Gods of Egypt Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Gerard Butler, Brenton Thwaites Movie HD

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A common thief joins a mythical god on a quest through Egypt.


  1. so….now African Gods are white men? smh…this country-this society
    breaks my heart daily.

  2. Finrod “Hewer of Caves” Felagund

    So Jaime got his hand back then. but lost an eye. It’s a fair trade

  3. im egyptian and im not white or black most of egyptian people are semi
    brown and ancient Egypt borders were from egypt borders now plus sudan and
    thats why ancient egyptians were black and semi brown but in egypt we dont
    have that racist thing u Americans got going on u lived together for some
    centuries we lived together for more than 7 thousand years so stop all that
    ancient egyptians were black or white ancient egyptians were ancient
    egyptians and stop trying to steal our history and saying that we are not
    egyptians we know our history and our ancestors

  4. why did you people leave the movie and talking about are egyptians black or
    white iam egyptian and in egypt we have black and white like any others
    country it dose not matter the color what ,matter is humans

  5. This is the fakest thing I have seen which I wont be watching in the
    cinema. Gerard Butler is Scottish. How can he represent ANYTHING about
    Egypt??? Absolute insult

  6. Where are the Egyptians? #Disappointed … #Again

  7. Okay but…where..are the Egyptians…

  8. We Egyptians who are looking for them.
    We, who seems to you by the TV [we are terrorists, our land is desert and
    we have only the pyramids and the Sphinx ..But we are not like this
    We the people of liberty-loving and loves peace and tolerant
    People has a wealth popularity and social
    People that has a great wealth of knowledge and science
    people That has civilization
    People has a high efficient development with the times
    People are attacking him from most of the countries in order not to promote
    Egypt, which does not know much about it, but most ….
    we aren’t Black people !!! w are both ( white and blach ) and most of us
    (White )
    Thanks For Reading 😉
    نحن المصريين الذين تبحثون عنهم.
    نحن الذين يبدو لك من قبل التلفزيون [اننا ارهابيون، أرضنا عبارة عن صحراء
    وليس لدينا سوى الأهرامات وأبو الهول .. لكن نحن ليست مثل هذا التشابه
    نحن شعب الحرية-المحبة والسلام والتسامح
    نحن شعب لديه شعبية ..وثروة إجتماعية
    نحن شعب لدية ثروة كبيرة من العلم والمعرفة
    نحن شعب لدية حضارة عظيمة
    نحن شعب لديها كفاءة عالية على التطور مع الزمن
    نحن الدولة التى تهاجم من دول كثيرة لكى لا تنهض بشعبها
    مصر . التى لا تعرف عنها الكشير بل الأكثر
    شكراً لقرائتك

  9. So the blacks claim Egyptians were black while the whites claim they were
    blondes. Open your eyes people, Egyptians were as they are today, olive,
    tan and brown with a little white and black sprinkled here and there. BTW,
    they were also not related to Indians in anyway.

    Hollywood will never stop hiring white folks to play other nationalities
    because that is what sells in the western countries. Blacks need to make
    their own movie industry and hire only black actors to play other
    nationalities and other countries need to do the same. These are the facts
    of life so live with it folks!

  10. In a world were we should be “colorblind”… people argue because the
    characters “don’t look Egyptian enough”? This is as silly as when people
    were pulling their hair because one of the main characters in Star Wars is
    not “white enough” to be a main character. I suppose the (lack of) acting
    skills is no longer an issue, just how “black”, “white” or “tanned” an
    actor looks *rolls eyes*

  11. hey what happen to the tribes? where are the kushites, the shemites, the
    hamites, and the nubians

  12. i’m egyptian we’re not black or white we’re something between both of them
    we can say brown.and by the way the color doesn’t matter.

  13. What. The Hell. Did. I. Just. Watch?

  14. To be fair, Egyptian actors might not have as much pull as Gerard Butler
    would have. Secondly, this is not Egyptian Hollywood, ergo not Egyptian
    money that goes into the making of this movie. Just because this movie is
    getting its material from Egypt it doesn’t mean the jobs should go there as
    well. Hollywood is not a non-profit organisation mind you.
    Bottom line is, take it or leave it, and use it to motivate you to make
    your own stuff in the future.

  15. Instead of wasting millions of dollars on a film exploiting the glory of
    Kemet hell all of Alkebulan and its Black people, deities, orischas,
    philosphies, symbols, etc.

    Just say, We wish we melanted and could claim such greatness as our own

  16. The original Egyptians were African who were later conquered by Arabs
    making Arabic the official language of Egypt. I guess Hollywood still
    haven’t looked at the map and saw Egypt as an African country yet huh?
    First they made the mistake having Elizabeth Taylor play Cleopatra and now
    this??? White Amerikkka don’t want us African-Americans to know that we are
    the true descendants of kings and queens so they want to white wash out
    history yet again. This movie gets 3 thumbs down ? ? ?

  17. The real Egyptians were ARAB! Dear blacks stop trying to take credit for my
    people’s civilization. Lol.

  18. انا مصري

  19. I am an Egyptian, and this is bullshit. One day we will have better movie
    production and we will expose your stupidity and creation of stereotypes.

    Getting money from ruining the image of my history? Not for long. 

  20. People really need to calm down about the white actors and british accents,
    it’s a *fantasy adventure* movie. Like I don’t mean to startle you, but
    pharaoh’s also didn’t have the ability to turn into armored flying gods and
    ride giant snakes.

  21. Um, why is it all white people?

  22. After this I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a movie of Nelson Mandela
    where he’s portrayed by Brad Pitt.

  23. This movie is so white, Soon they say the whole African continent was
    occupied by white ppl

  24. It’s always so amazing to me to see that hollywood as no issue hiring black
    actors to play painful roles like the ones where they are slaves or
    suffering during the civil rights movement but when it comes to them being
    in power they continuously cast white actors. It’s almost like they only
    want to see black people in pain and not give credit to them creating one
    of the most advanced civilizations to exist in the ancient world, egypt.
    What other reason would hollywood have to keep casting white people in
    roles that should be played by black actors? We had our country colonized
    only to have our history suffer the same fate smh.

  25. Greek Gods>egyptian gods.

  26. When did all these Europeans move to Africa?

  27. Ancient Africans were BLACK. Not Arab, not White…but Dark Skinned Brown
    (Black) people. This is a fact. Stop trying to change our truth.

  28. This looks cheap and poorly done, I couldn’t even finish the trailer! What
    a shame!! Also, why are egyptians so white? I am not for everyone to be
    ebony black, but this is just ridiculous- the Mummy did a much better job!
    there we at least had middle-eastern-kinda looking people., but here? All
    white as a snow! Wow….Not watching.

  29. Where are the Egyptians? I dont mean it like skin color stuff or anything,
    Like Real Egyptian Actors.

  30. Egyptians were BLACK and ARAB!!!! It’s almost embarrassing how many people
    here are historically retarded.

  31. egyptians….were……..not….white….

  32. To all the people who claim Egyptians are black: Egyptians don’t have a
    specific color like African. There are white, brown and Black Egyptians
    (but most of them are brown). How do I know that? I live in Egypt. And in
    adv. if you say they’re Arabs studies show that most of Egyptian are
    descendants from the ancient Egyptians not the Arabs.

  33. @thataussiegirl gotdammit i like the way you think… it rare to find such
    a realist nowadays!

  34. Egypt was actually conquered by Alexander the Great….so yeah seeing white
    people in the lead isn’t too far fetched.

  35. People were outraged at the thought of a black 007… some more people were
    outraged that the main character in the new star wars is black… plenty
    more were pissed at the human torch being black…. but now we have a movie
    about Egypt (which is in Africa) with all white actors…
    #SomebodyHelpMeIDontUnderstand #TheyLoveTalkingDownOnAfrica

    COPTIC……..and they are tan

  37. Dear blacks, just because your ancestors did nothing you can be proud of
    doesn’t give you the right to claim the glory of my Egyptian ancestors as
    yours, only the 27th dynasty was black since they invaded Egypt and we
    kicked them and enslaved them. If your feelings are hurt kiss my white
    Egyptian ass

  38. Lets do a Hollywood version of Greek mythology casting all African American
    actors. Troy starring Wesley Snipes.

  39. This is all wrong. We demand accurate cultural representation please.
    Egyptians looked nothing like this. Egypt has been invaded so many times…

  40. Who cares if they’re white! Even if they were real Egyptians I’m pretty
    sure it would still have bad acting and cgi

  41. Im not mad about the bleached Egyptians or the poor CGI, Im pissed off that
    they made Set look like Anubis and gave him an army of Iron Man’s.

  42. A movie that takes place in Africa with one black person in the preview. I
    think we should have danny devito play Martin Luther

  43. Man cant wait to see this movie Exodus Gods and Kings…..Ogh my bag, I
    mean God of Egypt

  44. Ancient Egyptians are not black and will never be considered black no
    matter how many cultural Marxist sources tell you they are or no matter how
    many black snake oil salesmen sell you that DVD.
    Wake up…..Reality is calling.

  45. Funny how one of the most ethnically divers places in the world (Hollywood)
    will only cast Europeans in movies based in African Nations. Pathetic

  46. Penny Dreadful Blog and Review

    calm down people we put another black man in Star Wars you should be happy

  47. Cry afrocentrists! Cry! Haha. The Egyptians were not white but they were
    not black either. All egyptians laugh their asses when they hear about
    black and other afrocentrists claiming that Egypt was black.

    Suck it.

  48. Richard The Lionheart

    HOL UP

    AYY YO

    HOL UP


    AYY YO


    WE AIN’T

    *grabs dick*




    *posts on twitter about how leshonda gettin shot is more important than the
    French massacre*


    *attends riot*


    *shoots 4 other black people in a drive by*


    *crip walks*


    *creates islamic black power cult*


    *purchases kool aid*


    *asks his boy what up*


    *gets arrested*


    *claims to have built america*


    *claims welfare*


    *orders the chicken wings*


    *smacks lips*


    *smacks girlfriend*


    *smacks innocent pedestrian*


    *chills at the crib with Omar*


    *blames whitey*


  49. Why they are all white? Because in the mind of Hollywood executives,
    diversity means a lose of capital. People will not watch this movie if they
    cast Arabs or black or mix people in general. It is just business. However,
    this doesn’t mean o agree with this portrait.

  50. The EXACT same people complaining about white actors in this film, want to
    see a black James Bond. Shows you who the real racists in the world are.
    Racism is racism; its not okay to be racist against skin pigmentation, even
    white skin for those of you who don’t seem to get it. This whole skin
    nit-picking is utterly silly. Fix your brains.

  51. WTF??? where are the Egyptians???

    “Ancient Egypt was a racially diverse place, because the Nile River drew
    people from all over the region. Egyptian writings do not suggest that the
    people of that era had a preoccupation with skin color. Those who obeyed
    the king, spoke the language, and worshipped the proper gods were
    considered Egyptian. Outsiders were allowed to marry Egyptians. Even the
    aristocracy was racially integrated.”

  52. the next thing will be japanese mythology with caucasian actors.

  53. Haha look at all the minorities being jealous of white people again. You’re
    blind hatred is hilarious.

  54. ok now I’m confused here Egypt is located in Africa right but no black
    people as the God’s but rather peasants??

  55. “Hollywood is crazy. First they had The Mexican with Brad Pitt and now the
    have The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. Well, I’ve written a film. Maybe
    they’ll produce my film. The Last N*gga on Earth starring Tom Hanks” – Paul

  56. Penny Dreadful Blog and Review

    One, you can take all your religious beliefs and flush them down the
    crapper, because if you think for one minute that is really history, go
    back to school… It is all an elaborate exaggeration. Enjoy the movie for
    what it is, good actors and good acting.

  57. I thought race was just a “social construct”? Why all the fuss?

  58. People in the comments complaining about them being white. WHO CARES in all
    honesty do you think you should be offended or are you just saying it
    because you think you should be offended. If it’s a good movie then SKIN

  59. Wow, for a movie that cost $140m, this looks shit

  60. So Egyptian gods can’t be white, but when Idris Elba plays a Norse god
    everything is ok? Hypocrites

  61. BigBadBlueDragon 2003

    I’m going to watch it!

  62. Look on the bright side, at least you won’t be bumping into black people in
    the theater room when you’ll go and watch the movie since they’ll be too
    busy with their black parade. ?

  63. What with the whitewashing? Gerard Butler looks like a god, but to portray
    Egyptians they should have hired *Dwayne Johnson*!

  64. Why is everyone crying about the race of the people pretending to be in a
    different time period? It’s not real idiots, that’s why they call them
    actors. Nobody would be pulling the race card if everyone in the movie was
    black, which would be equally inaccurate.

  65. “Gods of Egypt” featuring white people.

  66. Well, i have never think of egyptians as black people, but more like this
    typical tanned white arabs. Am i so wrong?

  67. It’s funny that I watched the preview a couple of times and didn’t even
    notice the race/color of the actors/actresses. Then I started reading the
    comments below and saw how myopic and race-oriented some people are. If you
    like the preview go see the movie…if you don’t stay home and whine about
    this or that. It’s really pretty simple. I could dare less what race they
    are as long as the movie is decent.

  68. White people love to tell black people to go back to Africa. According to
    this movie there is no black people in Africa either…smh

  69. it is so bad we only have on god
    لا اله الا الله
    محمد رسول الله

  70. I went to the comments to see more about Egyptian mythology, just saw
    people arguing.

  71. Boycott

  72. what the hell is this shit?

  73. Double standards. It was just huge uproar about a black James Bond.

  74. Sigh… let me break down why I (and I believe many others) are
    disappointed by this film. Its not just this film by itself that is so
    problematic its that this film is the latest in a long line of Hollywood
    films where Egyptians are portrayed as white people. This Hollywood
    proclivity is only a reflection of the old belief among white academics and
    white cultures that Egyptians were this random group of white people in
    Africa. You see many people of European descent have been fascinated with
    Egypt for a long time. However, admitting that Africans had an advanced
    ancient civilization that had a big impact on the ancient European founders
    of “western” civilization is difficult when you also believe that Africans
    are sub-humans only fit for manual labor. So why not pretend the ancient
    Egyptians were white and try to convince everyone of that as well?! On top
    of that there are so few Hollywood roles that fit people of color well
    ESPECIALLY when it comes to period films, and this one comes around, which
    would be PERFECT but its..all..white. As a person of African descent I
    would love to see a representation of my ancient ancestors on film just
    like anyone else, but since there is no hint of ancient West African
    history or folklore, I feel like Egypt is a good compromise. Yes I know the
    average ancient Egyptian probably looked just as different from the average
    African American as from the average European descent person, but damn it
    they could have at least got some brown actors. If not North African or
    middle eastern They could been different and cast some Latino or Desi
    actors. Anyway, as much shit as I talked about this movie the special
    effects look too good to pass up and the story seems pretty fun so I’ll
    probably catch it on Netflix or Redbox or something, but I am Definitely
    not spending money to watch more white washing of ancient Egypt.
    #Disappointed… #Again

  75. Report Azir for feeding Nasus.

  76. What else do you expect from hollywood racism?

  77. So they take a movie about EGYPTIAN/AFRICAN/BLACK GODS and have nothing but
    white actors in orange spray tan… Oh and lets not forget the ONE
    historically/nationality correct BLACK MAN, the “token”… Hollywood always
    wants to take black mythology, history and whitewash it but you fools keeps
    bringing up IDRIS ELBA playing in Thor as a damn gatekeeper. Fyi,The people
    who worshipped and believed in those EGYPTIAN/AFRICAN/BLACK gods were BLACK
    PEOPLE. You can’t take our culture, put white people in spray tan in it,
    use a bunch of special effects, label it “Fantasy” and say its ok…
    They’ll have black people playing in #GodsOfEgypt as #Servants, #Slaves and
    #Villians but NOT as the actual gods? Black Hollywood needs to clap back
    and stop staying silent. We need to start taking all white historical
    figures like Alexander the great, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and
    make them ALL BLACK… Better yet make them black amd tell the filthy dark
    truth about them. I hope this movie tanks horribly.

  78. Egypt is in Africa to all who are too dumb to realize. The ancient
    Egyptians were black before the greeks invaded the damn country. Why else
    would the director apologize for putting a cast of all white actors and
    actresses, he knows what time it is. Trying to rewrite history by making
    people believe Egypt was full of whites. All of these young white kids who
    think otherwise need to go to Africa and get a reality check.

    As soon as a black person is in a film (Star Warz) everyone wants to get
    all bent out of shape, even commit suicide. Some white people are really
    disturbed. Too much brainwashing going on and a lot of people who think
    they know the truth but know absolutely nothing at all. America was built
    on a lie, stolen land and slavery. How can we believe anything you say.

  79. wtf are Egyptian ppl cast as white its in Africa for God’s sake stop with
    your bs

  80. i find it great even better than the batman v superman trailer and i cant
    wait for it

  81. Black history with no black people!????? WTF!!

  82. is this a movie???

  83. you muthafuckers in Hollywood have lost you damn minds

  84. King Leonidas Vs. KIngslayer

  85. why people say egypt is black because it is in africa then why dont
    mexicans look like canadians they are in the continent too

  86. Leonidas vs. Jaime Lannister 🙂 Epic haha

  87. The Green Screen in 1:22 looks f*cking horrible.

  88. I thought.. let’s check this trailer. Looks like it’s biblical. Then I
    check it and I see human fly :v Hilarious!

  89. did jamie lannister lost his eye instead of his hand?

  90. Just to put an end to all these arguments. I’m Egyptian, so I guess I’m
    qualified enough to judge. The actors don’t look Egyptian at all. Egyptians
    are neither Black nor white. We have The features of people of middle east
    + Caucasians + Black and It depends on which region. The majority of
    Egyptians have tan skin, dark eyes and dark curly or wavy hair.
    I find it absolutely annoying that we are being misrepresented in almost
    every single movie. The title of This movie should be Gods of Greece not
    Gods of Egypt. This is ridiculous !

  91. MilesTailsPrower99

    egyptian mytology is my favoriote
    p.s. anubis hype

  92. Can someone PLEASE start a Hollywood for minorities. I literally gave up on
    the entertainment crap that comes out in this country a long time ago.

  93. Stargate did it better….. nothing about the race junk here.

  94. Everybody…just shut up and watch the movie! Tired of everyone bringing
    out the race crap. Don’t like it…don’t watch it! Better yet…read the
    book when its out and go from there.

  95. I’m just here to find out more about Ross Lynch’s girlfriend Courtney.

  96. This looks like an over budget, cgi constipated shit fest

  97. Nice to see all of the practical effects and on-location shooting for a

  98. I’m the Egyptions suckers

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