GODZILLA 2 : 7 Minutes Trailer (2019) King Of Monsters

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  1. Aaaaaahhh

  2. Yoooo

  3. Kb hogi realease

  4. Mazhar ali Mousawi

    Omg cool

  5. Mazhar ali Mousawi

    Four th people

  6. When the release this movie

  7. IF this trailer is legitimate AND this is about ‘Godzilla: King Of The Monsters’… I can only hope the emphasis will be on HIM and THEM and not as an end of movie afterthought that Godzilla 1 was. Waiting an hour, or so, for ‘Big G’ to show up in a GODZILLA film… but hey we (at least) knew everything about Bryan Cranston’s character’s family, right? 👍

    Side Note: From trailer, it looks like Mothra is a ‘Good Guy’ (not saying ‘Good Girl’ as that just sounds wrong OR ‘Good Person’ as SJWs can suck it). lol.

  8. wow! good movie trailer

  9. Godzilla is the coolest monster and my favourite

  10. This all monster looks like came from skull island movie ending scene.

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