Ghostbusters Official Sneak Peek #1 (2016) – Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy Movie HD

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Thirty years after the original film took the world by storm, Ghostbusters is back and fully rebooted for a new generation. Director Paul Feig combines all the paranormal fighting elements that made the original franchise so beloved with a cast of new characters, played by the funniest actors working today. Get ready to watch them save the world this summer!


  1. smh. dark knight was awesome but god damn did it cause everything to be

  2. Well it looks like they called the cops AND the military… but hey!

  3. they need to drop some footage because if they dont, its gona nake people
    believe it turned out bad.

  4. A bit early to tease a premier trailer…

  5. You better not ruin it!

  6. gonna go on a limb here and say, this movie is most likely gonna suck

  7. Why would they make a teaser trailer for Ghostbusters like this? is it
    gonna be a drama instead of a comedy this time around?

  8. the worst sneak peak ever

  9. Smh, the trailer revealed the whole story.

  10. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    Euthanise yourselves

  11. let’s make a story
    Once upon a time there was a man and he said can i get a

  12. so is this going to be in the same universe as the original gb or will it
    be separate?

  13. Who you gonna call?

  14. shouldn’t the logo have tits?

  15. ima call a bunch of old overweight menstruating women..

  16. That did say 3-3-16, didn’t it? Anyone else worried, that all we get is a
    teaser, so close to its release date? Is it really that bad, that this is
    all they’ll show us?

  17. I’m gonna dislike this because I HATE women.

  18. Not to be racist or anything but why there is only girls on this movie


    just kidding i loved mad max

  19. This movie is going to bom big time.

  20. Cringe

  21. Quick call The Avengers!

  22. The only role Melissa McCarthy should play in a Ghosbusters movie is the
    Giant Marshmallow

  23. I can’t believe the studio execs have no idea how badly this is going to

  24. Is this a remake???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. They’re gonna ruin Ghostbusters for everyone :(

  26. who you gonna call? ARMED FORCES!!! *songs playing*

  27. Wobbucanth Shednask

    So now the original 4 ghostbusters are female. Why?

  28. The sad part is this footage looks like it may as well be stock footage for
    action film trailers.
    Like nothing in this resembled anything Ghostbusters-y… they LITERALLY
    think they can excite us with a logo and some 3D capitalized text…

  29. somebody please peak the trailer

  30. Why is everyone hating this? I don’t get it.

  31. The question is why would i want to call a bunch of fat feminists instead
    of the REAL ghostbusters?

  32. really “who you gonna call” thats the cheesiest shit ever

  33. Wtf is this? They are supposed to be busting ghosts not terrorists.

  34. so this is basically “PIXELS?”

  35. How many people are now excited for this movie because of this sneak peak?

    No one?

    That’s what I thought

  36. Obscene Vegetable Matter

    “ermahgerrrd its wimmin its gonna suuck”

    I’m pretty sure this movie is gonna be AWESOME

  37. This movie did not have to be remade. Christ, Melissa McCarthy ruins
    everything she touches.

  38. And this sh.t is on my birthday :/

  39. Can we stop this trailer for trailers Bullshit?

  40. That’s my birthday!! :O

  41. who you gonna call.

  42. Que the whiny “real” fans.

  43. *>It’s already shit*

  44. The Man Who Only Comments

    the number of people spelling “peek” wrong

  45. Davion “Davy” Fleming

    Who you gonna call?
    Suicide squad
    Justice league

  46. TheMCBow King of SkyWars

    Where’s Ghost Rider ಠ_ಠ

  47. I think remember the tweet. Its not like a ghostbusters reboot with women
    is bad…its just that they needed to reboot ghostbusters.

  48. Who you going to call?
    He-Man! He-Man! He-Man!

  49. People chill, it’s a teaser!

  50. Wtf is with the dramaticness of this?

  51. It looks like Pixels…

  52. “Who you gonna call?” Me: the original cast.

  53. Dickbusters is looks bad as I had hoped.

  54. Errrr hell no

  55. This_Is_Daddy! 謎の目

    I like how people say the movie is gonna suck, thats what I like to hear
    because you go in their with low expectations and if its good, awesome! If
    its not, at least you expected it.

  56. Kylo Ren Killed Han Solo

  57. I am not even exited this movie is going to suck

  58. military versus ghosts… are you mad? :(

  59. Did they call Micheal Bay for this one?

  60. Who you gonna call?


  61. MArk my words. This movie will suck. IT will suck really really hard

  62. i love how everyone’s disliking this and saying it’s terrible when the only
    thing we know about this movie is the cast

  63. Not the best choice of actresses for Ghostbusters, already starting with a
    negative in my opinion

  64. that shit sucked!

  65. What ever happened to dropping the full trailer at once?

  66. A trailer FOR the trailer? That seems like a red flag.

  67. Jesus Christ! There’s a lot of hate over here!
    Am I the only one who is giving a chance to this one?
    P.S. Big Ghostbusters Fan here

  68. Is this the sequel to Roland Emerich’s hit 1999 classic, Godzilla?

  69. i already hate this so much

  70. Does anyone realize it’s the end of the world according to Ghostbusters 2?
    Peter Venkman- “Valentines day, bummer.”

  71. There are trailers to announce trailers? How long has this been going on?

  72. Why is everyone hating on this!?

  73. This is gonna suck

  74. asssss

  75. did i just watch a trailer for a trailer?

  76. This has the chance to be amazing.

  77. Can’t wait for Melissa McCarty to ruin the movie!!!!

  78. Wait, did they remake Ghostbusters or The Blues Brothers?
    Because this looks like the Blues Brothers.

  79. Pointless.

  80. Don’t teasers for trailers (which I hate) usually come out a few days if
    not the day before the trailer itself? Unless they are going to keep
    playing this thing for the rest of the month then it is a total waste. Plus
    this didn’t get me excited for anything, it just seems like footage from
    all generic action scifi.

  81. I”ll reserve judgement until the first trailer comes out, but I’m not very
    optimistic about this at all.

  82. #whoyougonnacall

  83. All of you saying the movie is gonna suck, shut up. You know absolutely
    nothing about the movie yet. This is just a trailer for a trailer. And,
    since it’s Paul Feig directing, who has never directed a bad movie, with
    Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig starring, who have each done more good
    movies than bad ones, as well as Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, who are
    both fantastic on SNL, this movie is most likely going to be good.

  84. what is the inception horns during in a comedy trailer?

  85. because it’s a women cast they ‘all be killing ghosts with a hoover

  86. yeeeeeees, let the hate flow through yoooou….

  87. Pretty strong negative reaction to this film and teaser. Theyre gonna need
    some deadpool level marketing if they want people to get off their asses to
    go see it.

  88. girl busters

  89. People around the world!! Lets get more dislikes than likes so they stop
    making these ridiculous sneak peek trailers…. who ever the f#ck said yes
    to a trailer for a trailer needs shooting… (rant over)

  90. He-Man!

  91. A reboot that we don’t need. Sigh.

  92. Siapa you nak panggil? Datin Maimun !
    If you a Malaysian you know what I’m talking about haha because yeah Datin
    Maimun takes the joke from this movie right

  93. This is a disturbing new trend. Releasing a trailer for a trailer.

  94. How are we going to call them if we don’t have their phone number?

  95. So they called the US military?

  96. An SNL sketch making teaser now?

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