God’s Not Dead 2 Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe Drama HD

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Watch the trailer for the new movie, God’s Not Dead 2, which will be in theaters April 1, 2016!


  1. He never existed to begin with.

  2. The soon to be best comedy of 2016.

  3. Lol yes Christians are so persecuted…..

  4. Nice, hope its as uplifting and good as the first

  5. April 1st … is this a joke?

  6. Wait there was a First film? First time I’ve heard about it

  7. Wait this is pitch black satire right?

  8. Another one?? Christians aren’t persecuted you stupid pieces of shit

  9. This is a joke right??

  10. wtf, the director never heard of separation of state and church. This movie
    is a Christian’s wet dream

  11. Man, people really hate christians

  12. Does this really need a sequel? Really?
    Things like Dredd don’t get one yet this does?

  13. I am all for freedom of religion but these christian propaganda films are
    just awful.
    Yes you could lose your job from talking about religion if you are a
    teacher and the school has strict rules against it but you cannot lose your
    teaching certificate from it. That judges gavel is very poorly made if it
    breaks from a light tab on the table. And what these movies don’t seem to
    understand is that if you fight for your right to say Gods not dead then
    others also have the right to say he is.

  14. Why so many dislike? I know there’s some buthurt atheist. But was the first
    one bad? I don’t watch Hollywood movies about the bible.

  15. Oh god here comes the atheist who think they are right, and Christmas who
    think they are right. It never ends

  16. Awesome! “Strawman:The Movie” in theatres April 2016!

  17. Is this the year of pointless sequels and reboots? Alvin 4, Fantastic 4,
    Jem and now this???

  18. This shit had me rolling

  19. Gods not dead 2: the teenage witch goes full retard

  20. How is it that Christians in America call gay people perverts and try to
    deny them the right to marry, call sexually active women sluts and try to
    deny them the right to birth control, call poor people lazy and try to deny
    them access to welfare/healthcare but STILL get to call THEMSELVES the
    victims? The mental gymnastics it requires to arrive at this conclusion are
    fascinating indeed. They have no self awareness whatsoever. Just

  21. Oh good some Christian propaganda

  22. I truly cannot wait until this religion is dead and gone.

  23. this makes me ashamed that i ever watched Sabrina the teenage witch

  24. funny enought, in USA you could be fire or bully i you say thar you’re an
    atheist in school, especially in southen states

  25. Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!

  26. Evolution is a lie from hell. After being proven wrong, the intellectual
    gustapos of the indoctrination programs known as the public school system,
    still teaches this garbage as absolute fact in the text books! There is no
    proof of macroevolution yet its taught as fact! Microevolution is a fancy
    way to say variation and is called such since there is no other proof for
    “evolution”. This slaps God right in the face and the force fed idea of
    uniformitarianism is a plague on society! Jesus is the Truth and the Bible
    proves itself historically, archaeologically and especially prophetically!
    There is no other book like it on Earth. If people were true to critical
    thinking, they’d realize that eviloution is a laughable farce!!!!

  27. The things struggling actors will do to make a buck.

  28. I am a christian and this makes me sick how can christian who make over 50%
    the world’s population be persecuted?

  29. Why do Christians think non-believers will treat them like they treated

  30. this movie shouldn’t have been made. what if a Muslim teacher was preaching
    about Islam to there students. i bet you that teacher would get crucified

  31. Were I Christian I’d be absolutely ashamed of this.
    I am baffled how you’d even dare to act like christianity has ever been
    victimized where so many groups have been made victim of christians.

  32. he isnt dead cuz he was never alive

  33. What’s so wrong about expressing religious opinions?

  34. I’m so excited for the movie!!! And I love the song!

  35. Why so much hate towards us Christians

  36. I only drink cambodian breastmilk

    wow a lot of hate for this movie but not nearly enough hate for movies
    about Satan

  37. evilsupernintendo84


  38. People are making fun of this movie but praise the movies about homosexuals
    protesting for equal rights? Yeah. World has gone to shit.

  39. This comment section is what’s wrong with the world today, it’s OK you
    don’t believe in religion but why attack it? Why? at the end 90% of people
    have their children in the Hospital or in difficult situations of life or
    death they always say ( God Help me)

  40. God is not dead! Because he never existed!!


  42. Haha gotta love all that Christian persecution.

  43. Proof that ANY FILM can get a sequel. Honestly I can’t wait, the first one
    was one of funniest films of 2014 and this one looks even loonier-but I’ll
    miss Sorbo!

  44. Katherygne of California

    I am so angry at this trailer! I was persecuted as an atheist! These
    Christians are really good at painting themselves to be victims. I had to
    pretend to be a Christian in middle school so it would stop. Christians
    aren’t oppressed. Christians don’t want equality; they want authority and
    they want to spread fear and lies. They promote a system that they don’t
    question. They don’t question anything.

    Christians are immoral because they cause suffering of those who do not
    partake in their irrational beliefs.

  45. Why so many dislikes ? Oh that’s right I forgot, in the last days “ye shall
    be hated of all nations for my names sake” GODS ARMY STAND UP !!!!!

  46. twist ending: melissa joan hart’s character is charged for practising
    witchcraft and is hanged.

  47. I for one am outraged that Melissa Joan Hart, a known former practicer of
    witchcraft, is allowed to masquerade as a Christian woman

  48. The judge gets ran over at the end

  49. Id love to see an islamic version of it too, where the teacher is preaching
    peaceful verses of the Quran in the class :))))) wonder how much love you
    god suckers gonna show :))))

  50. Let them believe in Santa, The Tooth Fairy, Imaginary Friends, and God if
    they want to.
    It’s when they quote their fairy tales as if they’re facts that it’s
    It’d be interesting to see who’s behind the financing on that film.

  51. I just have a quick question for all of you in the comments…. if you
    aren’t going to watch this movie, and have nothing nice to say about it…
    why are you watching the trailer?

  52. yes
    I love the first film and I can’t wait to see what the powerful message is
    doing in this one

  53. Rama “Onyon398” Torres

    So this just happened because she said to pray for ones enemies. Really?
    This is probably the most BS plot to a movie Ive ever seen.

  54. You people say Christian’s aren’t persecuted, yet the overwhelming hate for
    a simple trailer on a Christian movie seems to speak the opposite. But hey,
    what do I know? I’m just an idiot who believes in a “magical wizard” up in
    the sky.

  55. Somewhere, other civilized countries are laughing at us.

  56. all atheist just disgust me,atheist its like grossest word ever Im
    Christian and I dont have anything against Islam, Buddhism… but atheist
    men who dont have any belief in life its just pathetic, they have only one
    right to BURN IN HELL , say hello to satan

  57. What a load of tripe.


  59. The spaghetti monster is not dead

  60. This is actually embarrassing. And I’m a catholic.

  61. Lucifer Morningstar

    How to make a good religious film:
    1. Potray Atheists as normal people
    2. Potray Catholic as normal people
    3. Make a REASONABLE and BELIEVABLE conflict between them
    4. Moral of the story: Live and let live

  62. best comdey of 2015!

  63. Here comes all the tolerant atheists spreading their gospel of
    understanding and acceptance. lol

  64. Tipical, the only mention of the words of Jesus can cause you to be fired
    or getting arrested. The christians are so opressed :(

  65. Here come the arrogant egotistical atheist and agnostics…..”You’re
    shoving religion down our throats” Give me a break…

  66. Wtf are they actually in a courtroom for?!?? Absolute nonsense.

  67. this trailer was so bad, it gave me aids

  68. You Stupid Blind and Deff Atheist. It’s all almost Over. Everything you all
    see is coming to an End. Exactly as The Word predicted would come to pass,
    is coming to pass.
    You Just can’t stand it can you. It Eats you up don’t it. Everything you do
    to try and Oppress Believers and The Word, it is what it all Predicted. You
    think your Saving Society, when In fact your Destroying it little by
    little, day by day. Then when Absolute Disaster of every kind hits, and the
    Enemy rises to claim the rest of your Sorry Ass’es. I will be with my
    Friends and Family at the Everlasting table enjoying Everlasting Life.

  69. I am christian, I belive in God, but this movie is going to far with

  70. Is this a joke? What the hell (pun intended) is this trash?!

  71. Joe Biden's Shotgun

    Christians are on same par with Muslims.

  72. Can people just stop judging other people’s beliefs. It gets really

  73. Gabrielle Henderson

    Okay like seriously I’m Christian and while these movies may have a good
    mesaage, the cinematography and the acting is just hard to watch without
    laughing honestly

  74. koalawithchaingun53

    In our secular private school, comprised mostly of atheists and agnostics
    (not because the school requires this obviously), we once had a morning
    announcement a few days before Easter about how “Jesus died for our sins,
    God loves all of you” yadayada. Guess what happened to him? Nothing. No
    lawsuit, no bullying, nothing. Now if a TEACHER did that during class, of
    course that would get some confused glances, but nothing more than a slap
    on the wrist. If a teacher told all the students to pray to Jesus or get an
    automatic F on their next test, maybe then the situation would escalate. As
    usual, fundie Christians put up an atheist strawman, because that’s the
    only way they can win.

  75. all this made me wonder… are there like atheist missionaries?

  76. it’s funny how people say Christians try to make themselves the victim but
    then again look at the world right now. It’s exactly how they see us they
    try to persecute us because of our belief but we don’t do that to them.
    Just like how the Baker got sued by two lesbian’s because he refused to
    bake them a cake for the wedding they were having. Or the lady getting
    fired from her job because she do t agree with gay marriage. Our belief is
    just as important as the non believers!! People who don’t believe in God
    try to make us pay for believing in our God but they don’t do that with any
    other religion. There are many stories lately of people bashing, suing, and
    hating us Christians for what we believe. But its ok God told us this day
    will come and all we can do is pray for these people that keep bashing us.
    God bless you all.

  77. What is the point of all these atheism comments? If you’re an atheist on a
    Christian YouTube video, leave because all you’re going to do is stick up
    for what you believe in and since you’re doing that, so will I. My God is
    not dead and he’s coming back soon. It’s a Christian video and all of you
    atheists say that us Christians aren’t victims and we make us out to be
    victims. Honestly, most of you who are atheists probably won’t understand
    being a “victim,” so please think before you comment. I’m tired of all the
    negative comments about God, so I’m taking a stand. God is my savior!!! So
    please, atheists, just go to another video. It’s a Christian video. If you
    hate it so much and don’t believe, than just leave.

  78. I am a Christian… who is not afraid to say… that all Christian
    movies… SUCK! I have plenty of atheist friends who are nowhere near as
    big of dicks as these movies make them out to be, and that isn’t to say
    that there aren’t dick head atheist like these out there because chances
    are there are a few out there like that, but these movies try to make all
    atheist look like bad people and not all of them are dick heads. And I have
    met some Christians in my life who are insanely big dicks to people and
    they give Christianity a bad name. While I am a believer of Jesus Christ, I
    do respect other peoples religions and beliefs and I just hope we can get
    to a stage in life where you can believe whatever you want without any
    hassle… unfortunately that might never happen.

  79. I'm right you're wrong

    Bet she has really messed up sexual thoughts.

  80. And here’s another movie trying to make Christians not look crazy! Smh!

  81. Wonders if these Christians know they are worshipping a Socialist Jew from
    the Mid East.

  82. “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…”

  83. jesus isn’t a god, how a god could die without the whole world being
    jesus is only a prophet

  84. you can’t kill an imaginary friend so at least the titles accurate

  85. Wait are they serious?

  86. I was reading all the comments even if I want to react at the comments I
    choose not to react anymore because I respect everyone’s opinion and also
    I’m a christian and this movie inspired me and remain faithful to God ofc I
    was hurt because many people hates christians and I don’t know why maybe I
    can’t understand you all because I’m just an 11 year old kid….

  87. Is this a real movie?

  88. ya know I’m glad they make these terrible films, let’s settle this
    ridiculous debate. yes it’s wrong to talk about one particular deity in a
    classroom. if you wanna preach and talk about Jesus all day teach and out
    and out private school!!!

  89. Wow, It really breaks my heart to see all these negative comments on here.
    I just don’t understand why there’s so much hatred seriously if you guys
    have nothing nice or positive to say then don’t watch it but leave them

  90. Christian’s are persecuted for spreading the truth about Jesus and he is
    surly alive. God is not dead. This is what it’s coming to

  91. What the heck are atheists doing here? To troll or what?
    Also, not all movies are for everyone, deal with it.
    Last time I read it is not required to be a disrespectful a-hole to be an
    atheist. Learn to respect other people’s beliefs

  92. man why do people hate Jesus so much.For the atheist how can you hate
    someone you believe doenst exist.


  94. repent for Jesus is coming soon!!!!

  95. why so much dislikes guys?

  96. is this meant to be tongue in cheek?

  97. ignore the haters… haha im excited about this movie… God bless

  98. I don’t understand you people. The Christians are promoting a good attitude
    and goodness. By u ppl hate what they teach…WHICH IS GOODNESS! It like u
    wanna be bad instead!!

  99. I am a Christian and I believe in God.You are an atheist and you don’t
    believe in God.One day we are going to die and we are going to find out the
    truth.If God is NOT real, then…oh well I lived well believing He was. I
    have NOTHING to lose. BUT If He IS real and you didn’t believe, you
    have EVERYTHING to lose.

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