Gods of Egypt Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Brenton Thwaites, Gerard Butler Movie HD

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A common thief joins a mythical god on a quest through Egypt.


  1. hey thats pretty good

  2. black ppl

  3. This look like trash

  4. Someone explain to me what this is about?

  5. look better than batman v superman. this might be movie of the year

  6. Arabs and blacks in Egypt get it right. greeks much later thumbs down
    rewritten history.

  7. Ant man music anyone?

  8. So we got a lot of program experts but no actual good actors ? Let’s make
    it a CGI slaughter !

  9. these are serious questions:
    why are they white?
    why do they always have british or some European accent?
    Why cast Russell Crow to give another 300 performance?

    I mean come on!

  10. Im excited. An egyptian movie that does not involve a bible.

  11. That looks just terrible and cringy. Clearly a false depiction of african

  12. CGI: The Movie


  14. This movie looks like and is probably gonna do aswell as Jupiter

  15. Christopher Springer

    for all the people freaking out about cgi, good luck trying to find a
    hundred foot serpent that breaths fire

  16. In ancient Egypt everyone was white and had a British accent!!

  17. Han Solo is killed by his son, Kylo Ren (Ben Solo). Kylo Ren survives and
    Luke doesn’t speak for his 1 second of screen time.

  18. Man, I hope this movie is stupid good. There’s so much here that leads me
    to believe it’s going to be hilariously amazing. I’m more hyped for this
    than I am Star Wars.

  19. For all those who complain about the “white washing”

    1. This is a fantasy movie. Not based in real life. If it was a documentary
    or something similar and you had a white playing a black person or vise
    versa than we have an issue.

    2.This is a western funded movie, casting was made based on talent and
    marketability. Bollywood films are full of Indians and Asian films are full
    of Asians. It’s the way it’s been for years and it will remain that way for
    many more.

    3. Do you really want to get bogged down in litigation like my following
    People of colour A can only wear clothes of a certain type, eat food of a
    certain type and associate with people of a certain type. That is
    segregation on a level I wish I never see.

  20. I’ll pass on this White washed god awful bullshit

  21. People know in order to create giant fictional monsters you need to use
    computer generated imagery, right? hahaha Oh kids.

  22. The Whitest movie related to Egypt…..

  23. Damn that cgi sucks unfortunately.

  24. this is gonna be the first huge flop of 2016

  25. EGYPT =/= Everyone is White

  26. i bet sunscreen was the biggest budget for this movie! They could have
    invested less money into that if they actually used the indigenous and
    ancient representation of the land… a.k.a… BLACK PEOPLE!

  27. This is some white propaganda

  28. I didnt know the egyptians were white

  29. Where are the black people?

  30. Great another Egyptian movie with nobody dark in sight

  31. This looks kinda boring. kinda looks like a dozen other Hollywood movies.

  32. Looks better than star treck

  33. White and british haha ahh yeah i totally forgot about the complete british
    colonization of africa for its resources im sold!

  34. Everyone is a critic. The reason films like this don’t do well is because
    everyone is attached to the franchise hype!

  35. The money they spent on CGI and other shit, it would have been better if
    they made a porno out of it, at least that would have recovered their money
    and would have gotten more views.

  36. Isnt it amazing how everyone on youtube is a movie critique?

  37. Why does everyone hate the CGI? I think it looks pretty good!

  38. some of that cgi isn’t good, but the average punter will enjoy it all
    without thinking too much about it..that’s what happens when you dumb down
    people so much that flashy flights and big bangs in a film makes them go
    oooooooh and aaaaaaahhhhh..blame directors that rely on far too much cgi in
    films for that

  39. I swear I’ve heard that music before…

  40. Кунг-Фу Падла

    This is Spaa… Egypt!

  41. Tetrahedron IX (StickymanWSH)

    Looks better than the first trailer at least, which is not saying much►
    Looks like a generic rehashed story rolled up into over priced CGI visuals
    and production. But on I side note

  42. Nothing but another attempt of film makers to exploit theme of ancient
    Egypt. I just wonder how they managed to persuade decent actors to star in
    this shit

  43. someone make a meme of that soldier screaming “John Cena!!!!!!”
    instead…….or is it too late

  44. The Ancient Egyptians were native black Africans. This has been proven.

  45. 0:07 dem titties doe

  46. 1:04 that’s why you gotta walk without rhythm.

  47. Brenton Lannister, always losing a body part!

  48. Looks amazing
    Finally they are producing a Egyptian Mythology movie*_*

  49. I watched the whole ad.

  50. Aryans mythology is all about challenging Gods… kinda cool

  51. I smell a guilty pleasure movie

  52. aphpep and set versus humans and gods my think.

  53. Looks very good.

  54. Wow… this looks terrible.

  55. Billionaire Barbaros

    1:10 3D Temple Run

  56. Can someone give me a valid reason why this looks so bad or are people just
    saying it looks bad because they’re hopping on the “hating CGI” bandwagon?

  57. This is EGYPT!!!!

  58. CapitalFProductions

    No. I liked the lead actor better when he was nailing his sister

  59. This movie is the mashup of everything wrong with Holywood today.

  60. Ancient Egyptians, main character is Danish. inb4 some offended stormfag is
    gonna show me “proof” ancient Egyptians were blonde and blue eyed “Aryans”

  61. This video game looks horrible… I never knew there were so many white
    people in Egypt back then


  63. Great … now Jaime Lannister lost his eye

    what next… losing his mind?

  64. I wanted this to be awesome, but the acting and CGI are terrible

  65. Egyptians are not white

  66. age of mythologie…..

  67. So the pyramids are surrounded by water?

  68. Jamie Lannister

  69. *gasp*

    I love mythology like this! I just truly hope it’ll be as good, as this
    trailer. If so, then I’ll gladly see it. I’m gonna find out if it is,

  70. adrian ibrahim lima

    Gods of shit rather

  71. looks like this will be the next hit… said no one ever

  72. I hope this is a good guilty pleasure :)

  73. i thought egypt was run by arabs not white people.

  74. i love monster movies

  75. I don’t remember ancient Egyptians having English accents, and having skin
    as light as they are here

  76. Wow In the 50’s they had really good cgi!

  77. When i first saw this i was i hi Azir

  78. I’m sorry lords and ladies, but the CGI looks great. I have no idea why
    everybody says it doesn’t. does this has the same reason why you don’t like
    amazing 3D.. must be something American.

  79. I find it funny how nobody bats an eye that the cast is white even though
    Egyptians were pretty much black but everyone blows a gasket over 1 black
    storm trooper and a black human torch despite their incredible acting

  80. I guess didn’t to many black people live in Egypt black then…

  81. So… is this “John Carter goes to Egypt”?

  82. Where da black people at?

  83. white washing to the max
    why can’t they ever use some people who are at least the right color like
    how can pale fkn stay white in Egypt without tanning or burning guaranteed
    to be a flop

  84. Clash of the Egyptians?

  85. If you want to watch the film combine the two trailers together ..

  86. This looks supremely boring.

  87. another shit with splendid graphics! i will see that! :D

  88. Pimp my godz

  89. baako bahlale boipuso

    as if the where the gods of Egypt that’s black people

  90. Just gonna Ignore a bunch of white people Playing Egyptians?

  91. I really do feel like the acting and lines are corny visuals are nice
    though story is still a bit cliched

  92. When is Hollywood going to figure out that you can do more with LESS

  93. THIS……IS…….EGYPT!!!!!

  94. Blue screen – the movie.

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