  12. it looks good though

  13. Hope the director does this film better than that Snow White movie.

  14. This movie is going to get shitty reviews because of the whitewashing but
    it actually looks pretty good

  15. 1:20 cyberpunk 2077

  16. Heavy breathing

  17. A body suit instead of full blown TNA this is bullshit. People who read the
    comics and watched the anime know what i am talking about.

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