Ghostbusters Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy Movie HD

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30 years after Ghostbusters took the world by storm, the beloved franchise makes its long-awaited return. Director Paul Feig brings his fresh take to the supernatural comedy, joined by some of the funniest actors working today.


  1. Uh oh who u gonna call the lesbian busters

  2. I cannot wait for this movie. It looks fantastic!

  3. Guilherme Müller

    It’s wrong to sexualize women, but men is completely fine.

  4. David Herrera Manterola

    I will say it again. It looks pretty good.

  5. Chris hemsworth was the only good thing in this trailer

  6. who asked for this

  7. no matter how you cut the trailer it’s still a turd

  8. I think it won’t be as good as the original Ghostbusters but I will watch
    it because of the black woman and Melissa McCarthy

  9. I’ll love this movie

  10. I’m hyped for this movie

  11. Way better trailer than the 1st

  12. Wierd, the only funny part of this trailer features a man. its almost like
    you could have made a mixed team (races and genders) and gotten a genuine
    film. But instead lets push a feminist agenda. you know the one were women
    are “realistic” while the men are extremely buff and handsome.

  13. cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. People need to stop bitching, this will be great.

  15. this trailer looks better then the first trailer

  16. Content Aware Phil

    Why is the Lesbian character going Goo Goo over Hemsworth?

  17. Not impressed. I like the original story idea of the original guys training
    younger recruits.

  18. This one is going to flop big time…… I will wait till it comes out on
    cable or satellite, I would not rent this from redbox either!

    I don’t know if it was subliminal, but I want to punch a lesbian in the
    uterus now, but not in a fisting motion?

  19. o god no

  20. “Who you gonna call?”
    Ball Busters!

  21. Just as dumb as the previous trailer.

  22. Thus trailer makes the film look a little better? But once you see the
    first trailer, you can’t unsee it..

  23. Only clicked on this to dislike it…

  24. Much better trailer !!

  25. Yo solo vine a dar dislike

  26. I liked it much more than the last one. Can’t wait to go see it.

  27. This is a better trailer by far and makes me want to watch the movie

  28. Their blaster ignition, reminds me of, Kylo’s.

  29. All I see is sexist assholes commenting 

  30. How to ruin a perfectly good movie franchise with one traiker

  31. And at 1:03 who’s the linebacker in drag on the right? Krs-one/Biz
    markie/Tracy Morgan ?

  32. I like how in the original janine isn’t taken because she’s hot or a woman
    or anything sexist, but sure let’s make chris a piece of meat…. the

  33. I know New-York
    You’re in !

    Damn that was easy. Quality writing !

  34. The dislike are COMING!!!!!!

  35. What’s this shit?

  36. Tiyrese-Jerome Engena

    The hate for this movie is astonishing. I believe it looks pretty enjoyable
    at the least.

  37. Autumn Henderson-Brazie


  38. Sony was just like “Yeah sure, any director will do!”
    Should’ve gotten Ivan Reitman back to direct and Dan Akroyd to write it!

  39. the only thing awesome about this trailer is the ghostbuster theme

  40. Oh dear.

  41. can’t stand the madea girl in this she’s just horrible bringing up race and
    the fact that there females like really dnt need that run in my face I was
    for the females but idk now I still think it would’ve been a better
    Ghostbusters if the would’ve cast Ben stiller Seth rogen Jonah hill Craig
    robison and Chris Pratt would’ve been a way better movie

  42. who you gonna call definitly not you girls

  43. Yeah this trailer ain’t really helping their case.

  44. 1:30 I’m pretty sure it was a weight thing.

  45. Niels Christensen

    Anyone else disliking because everyone else is?

  46. awful…

  47. there actioly a good joke in that trailer.#mindblown

  48. wow. this trailer is even worse…

  49. Ok, better than the first one but still an unnecessary af reboot.

  50. Why not give women their own unique movies? Instead of changing classics
    just because the name is marketable?

  51. Every trailer that comes out just makes the movie look worse…the jokes
    are lame because they’re trying too hard. The first Ghostbusters worked
    because the characters were well written and the humor wan’t trying to get
    cheap laughs by appealing to the lowest common denominator.

  52. Beyond Infinity Productions

    How in the hell did they somehow make a worse trailer?

  53. The sexism is real

  54. Walrus is in the Matrix

    Give it a chance people. This guy directed Spy and Bridesmaids, he knows
    what hes doing.

  55. So its wrong to objectify woman but its okay to do so with men ? I swear
    hypocrisy levels are off the charts

  56. Qué mal.

  57. I found this trailer 40% less offensively bad than the first one.

  58. Those four friends do not exist in this movies reality. Why even mention
    them? Thumbs down.

  59. I just came here to see how many dislikes there were…and dislike…

  60. “I don’t know if it’s a race thing or a lady thing, but i’m mad as hell”
    My exact thoughts on this trailer and movie…..

  61. Shit happens

  62. Again…. Nope. Nothing was even funny.

  63. can’t wait o by the way number 36 and counting

  64. why so many dislikes?

  65. 1:28 …this confirms that the all female cast was made because of

  66. Their solution to get people to watch the film is to show Chris Hemsworth

  67. Even the Official International Trailer is a pile of turd.. This film is
    going to bomb big time.

  68. What an insult to the franchise

  69. This is a perfect example that shows how men are superior actors

  70. this trailer is even worse than the previous one

  71. Hah. I liked how they change it to four friends instead of four scientist.

  72. Benjamin Matthews

    Their reaction to the new Ghostbusters symbol is what I imagine all of our
    reactions are to this trailer.

  73. Better than the star wars prequels

  74. HAHAHAHAHAha…ha…ha….ha. Because he put boobs on a ghost and they
    didn’t like that and he asked he if they wanted them to be bigger.
    hahahahaha….ah please end my pain.

  75. Maybe this movie will actually be pretty good, who knows

  76. these can’t be the best jokes in this movie

  77. ………

  78. Matthew Livingston

    Should have went with this trailer first. Damage already done, I will watch
    in the theater when it hits our discount theater a few months after

  79. I would love to see a remake of the breakfast club

  80. Still looks shitty

  81. Yes use your hate! Let it flow through you! Click that dislike button!

  82. This is definitely going to flop. The comedy is so cheap and obvious with
    in your face jokes and terrible cgi.

  83. Will this beat Fantastic 4?

  84. Just call Thor and problem solved.

  85. Geez guys, It’s not that bad -.-

  86. Crimsonphilosophy

    such a cliche black character and a worthless joke

  87. the beginning text is so misleading. this doesn’t take place in the same
    universe as the original.

  88. This is racist and sexist all in one movie

  89. Melissa McCarthy and Chris Hemsworth, the best actors of our time…not

  90. oh look the black women thinks everyone is racist and/or mesogynic. what a

  91. God even this one makes it look more bad

  92. So they change scientists to friends at the start.

  93. what’s next Melissa in a Back to the future remake?


  95. There are twice as many dislikes than likes… I don’t know if that’s a
    good thing……………………..

  96. Straight to dvd would be the wise thing to do….

  97. I’m sorry but we needed the Ghostbusters to be MEN !

  98. MoneyGrab Part III

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